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Bahaya Berenang Lebih Dari 2 Jam

Readers, siapa sih yang gak tahu apa itu berenang? Yup, olahraga yang menyenangkan dan cukup berguna bagi kesehatan. Namun, seiiring berjalannya keasikan kita, tanpa sadar kita membahayakan nyawa kita dalam olahraga ini. Menurut para ahli di China, ketika manusia berenang, sirkulasi tubuh berubah 20x lipat di air, akibatnya vena menyempit sedangkan arteri mengembang. 

Artinya, vena yang membawa oksigen di dalam darah terhambat sedangkan arteri makin mengembang dan mengangkut karbondioksida dalam darah terus menerus. Apa yang akan terjadi selanjutnya? Sudah jelas peredaran darah Anda tersumbat dan akan berhenti dan memicu kematian.
Berikut adalah tanda2 sebaiknya Anda segera naik dari kolam :
-Bibir berubah menjadi hitam kemerahan
-Tubuh menghijau diteruskan agak ungu lebam
-Detak jantung sangat kencang
-Kram di bagian kaki
-Wajah pucat

Memang kita tidak mungkin liat jam terus pada saat berenang, setidaknya Anda juga harus memperkirakan kapan Anda harus berhenti. Waktu paling ideal adalah 2 jam untuk berenang, selebihnya terlalu beresiko terhadap tubuh dan metabolisme. Jangan lupa untuk pemanasan sebelum berenang dan hindari makan makanan berat sebelum berenang. 


Monday, 29 August 2011

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Yoon Si Yoon

Yo! Readers, long time no see ooo…
Today I want to share a profile of Korean actor Yoon Si-yoon. Well, I am not a Korean actor fan actually, but my friends love Korean singer instead of dancer especially Super Junior members or any other Korean boy band, sometimes they are addicted by Korean drama actors and actress also. But, when I watch King of Baking serial drama, I am addicted with Kim Tag Goo. His innocent eyes and purely lovely smile always impress me ooo~ So I decide to share a bit about who Yoon Si-yoon is.
Name                    : Yoon Si-yoon
Real name              : Yoon Dong-goo
Born                      : 26th of September 1986, South Korea
Age                       : For today he is 25 years old
First Trial               : High Kick! (Season 2, 2009)
First Lead Role      : King of Baking/ Bread, Love and Dreams (2010)

Awards                 :
  • 2009 MBC Entertainment Awards: Best Comedy/Sitcom Couple Award (with Shin Se Kyung in High Kick Through The Roof)
  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Lee Young Ah in King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo)
  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Mini Series - Actor (in King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo)
Yoon as Kim Tak Goo in King of Baking
Movie                          :
  • 100% (film)100% (2011) In production
  • Death Bell 2 (July 28,2010)
TV Series/ Drama        :
  • Once Upon a Time in Saengchori (tvN, November 11,2010~March 18,2011) (cameo)
  • King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo (KBS2, June 9,2010~September 16,2010)
  • T-ara and Yoon Si-yoon's Bubibubi (Olive TV, April 24,2010)
  • High Kick Through the Roof (MBC, September 7,2009~March 19,2010)

So what is the first impression from me to Yoon?
Well, I can say his posture is quite tall and also amazing. He is not too fat or skinny, it is balance. For his haircut it is fitted and common style, so I can conclude that he is simple. The best are his smiles and eyes. His eyes just like innocent baby, and his smile is very lovely. His skin is quite dark but I can say if his skin is lighter it will be not perfect, so I like him just like this. Hey, you know, even he is actor he also has muscles, that shows he is healthy. Kyyaaa~
Typically I do not really like cool guy, handsome is not also main aspect for me, but cute is really important for me. Yeah, he is simple and friendly also, that is the main point :D 






Ao no Exorcist

Yo! Readers, long time no see :D
Nowadays I am really busy, but 2day it is holiday. Nice ooo? One of my classmates gives me a new anime, so I have just watched it until volume 15 and it is great! Ao no Exorcist is the title. Let me give you a bit view about this anime!

Rin Okumura
Fujimoto Shiro
Ao no Exorcist, this story is about Rin Okumura who are twin with his brother, Yukio Okumura. Both of them were raised by Fujimoto Shiro, the strongest exorcist in the world and actually also a Paladin. He adopted Rin and Yukio as his sons and lived in a church. In the fact, Rin actually is the son of Satan, the demon lord while his twin does not have the blood of Satan because when their mother was pregnant, Yukio's body was too weak. 

