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Untold Story

It was October, and all the leaves start falling, the air is getting colder and we stay up late, twenty four times sixty, twelve weeks of all, a tiny innocent seed of pea grows in the yard A hastiness, a gratefulness, a happiness

A moment where I can, you can smile everyday,
struggling with so much storm, tiresome and boredom,
but they don't, they don't feel so and nothing at all,
What is so wrong? I don't know, it feels like a fun but also wrong
A sweet scene of the air, comfy, togetherness, but in addiction

There is a story book, which I adore the most in my life,
There is an old story under the sunny heating day,
red towers, large yard, like an eastern kingdom,
a place where secondly we visit, and also for the last,
something which is undefined and untold, shouldn't be ever 
Second page of the story line, which I enjoy and entertained with,
being always together anywhere, like there is nowhere,
it's funny, you can cover up what I can't, so do I, it's…

Happy greetings of December!

2015, 2015, 2015... Seriously this year will end soon. this week I am going to have my another final exam, and I will go back to my home town soon too. Time walks unbelievably quick. What did I do in this year? I have no idea.. Frankly speaking there are too much stories to be told, too much sugar in a cup of tea. Today I am going to have some flash back what I have done.
In the middle of July-August I got a chance to represent Indonesia and my university, UNPAR as a delegation into SEED (Social Enteprise for Economic Development) project, it is an ASEAN learning network which collaborate international students around the world especially ASEAN. I learnt lot of things here, too much, until it really changes my perspective on people. We spent around 15 days in Phillipines, with different friends. I mingle with Japanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Chinese, Sweden, etc. My best moment is visiting Bauko, Moutain Province, making bond towards the people and to create a plan to help…