Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gifts For Boys? No Idea What I Should Buy

Hi readers, new topic released :D
Well, sometimes many girls are confused what things they should buy for boys, especially best friend or even closest person. I used to be confused also. If we talk gifts for girls, it is quite easy; we can buy big teddy bear, photos frame, or even unique things and so on. But for boys, it is complicated, what things you should choose and buy are blurring at all. Here are some tips and choice for you:

Elegant choice:
1.       1.Watch
Boys look great when they have watch, they will look more professional and I can say elegant. Watch is the best choice because watch has more benefits than other gifts. At least it will be more surprising also. About price, of course it is expensive at all. You can share it to other friends and buy it together, it is fair enough.
2.       Wallet
Wallet is also a good choice. Sometimes boys are annoying when they do not put their money in the proper place. Wallet is the solution, isn’t it? You can choose skin wallet, or sporty one. For me it is quite relative for the price for the common one, and if it is too expensive, again and again you can share it to your friends to buy it.
3.       Ballpoint
Of course you are not going to give him a cheap ballpoint for elegancy, this one is the professional and sparkling oneJ. There are so many branded ballpoints you can find, although most of them cost not logically for just a pen with its ink, terribly this one which many businessmen buy for their friends. Of course you will understand elegant things cost as high as the sky. Hahaha~

Normal choice:
1.      1. Alarm clock

Hieeegh, boys oh boys, sometimes I meet so many boys that wake up late. They need what you know then, alarm clock as well. This gift also have a good benefit and at least it helps your friend to wake up early and every morning it reminds you who give it. Hahhaha~ the price is quite normal and common for students’ pocket money.

2.       Sporty Shoes
If he loves sport, of course sporty shoes are good. Well, my friends ever gave somebody a pair of sporty shoes and of course the reaction was great. This gift sometimes is surprising, I even can’t predict if somebody will give me sporty shoes. The price is quite far from pocket money for the good material one, but of course you can share to buy it also.
3.  Gadget & Games
Small devices now cost relative, sometimes there are so many choices for gadget, and you can give a set of headset, loudspeaker and music equalizer, or a set of mini game console or even joystick. Just make it fun, it sounds great for me. Gadget can be found anywhere and boys usually really love hi-tech gadget.

Does it make sense? I hope this information will help you a lot :D


Friday, 29 July 2011

Glasses For Men, Are You Confident or not?

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog :D
Before we start, this blog also have a topic related to glasses, so you can visit and type "Why Should We Choose Glasses Girls?" topic.

So many people are not confident to wear glasses, some of them try to search for contact lens, or even hard lens. Contact lens is just a layer, a soft lens that may harm you one day, it causes irritation or even hurt your eyes. The next choice is hard lens, even it costs expensive and need more care, hard lens can be used for more than a year, but of course everybody cannot buy it, it costs around 50$-80$ which is around Rp. 450.000 and that is the price in Europe, you can pay for triple price in Indonesia. So are you going to let your eyes break down? Of course not, it is very good for you to wear glasses, so what is the reason, let's check it out :D
1. Sometimes Obamma wears glasses

I don't know why I choose this for reason. But fortunately, I believe this one will be a good motivation for you all. Hahaha~ Well, eyes is one of the risky parts of body when it can't work well. We know that eyes help our vision, of course we need to take care it and not just force ourselves to use lens that may harm our health. Even the President of US wear his glasses in his special occasion such as speech and meeting. He even wears sun glasses when he got out from plane. Actually the glasses of Obama even becomes trendsetter. Cool.. :D Obama wears his glasses to help him to read and sometimes sun glasses to reflect the sunlight, so we can have better sight.
2. Glasses show you care to your health
I appreciate that, really. Actually everyone looks nice when they wear glasses. Wearing glasses shows that you care to your health especially your eyes. I believe that people need glasses when they have eyes problems, there is nothing to be worried if you have those problems. It is common for people have eyes problems while the technology, games and TV radiation have improved a lot. It is necessary to protect your vision and have a better future. It also influences your appearance to people. Sometimes your eyes are going to spark and impress girls. Hhahaha~

3. Scientists prove that you look better 
 Job hunters are more likely to be hired if they wear glasses to their interview, according to a study.
A third of adults think spectacle-wearers look more professional, while 43 per cent think they appear more intelligent.
And 40 per cent of those with 20-20 vision would consider wearing clear lenses if it would improve their chances of getting a job.
Another six per cent would put on glasses to feel fashionable, and nine per cent think spectacles make the wearer look more attractive, the study by the College of Optometrists found.