Rin is such a lazy boy, rebellious and he did not pass junior high school, but inside his heart he wants to protect everybody. On the other hand, Yukio his twin is a weak boy but smart and diligent as he got the scholarship to an academy and have a dream to be a doctor.  One day the Satan came and attacked the church to bring Rin home, but his adopted father protected him and sacrifice himself to let the Satan out of his body. His adopted father gave him a legendary sword and asked for help to Mephisto Pheles, a headmaster of exorcist academy. Since that incident, Rin moved to the same academy just like Yukio. 
Yukio Okumura
The story begins in this academy, Rin thought that his brother will get into the university of doctor but in the fact Yukio is a exorcist since he was 7 years old and today Yukio as the main teacher of the exorcist class will teach his own brother. Rin is angry and wanting Yukio to tell him all the truth. In the fact, since Yukio was a child, his adopted father has prepared him to protect Rin against demons.
In the academy, Rin and Yukio live in the same inn and actually inside of the academy there are several teachers and people know the truth that Rin is the son of Satan. So there are many incident which involve Rin and Yukio to the death. Rin starts to know a lot of friends from his special class especially Shiemi Moriyama seems that loves and is also inspiring Rin's twin brother. And of course a lot of problems always pop up. Well, this one is only a bit view about this anime, it motivates me to be an exorcist! lol~ *qiding.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

You Are Who Teach Me How to Love

I have nothing to say
I have nothing to breathe
Because I am all alone
and not capable to love

I am just a blind
and I am also a deaf
But I see your smile only
and your voice of love

You teach me how to love
and how to be someone
that ever lasting belong
for you and for me

I put my trust on the beat
and play this tales of love
I throw the dice of life
and I'll always believe in you
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Monday, 22 August 2011

How to Choose The Correct Dress? Find The Facts

Yooo readers, long time no see :D
Aiggh, nowadays I really drop my stamina out, so many tests, boring lessons appear. Not to say, I even almost asleep while the lesson begins. 
So 2day I am free, and I start to search some fashion and style info. (Well, I dunno why I get a little interest in fashion nowadays). 

Seems girls nowadays get same problems. When we become a teenagers, there are so many parties that need our visit. Frankly speaking, of course I am not going to wear the same clothes to the same parties, and I need to spend more budget for some glamorous life. *Actually I do not really like it. But, yeaa, that is happening to girls. So the question pops up, how to find good looking clothes?

Let us check the fact!

1. Cozy & Good Looking is important
I really hate good looking dress but not cozy. Yeaaah.. Sometimes the material is hot, then make me sweating all the day. On the other hand, it is also itchy! Cozy but good looking dress can be found which is made by cotton, sometimes the color is soft and gentle. Cozy also means healthy, when you try to wear a Belgian dress in a garden party, you are crazy then.

2. Do not be superfluous please!
Hey girl! Nobody will love your appearance when you wear a set of dramatic Orlando dress. You are quiet insane then :D We need to pay more attention to the event. It just like genres of music. Is it Halloween party, garden party, sparkling party or so on? Be a simple but beautiful girl, it is necessary and most valuable aspect!
Orlando Dress
Simple cottonn dress

3. Choose the style that is not easily old-fashioned
This tip is very important for you who love dress and have many wardrobe of dresses. Dress has many kind of style while the time and period always moves and invents new style regularly. So, I am trying to say this, nice and beautiful dress is not only the main aspect but also unique. Unique dress is mostly attractive. Even you keep the dress in the wardrobe for several years, you can still wear it on, while the old fashioned one will be dusty and you will be ashamed to wear it one for twice.

Simple Satin Dress

4, Most of beautiful dress come from soft and gentle colors
I believe that the dresses which  you buy mostly are attractive. Well, I reckon that most of beautiful dresses come from gentle soft colors. You can try pink, beige, white, light blue or soft green.

5. Good dress = fit to your body
Some girls force themselves to wear the dresses that for them is outstanding. I can convey that not every dresses you can wear actually. Good dress should fit to your body and also your waist. It also does not make you look bigger or fatter or even weird. Price is not main aspect for you to buy the unnecessary dresses.
Selena Gomez & Her Simple Dress


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dress Just Like Your Style (Mini Dress Edition) (>_<)//

Dear readers, new topic releases: D. Today I am going to give you several tips for mini dress.

