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Gifts For Boys? No Idea What I Should Buy


Glasses For Men, Are You Confident or not?

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog :D Before we start, this blog also have a topic related to glasses, so you can visit and type "Why Should We Choose Glasses Girls?" topic.
So many people are not confident to wear glasses, some of them try to search for contact lens, or even hard lens. Contact lens is just a layer, a soft lens that may harm you one day, it causes irritation or even hurt your eyes. The next choice is hard lens, even it costs expensive and need more care, hard lens can be used for more than a year, but of course everybody cannot buy it, it costs around 50$-80$ which is around Rp. 450.000 and that is the price in Europe, you can pay for triple price in Indonesia. So are you going to let your eyes break down? Of course not, it is very good for you to wear glasses, so what is the reason, let's check it out :D 1. Sometimes Obamma wears glasses
I don't know why I choose this for reason. But fortunately, I believe this one will be a good motivation for you all. H…

I Love High Heels, But......

Hi readers, :D let's start a new topic, high heels. High heels, do you know high heels? Yes, every girls and ladies try harder to wear high heels, me and myself I learn to wear high heels 2 years ago. Even I am quite tall, around 161 cm, I am very confident when I wear high heels than slippers or sandals even flip flops. Every parties, or I must perform on the stage I choose high heels around 2cm, it helps to make my posture better and look nice. But readers, this high heels really harm ourselves, here are the fact:
1. High Heels Affect Posture & The SpineHigh heels can significantly affect your natural posture and your spine.The arch in the lower back becomes more arched when wearing heels and the bottom can often be stuck out more than normal. This can leave the spine subject to injury or damage. The muscles that support the lower back can become strained and cause aching or pain to arise.It has also been found that wearing high heels can put the spine out of its natur…

How to Be A Good Boyfriend?

:"D Hi all... Nowadays I spend my time for blogging a lot, dunno why I am not busy as usual.. Hahaha~ No idea at all.. Well, today I have just read a good article, perhaps I can share a lot to you especially boys..

Problems: So many boys depress because left by their girlfriend, sometimes there are 2 types responds of boys, they are going to let their angers burn to hell or they will hope for second chance to rebuild the relationship. On the other hand, I believe not all of boys can be so tough and mostly they burn their angers through the girls exactly, even it doesn't look good, boys cannot control themselves, sometimes their heartbeats kick hurtfully, sometimes they feel being betrayed. Well, to avoid such a disappointment, of course we need a solid relation and it begins from the boy himself.
So what should you pay attention to?

1. Be honest, please Yeah, even me and myself do not really know boys' things (that's because I am single), but unfortunately mostly girls sa…

Why Should We Choose Glasses Girls?

Hi readers \\(>_<)//! This topic released special for my friend, so let's talk about glasses girls. So many people misunderstand about glasses girls, boys think that glasses girls look weird or even old-fashioned, but as the time passed, mostly girls love glasses as a trendsetter. Me and myself, I really like glasses in some opportunity, actually it fits to me! :D Hahhaha~ Here are some reasons why glasses girls look beautiful or even attractive:
1. They are healthy So many girls pay their attention more to their eyes, well I believe that eyes are a precious treasure of girls, when u got minus or plus to your eyes, of course we will get a big pressure deliberately, some girls refuse to wear glasses because it seems old-fashioned or even older, but actually it is not exactly! We need 2 pay more attention of our face shape, so it will match 2 our eyes. Mostly girls use contact lens, but we need to consider the effect, it harms your eyes if you do not wash it properly and even ha…

Search It! 5 Interesting Types of Girls

Welcome 2 new topic of Search It! Well, 2day let's start with "10 Interesting Types of Girls", : D Let's start!

1. Girly
Well, girly girls are really impressive from the first sight, aren't they? Sometimes they really look cute or even lovely \(>_<)/
(+) Usually friendly, fresh, loves jokes and poems
(- ) Sometimes they are spoiling for so much things, sensitive, difficult 2 be calm

2. Smart
This type of girls look great from the first sight, usually talk in formal way or even elegantly, they way they show up are really surprising (^_^)
(+) Of course they are smart, trust able, attractive, they love flowers and chocolate
(- ) Well, arrogant, cocky, selfish also

3. Hot
Well, actually I do not want to write this one, but that is the fact.. This one is favorite for boys also.. Of course they look beautiful in different way (o_o)"
(+) Most of them are mature, good looking (of course), really loves special moment
( -) aggressive, sometimes really annoying


Gray Fullbuster


17 Search It! Lucky Gems (IMAGES)

Dear readers, iamges has been released :D