4. If you want to skip this reason, you may leave :D *My personal opinion
Unfortunately, I like glasses boys, hahaha~ But it doesn't mean I like all glasses boys ugh... Well, most of my friends who wear glasses are handsome and they impress me with their sparkling eyes. Yeah, that is the effect of glasses. Although there is no one of my family that wear glasses, I really like glasses boys. They seem cool and smart. Sometimes even they do wrong things, they can cover it with the innocent eyes behind the frames. Hahhaaha~ Really, this one is my personal opinion that I like glasses boys. Well, it sounds funny, but one of my friends love glasses girls heavenly, well we can say that glasses people are impressive actually. So it is better to wear glasses to help your vision and sight to save your future. :)


Thursday, 28 July 2011

I Love High Heels, But......

Hi readers, :D let's start a new topic, high heels. High heels, do you know high heels? Yes, every girls and ladies try harder to wear high heels, me and myself I learn to wear high heels 2 years ago. Even I am quite tall, around 161 cm, I am very confident when I wear high heels than slippers or sandals even flip flops. Every parties, or I must perform on the stage I choose high heels around 2cm, it helps to make my posture better and look nice. But readers, this high heels really harm ourselves, here are the fact:

1. High Heels Affect Posture & The Spine

High heels can significantly affect your natural posture and your spine.The arch in the lower back becomes more arched when wearing heels and the bottom can often be stuck out more than normal. This can leave the spine subject to injury or damage. The muscles that support the lower back can become strained and cause aching or pain to arise.

It has also been found that wearing high heels can put the spine out of its natural alignment and also the spinal nerves can become pinched and pain, tingling and numbness can occur.Many women who present to their doctor with back complaints may be surprised to learn that a lot of the problems can often be attributed to the constant wearing of high heeled shoes.

2. The Affect of Heels on Feet
Putting your foot into a high heeled shoe can have serious consequences on the overall health of your feet. The entire weight of the body will be directed onto the ball of your foot, this can be especially dangerous for those who are over weight causing the ball of the foot to experience additional pressure.

Source :

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to Be A Good Boyfriend?

:"D Hi all... Nowadays I spend my time for blogging a lot, dunno why I am not busy as usual.. Hahaha~ No idea at all.. Well, today I have just read a good article, perhaps I can share a lot to you especially boys..

So many boys depress because left by their girlfriend, sometimes there are 2 types responds of boys, they are going to let their angers burn to hell or they will hope for second chance to rebuild the relationship. On the other hand, I believe not all of boys can be so tough and mostly they burn their angers through the girls exactly, even it doesn't look good, boys cannot control themselves, sometimes their heartbeats kick hurtfully, sometimes they feel being betrayed. Well, to avoid such a disappointment, of course we need a solid relation and it begins from the boy himself.

So what should you pay attention to?

1. Be honest, please
Yeah, even me and myself do not really know boys' things (that's because I am single), but unfortunately mostly girls said that boys are not trust able in some questions or opportunity. Well, admit it or not, that is what really happen, girls really hate lie at all. You can be so sure to be honest if you really love your girlfriends, I know it is important also to keep secrets or private, but when you start to be honest in something, you are going to avoid a misunderstand happens, it is not difficult to treat a girl.