Problems: Girls, sometimes when we go to fitting room and try for some cute and good looking mini dresses, it doesn’t fit to your body or so on. Here are some hints for you, let us try to dress just like our background or behavior.

Let us check it out!

1. Are you smart and elegant?
For those who are professional, of course you are not going to wear some dresses with big ribbon or other people will notice you as weird at all. Professional girls of course are well known as polite, wise and elegant. You must try some dark mini dress, do not worry, even you wear the short one, people will say you are amazing, but of course not for super mini dress one. Avoid light color or too simple and casual one. You can also try some V dress.

2. Are you active and adventurous?
Well, girls of course you are not going to wear some bandage mini dress to party. It does not fit to you even a bit. Try to wear some light color and cute accessories. Do it simple but cute. Long dress does not fit with you, just try a mini or balloon dress. Ribbon is also nice and bright, unique style.

3. Are you simple and casual?
Yes, sometimes casual girls have same problems. They seldom wear mini dresses. Do not worry; there are so many ways to solve your problem. Just try some casual mini dress with big belt. Choose dark color just like green moss, beige or brown. It fits with your temperament and style. Avoid some accessories that make you look weird. 

4. Are you stylish and confident?
Make a big bang over the party, make it unique, different from others and be the party master. Wear some unusual mini dress, try light abstract dress. Make it funny with some accessories and shoes. You need light color dress to be impressive. Try a short and with big ribbon one. You can match it with cute cotton made mini dress also.

5. Are you having a fat problem and panic?
Never worry girls. It is time to look impressive. Try some tight dress; it will fits on you so you will look slimmer. Do not even buy any balloon mini dress; you will look bigger and bigger! You also need a dark dress. Some survey said that you will look slimmer in dark color dress. Avoid too much style dress and accessories, it just add your weight and seem worst. Keep it simple..

6. Are you skinny and unconfident?
Do not force yourselves girls. Do not be afraid, it will be great for you to wear balloon mini dress, it will add more weights to your body and also nicer. Try some big accessories but is still simple. End with light color such as yellow or orange, white you will look sweet and attractive. 

7. Are you hating mini dress but forced by the party?
Hahaha.. There a lot of problems that happens like this. Yes, not all girls are feminine. So are you wild girls? No, of course not, every girl has their own taste. Do not worried, here are the solution, you will look casual but sweet, being simple and cozy. It is nice! Try some light and simple color of cardigan and mix it with simple tank top and skirt or simple mini dress is okay. You will look a bit wild but attractive, never ends with complex accessories, just be yourself simple and cozy view.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bloody Tears-The Curse of Haemolacria

Bloody tears is not only tales or stories that remain in our lives. This is also not about mystic while people think only vampires suck blood. On the other hand, there is a case that somebody cries in blood form. Here are the facts :

Bloody tears or is also well known as Haemolacria is a physical condition that causes a person to produce tears that are partially composed of blood. It can manifest as tears that are anything from merely red-tinged to appearing to be entirely made of blood.

Calvino Inmam
One of the victim is Calvino Inmam, a boy with common appearance, just like other teenagers who start to enjoy their experience of life. But, something distinguish him to other teenagers. Yes,, the bloody tears.
Mr Inman, from Knoxville, Tennessee, is shown undergoing tests to investigate whether a medical issue such as a tumour, tear duct problems, or a genetic defect is causing the bleeding.
Here are some sharing from Calvino:
He said: ‘People still call me possessed. The bleeding happens all the time, at school, at home and in the night.
‘I don’t usually know when they’re going to happen but sometimes it burns as it’s coming out.
‘Sometimes I don’t even know it’s happened, it happens several times a day".
Well, according to medical scientists, it is said that haemolacria is a symptom of a number of diseases, and may also be indicative of a tumor in the lacrimal apparatus. It is most often provoked by local factors such as bacterial conjunctivitis, environmental damage or injuries.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pengertian Budaya Politik Menurut Para Ahli

Alan R. Ball
Budaya politik adalah suatu susunan yang terdiri dari sikap, kepercayaan, emosi dan nilai-nilai masyarakat yang berhubungan dengan sistem politik dan isu-isu politik.
Austin Ranney
Budaya politik adalah seperangkat pandangan-pandangan tentang politik dan pemerintahan yang dipegang secara bersama-sama; sebuah pola orientasi-orientasi terhadap objek-objek politik.
Gabriel A. Almond dan G. Bingham Powell, Jr.
Budaya politik berisikan sikap, keyakinan, nilai dan keterampilan yang berlaku bagi seluruh populasi, juga kecenderungan dan pola-pola khusus yang terdapat pada bagian-bagian tertentu dari populasi.

