Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Ageless Dream

The moon is red and the air is bold,
she spends her time looking on the moon,
breathing the night air like the same day,
chasing someone's pavement,
the one and only she has in life.

She spent her youth and ages,
surrounding by her immortal look,
red lips, dark hair, pale skin and cheeks,
deep inside tortured by her eternity,
sometimes with tears sometimes pathetic laugh.

How long has it been?
A hundred or a thousand years,
from timeless journey to endless ways,
she saw every sides of humanity time to time,
thrilled, bored of and disgust of them.

One day she met this person,
a man with strong will and cares,
someone who can share her pain,
someone who she is seeking for of this entire life,
out of nowhere he was a gift of a spring time.

they spent the days with imperfection,
but all the things seemed flawless and fine,
like an utopia they lived happily after,
an ever dream which would never vanish,
then all the stories are well said and written.

But one day the man died of aging sickness,
they were different world and beings,
like she was punished with her sins,
she scattered among the fireflies,
with tireless tears and long wait.

She is always there on his grave,
praying countless words, days and decades,
longing for shorter wait and longer meet,
to die without reasons and feel,
with her ageless dream to be with him forever. 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Rotten Pride

I always look up and above,
seeking for dreams and hopes,
raising my voice in the echo,
writing my vows over the dew.

I wish I can fly up and up,
no matter how high I will be,
I will always be the queen or king,
top of the peak walking on the sea.

but I will always remember,
how consecutively I fall and be upset,
how God you lean me your shoulder I cry,
how pitiful I was thinking I am the best,
because I am no one more than a rotten pride.

How clueless I am to think everything is logical,
how disrespectful my lonely rhyme I sound,
because I am here and I am small,
because the wings I shine more has rippled up.

The life I share and I walk right now,
will be rotten to the soil and hustling on earth,
then and now I am one, I am skin and bones,
I am the rotten meat with a weak soul.

I am buried down here,
sleeping forever after,
gulping on my rotten pride,
and asking for love and sorry to You. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017


The sun is showered by tears,
rippled by droplet of water and blood,
The sky is blue but crumbled with fire,
the war has started and the game begins,
and every broken heart screams for help,
but nobody is home to comfort you for real.

My body burns to red like hell,
boiling, drizzling, flipping, torturing,
screaming for the scars I do not atone,
but my grip went wrong and weaker,
instead of guilty, I laugh to joy and excitement,
like I feel so bad to myself, as the one who can't forgive.

Why is it so difficult to forget hatred? 
Why do people cannot forgive each other?
Why can't you put all your faults to bed?
Why don't you get rid of that monster out of your head?
Why do you share your pain to mine?

Oh lord, I am the lost child who has born,
and I give my arms to be grabbed for the lost,
but I was betrayed for making use of myself,
they whip me like the meat hanging on market,
licking my fluid and oil cutting the skin and throat.

I lost in my echo, I paralyze myself,
only two balls of eyes are still waking in disbelief,
what can I do for you? What can I do?
I always cry and now on learn loving abuse,
and I am used to see blood stains cover my cold feet.

Holy God and all holy so called holy,
please listen to me and don't speak any to me,
I just wish my sins won't be dried up to regret,
I just wish the one who did this won't retreat,
Call this either a curse or forgiveness,

I want that guy to know.........................
I mention the name and I repeat,
as I close my eyes and look at the putrid ceiling,
at the end I have forgiven him for everything, 
I close the pray to my last bed, sleep tight to eternity. 


The Taste

there were various tastes,
but none of them impress me as yours,
as well as various flavors,
but none of them embrace my soul as his,
cause you are and only the taste I am looking for.

the taste of a sweet peach,
and smells of solid tangerine,
either sweet or entertaining,
like a cake with sincere cream,
with crumbles of vanillas within.

You are the taste I love the most,
since I see those eyes behind the glasses,
since I see those face behind your smiles,
You are the taste I am looking for,
we are meant to be together, it's you.

I wish you could be brave to tell me your taste,
ain't guessing but I wish it was how I taste,
when you know the touch, breathe and feel,
you will never walk alone again,
and I will always stay with you side by side.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mike India Alfa

A story of initially Mike,
a strong woman of 33,
a female of steel and iron,
struggling from dusk until dawn,
swinging by gun and harassment,
gladly she is alive......

To overcome that fears,
light up by pierce of fires,
lighten her eyes under a church,
hugged by beloved king of her life,
still walking and pacing in a law world,
she rules her path with pains and scars,
over her body and soul....

Clinging, rumbling, crushing,
she wishes for freedom and happiness,
but sign of the times always fetch her show,
she learns to fly again like a baby bird,
enjoying all the sights and laugh happily,
even the shards among the wrest are real,
she wishes to get away from here.....

She stops crying and end all the past before,
she learns.......... she learns........ 

Monday, 9 October 2017

I Wish You Reply Me Back

I know I don't stand a chance,
among all those beauties and fancies,
with them I am small,
with the comparative I have none.

But I see your smiles and empathy,
yet I know I only get the crumbles,
a little attention and simple talks,
sometimes we laugh and joke.

I guess nothing is special about me,
Neither in your heart or your shoulder,
wouldn't be a space for me?
Or probably a seat besides you.

I still have a high hope,
like a phrase you posted last time,
a song of an anxiety as well as new leave,
it ain't easy, it ain't smooth, it is an opportunity,
cause we were born with too many differences. 

but you should know my dear,
you are a first angel I have ever seen,
who makes me smile again from that sorrow,
who makes me dance into laughter,
a moment when I start understanding people.

Again, I was raised by your little touch,
with thousand flaws I was born with,
I wish you reply me back,
and see me in person with cups of tea.

Monday, 25 September 2017

The Woman With Glassy Eyes

young, bold and red,
like a fresh gem named ruby,
a stone of justice and  perfection,
attractiveness and confidence within,
like nobody could see and predict certainty.

I see your scars through your eyes,
they are glassy and fear of disappointment,
they are watered neither in joy or harmony,
they are always awaken and sleepless,
nevertheless you act like there is always tomorrow.

you cover smiles with powdery cheeks,
Yes you are an awesome woman I had never seen,
that tiny little tiring body is unbeatable, 
you are armored by destiny and small calling,
of that little boy on his 4 years life time old.

so called bad past, broken and bleed,
with or without scars you are still moving,
your words are firm and with spell of truth,
your dreams are stars but your move are light speed,
opportunities are ahead and you will mount on it.

The stone of ruby, like how the name is a destiny,
a precious dearly truthful woman with high energy,
no wonder whatever things happen with your life,
you are lighted by God and your courage ever be. 
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