Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dear, Loving You Is A Pain

Why is the tear falling down?
Although I don't want to cry
Although I don't want to be upset

Why is the heart feeling not well?
Although I have cheered my loneliness
Although I have tried to be happy

Why is the hatred chasing me?
Although I have stopped myself in agony
Although I have suffered too much for you

They said I am stupid outside there
Spreading rumors to let me leave you
They said I am insane outside there
Cause I am standing and thinking of you

They said I am clumsy waiting for you
Forcing me to move on another guy
They said I am intolerant
Cause I force you to like me

What should I do?
This drug has made me addicted
This painkiller made me feel comfy
This potion has made me happy

What should I do?
I can't stop daydreaming about you
I can't stop yell on your name over the sea
I can't stop holding you hands and smiling
I can't stop listen to every pieces of your words

Do you want to know what the doctor say?
Do you want to know what diagnose it is?
It is a love
and it is also a pain
a pain of love
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