Sidney Verba
Budaya politik adalah suatu sistem kepercayaan empirik, simbol-simbol ekspresif dan nilai-nilai yang menegaskan suatu situasi dimana tindakan politik dilakukan.

Gabriel A. Almond 
Budaya politik adalah dimensi psikologis dari sebuah sistem politik yang juga memiliki peranan penting berjalannya sebuah sistem politik.

Miriam Budiardjo
Budaya politik adalah keseluruhan dari pandangan-pandangan politik, seperti norma-norma, pola-pola orientasi terhadap politik dan pandangan hidup pada umumnya.

Budaya politik adalah pandangan politik yang mempengaruhi sikap, orientasi, dan pilihan politik seseorang, dan budaya politik ini lebih mengutamakan dimensi psikologis dari suatu sistem politik yaitu sikap, sistem kepercayaan, simbol yang dimiliki individu dan yang dilaksanakan dalam masyarakat.

Larry Diamond.
Budaya politik adalah keyakinan, sikap, nilai-nilai, ide-ide, sentimen dan evaluasi suatu masyarakat tentang sistem politik negeri mereka dan peran masing masing individu dalam sistem itu.

Mochtar massoed.
Budaya politik adalah sikap dan orientasi warga suatu negara terhadap kehidupan pemerintahan negara dan politiknya.

Roy Macridis
Budaya politik adalah sebagai tujuan bersama dan peraturan yang diterima bersama.

Dennis Kavanagh
Budaya politik adalah sebagai pernyataan untuk menyatakan lingkungan perasaan dan sikap bagaimana sistem politik itu berlangsung.

Robert Dahl
Budaya politik adalah satu faktor yang menjelaskan pola-pola yang berbeda mengenai pertentangan politik.

Rusadi Kantaprawira
Budaya politik merupakan persepsi manusia, pola sikapnya terhadap berbagai masalah politik dan peristiwa politik terbawa pula ke dalam pembentukan struktur dan proses kegiatan politik masyarakat maupun pemerintah(an), karena sistem politik itu sendiri adalah interrelasi antara manusia yang menyangkut soal kekuasaan, aturan dan wewenang (Kantaprawira, 1999:26).

Brown (1977)
Budaya Politik sebagai persepsi subyektif tentang sejarah dan politik, keyakinan dan nilai-nilai mendasar, lokus identifikasi dan loyalitas, serta pengetahuan dan harapan-harapan politik yang merupakan produk dari pengalaman sejarah khusus dari bangsa/kelompok.

White ( 1979 )
Budaya politik sebagai matriks sikap dan perilaku dimana system politik berada.

Aaron Wildavskus
Budaya politik secara luas menjelaskan orang-orang yang menganut nilai-nilai, keyakinan – keyakinan, dan pilihan – pilihan yang melegitimasi jalan hidup yang berbeda-beda (menekankan pada keterbukaan terhadap berbagai pendekatan dalam kajian budaya politik)


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Love Is Magic but Love Is Also Complex

Dear readers,
do you ever feel the poison of love? Yes, I can say I do, I let it separate over my heart and feeling. I know sometimes it will be a mistake to love somebody before he said the truth.I will have the scars of love if he does not love me in the fact. Yes, it happens to me.. but not as tragedy as scars that hurt me. Me and myself, I know him only 1 year. He is just a simple boy, talk less, religious, active in some lesson especially science and sport. First, I do not really have an impression about him, that is because we always together in the same class, in the same room, place or even group. When I feel not good, sometimes he smiles heavenly, even he does not ask we whether what is happening to me. But I start lost my control, this year we separate, seldom meet each other and talk less also. I convey that I miss him a lot. My new class only begins for 2 weeks and I am suffered under pressure why I do not notice earlier. I do to say that I regret this happens, but how do I change this situation? This is really complicated, I do not know how to do now. Today I meet him, just pass around and only say one word each other, "hi". It is not enough for me,, even I now it's too late. Yeah, that is how love really paralyzes me...


