My Reply For That Old Self

The tears I have shed for you like million drops of rain water swirling and cursing my soul and mind caging me in dark shades and pain by losing precious trust and hopes
seven months of forgetting and counting days so why today with a simple question and talk Why do we have to hurt each other? If you were certain to meet me someday Am I paying certain sin or perhaps I was cursed today won't be like this awful with some flash back
I will always feel just the same goodbye for you it could not be changed for every next and last nothingness and emptiness from my heart has scattered and disappeared among my newly leaves So I want to become stronger and better
So alone again, it is okay rather than hunted with guilt of sins I do not atone with the tiresome days and sadness I wish the blossoms grow prettier on our ways The distance between us is a fate we choose

My Self Portrait Poem

I see towards a mirror, There is someone with a smile covered with black silky hair straight like her strong will and honesty
Her eyes are shady, filling with experience her eyebrows are bold, like her passionate determination Her face is imperfection, sided with spotty red scars but she still smiles because her vision is bright
Her eyes is sparkling with the lite light  both are watered in joy, both are with love Her lips is pink pale, thin and warming Her cheeks look tender as smooth as the heart she shares
I see myself as someone with various feelings they are painted over my face and swirling in my eyes They are not either beauty or attractive but it surely give you a warm hug and strong trust.  
It's me............ It's me............

Lotek, Karedok, Gado-gado: Indonesian Delicious Healthy Salads

Hi everyone, today I would like to share my experience eating delicious and healthy food from Indonesia. Three of the food is very popular, we can find it everywhere in most of Indonesian restaurant, you can also find it easily in hawker street or stalls in most of cities.  
Some people are confused of the difference among Lotek, Karedok and Gado-gado. HONESTLY, so do I, lols~ I can't even know which one is lotek or karedok or gado-gado, they just look the same, vegetables with mixed nut sauce, spices and yellow crackers. I thought they were just the same perhaps it was only different calling from each area in Indonesian. But, I was TOTALLY WRONG. They taste different, they have different ingredients and even different sauce. So what are the difference and which one do you like? Let us see from my summary.
P.s before you read further, sometimes my friends always said that I am pretty picky with food, but I am a good taster, I guess you can trust me today, don't you? *wink *wi…

I Give My Heart To You


I Believe In You (PART 2)

Tidak sukses dengan SMP 1, semua pelajaranku berantakan, pertemananku biasa-biasa saja, paling hanya satu dua teman akrab di kelas. Menginjak kelas SMP 2, diriku masih tidak jauh dari masalah, hari pertama masuk kelas saja, teman depan dan belakangku bertengkar. Dua lelaki hina yang entah sebab apa, beradu mulut tidak karuan. Tiba-tiba yang di belakang entah siapa namanya pada saat itu mencengkram baju yang di depan, tak berapa lama mereka saling meninju. Entah bodoh atau apa, saat itu tubuhku bergerak sendiri, seperti ada yang mendorong dan tak sadar diriku sudah di tengah-tengah mereka. Semua diam membisu, menatap diriku, lalu aku cuma bisa bergumam hei berhenti, jangan berantem lagi. Mereka pura-pura tidak mendengar, tanpa menghiraukan diriku  mereka lanjut adu tinju hingga salah satu kepalan mereka menonjok ke pahaku. Orang bodoh juga tahu rasanya apa, saking sakitnya aku sampai terluntang layu berlutut mencari tempat duduk. Tidak lama guru wali kami datang melerai mereka. Tololn…

I Believe In You (PART 1)

Sungguh pun seburuk apapun hidupmu, pasti setidaknya satu kali Tuhan pasti pernah menghampirimu secara langsung. Entah menolongmu, memberikanmu kekuatan, memberikanmu petunjuk atau bahkan melindungimu dari bahaya dan petaka. Hanya saja ia tidak terlihat bahkan ia bisa saja berwujud orang lain yang tidak kamu kenal. 
Sungguh pun dunia tidak adil bagi keberadaanmu, pasti setidaknya Tuhan sudah memberikan rencana yang terbaik bagimu. Rencana itu tidak akan membuatmu bersedih sepanjang waktu, rencana itu adalah hal terindah bahkan mungkin wujud itu adalah sebuah kematian bagimu.
Sungguh pun kamu menganggap tidak ada yang mendengar suaramu, ketika kamu kehilangan pilihan dan merasa tak terlihat oleh siapapun, percayalah ketika kamu memohon dengan sangat begitu dengan frustasinya benak akal sehatmu, hingga ujung titik nadirmu bahkan mengeras bagai dingin menembus tulang, di sana Tuhan tidak akan membiarkan hambaNya tak berdaya, Tuhan akan hadir untukmu.
Tulisan di atas adalah tiga hal yang…

Wired Life

when my life turns 20s,
truths and fates wired me tightly, things go crazy and unpredictable, sometimes I scream for help, sometimes I puzzled of every steps.
I wait for somebody far away, praying for shorter wait, and prolong the meeting, to open a door of world and happiness, to whom I belong to and cherish for.
I crawl on thousand stairs, looking on misery and suffocation, and all my time lines are shredded by tears, and blood of dusty sincerity, This body can't freeze in the end I want to cut the rope of what is written
But who I am in the past and today? Merely a human with too much hopes and infinite vespers among day by day till we can see each other somewhere forever  let me escape from this destiny

let me breathe,
let me fly in freedom,
let me choose and determine my path,
what it is supposed to be, and it will be, will be, will be.

Once in this life time, one and only lend me your magic and blessings my dearly God, give me chance to help all those needed, to cheers all …