Friday, 5 August 2011

Lowongan Kerja Gelombang II (Khusus Wilayah Pontianak & Sekitarnya)

Dicari perempuan atau laki2 min.18 tahun dengan pendidikan min. SMP atau SMK. Dibutuhkan dalam bidang marketing dan penjaga toko. Ulet, jujur dan sehat jasmani.Gaji sesuai kemampuan. Jika berminat kirimkan surat lamaran Anda ke Jl.Ir. H. Juanda Blok B No. 15, GUNA SEJAHTERA, Pontianak. Dibutuhkan segera. (Khusus area Pontianak).
Lowongan ini berlaku hingga bulan Oktober 2011.

3 Polite Ways to Break Relationship/Boyfriends (Requested Topic)

Hi readers.. eeee.... this topic is requested from one of my friends, so agree or not, I should publish it :D Well, let me warn u before hand, I do not teach you how to break your boyfriend up, and I am not such a cruel monster, this topic only help you to be polite and more friendly, have a nice view :D

Problems: There are so many girls use cruel way to break their boyfriend up, it is terrible or even hurtful. I mean why we do such a cruel thing to the people who have ever placed in our own heart. So this is 10 ways to break your boyfriends in good way.

1. Speak directly
Agree or not, you are who want this moment and you are who hope this. So bravely a girl also need 2 talk directly. Remember to be polite and do not use any violence. Remember, what he needs is your reasonable answer clearly. Be honest and tell all the truth, sometimes you will find it is wrong to break up.

2. Talk not face 2 face
If you are not the type of brave girl, u may use ur mobile phone. As the technology develops so fast, there are so many ways to tell the truth. Please avoid cruel words. You can start like this:
"I believe you are the best boyfriend I have ever had, unfortunately I am not the lucky one, my parents do not agree with our relationship, I understand it more than them, so I am really sorry, we need to end it today.. forgive me..".
At least to end this up, he smiles before fills in sadness. Remember to be clear and simple, just reach to the conclusion as soon as possible.

3. Write down
In my humble opinion, I am trying to say this, people usually do not like if you write down what you do not like, it is not good to tell the truth just write it down on a piece a paper. it will begin for a new assumption, everyone can write such a reasonable writing, so it is not trusted, so you must give the letter directly and never appear in front of him. Of course, you must write clearly and reasonably.  Keep your writing tidier, so you show your appreciation to him and feel really sorry.

Friends, every relationship doesn't work well sometimes, but it doesn't mean we need to have a revenge and counter back what he have done to us with violence and cruel words. Use reasonably answers and tell all the truth, it is fine for you to cry aloud and say sorry for the first time. After that you also may regret what you have done and have some reviews lovely moments.Even I never feel such a moment, at least I try to understand ur position It's common for us to regret for such things, but remember this life has not end yet.


Monday, 1 August 2011

Chocolate Cake, Lovely and Best Ever

Hi readers! Cake is one of snack or I can say dessert that of course most of you love. I love cake especially chocolate cake!!!! I just want to share a lot of chocolate cakes that I can find while I browse. :D 

1. Plain Chocolate cake 
Chocolate cake really poisons me, terrible. I really love chocolate since I was toddler. My aunt has allergy with chocolate while she was 18 years old. Poor her, she can't enjoy the richness of chocolate that let you fly to heaven. :D

2. Molten cake

Do you know molten cake? Yes, this cake that have the secret chocolate inside and will melt in your mouth and send you to heaven. Waaaaaa... Can't imagine its taste anymore.. Perfecto!!!! It has chocolate sauce that melt over your tongue and bhaaam!!! It melts and melts over the time.. It has been a long time I do not consume this chocolate cake yet.

 3. Black Forest
 Black forest, chocolate cake with real choccolate, chococlate cream and cherries. Great and blush me always. This cake is sweet and soft, sometimes there is also sugar powder on the top. Haiigghh~ I am hungry already...
4. Chocolate muffin
This simple and easy cake which is lovely, small and cute has been known to people over the world. The texture of chocolate muffin does not show the real taste of chocolate actually. But of course it is delicious at all.