2.She needs friends, not only you
Some boys are really over protective, mostly they meet, talk, chat have a lunch or meal together in the same time, girls are also human beings, they are going to be bored with this daily activity. Remember, they really need their friends also, there are so many things that girls cannot tell you actually, especially private one. You are going to be a good boyfriend when you allow her to hang out to her friends and not to be over protective, it is okay if you are jealous that boys outside will take your girlfriend,  but if you really trust her, it is necessary not to be afraid. :)

3. Simple Gifts
I have ever heard an experience of my friend, well her boyfriend forgot with her birthday and they broke up they day after. Well, I am not emphasizing that you need to prepare a set of gifts for her, but KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). I don't ask you to kiss anybody, okay? Sometimes boys look really annoying, I feel it in some occasion, you want to give a special things but you make it becomes complicated, and at last your girlfriends blush in anger. Example, you want to show your love on the street, in front of the public, it is not a good idea, why? Some girls love romantic dinner or simple date, go to cinema or park with flowers, it is a shame to tell your deepest love in front of public.   

These suggestions only small things for you to pay more attention, hopefully you can start from small few changes then :D


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Why Should We Choose Glasses Girls?

Hi readers \\(>_<)//! This topic released special for my friend, so let's talk about glasses girls. So many people misunderstand about glasses girls, boys think that glasses girls look weird or even old-fashioned, but as the time passed, mostly girls love glasses as a trendsetter. Me and myself, I really like glasses in some opportunity, actually it fits to me! :D Hahhaha~ Here are some reasons why glasses girls look beautiful or even attractive:

1. They are healthy
So many girls pay their attention more to their eyes, well I believe that eyes are a precious treasure of girls, when u got minus or plus to your eyes, of course we will get a big pressure deliberately, some girls refuse to wear glasses because it seems old-fashioned or even older, but actually it is not exactly! We need 2 pay more attention of our face shape, so it will match 2 our eyes. Mostly girls use contact lens, but we need to consider the effect, it harms your eyes if you do not wash it properly and even harms your health.So we can say that glasses girls really pay their attention to their healths :)

2. Glasses makes u hotter
 There is a survey that said when we wear glasses, it makes us hotter. Probably I can trust it because your cheeks will look chubby and your eyes also look bigger. Mostly, if girls can modify their glasses frames and it is matched, we will produce a lovely face and sometimes it is sparkling. Not only that, if we look carefully, glasses girls look cute, their eyes look bigger and simple. Well, they are great, aren't they?

3. They look smarter and professional
For the first impression, ladies in glasses are good looking, glasses really gives influences to make them look more serious and mature, even they look childish, with glasses, we can cover our childish manner. Most of leader (politician, presidents, professional people) wear glasses to help them for better sight. It will be great to have a professional, mature and smart girls. Here are some surveys about glasses girls :

  • 40 per cent of people with perfect vision said that if it would increase the likelihood of getting a job, they would purchase glasses with non-prescription lenses.  
  • One third of adults surveyed believe that people who wear glasses appear more polished. 
  • 43 per cent see that person as looking more intellectual.

So, there is no reason not to have glasses girls as your girlfriend, isn't it? Glasses girls look great than you thought and they even have more opportunity to have a job and become a professional one, not only that, as long they also look lovely and hot, no matter how they dress themselves, they have shown their beauty.


Monday, 25 July 2011

Search It! 5 Interesting Types of Girls

Welcome 2 new topic of Search It! Well, 2day let's start with "10 Interesting Types of Girls", : D Let's start!

1. Girly
Well, girly girls are really impressive from the first sight, aren't they? Sometimes they really look cute or even lovely \(>_<)/
(+) Usually friendly, fresh, loves jokes and poems
(- ) Sometimes they are spoiling for so much things, sensitive, difficult 2 be calm

2. Smart
This type of girls look great from the first sight, usually talk in formal way or even elegantly, they way they show up are really surprising (^_^)
(+) Of course they are smart, trust able, attractive, they love flowers and chocolate
(- ) Well, arrogant, cocky, selfish also

3. Hot
Well, actually I do not want to write this one, but that is the fact.. This one is favorite for boys also.. Of course they look beautiful in different way (o_o)"
(+) Most of them are mature, good looking (of course), really loves special moment
( -) aggressive, sometimes really annoying

4. Easy-going

Easy going girls are really interesting at all, but rather than thinking about their relationship, usually they prefer friendship to be number one (0_*)''
(+) Mostly full energetic, easy going of course, impressive, they love surprising gifts
( -) Can't be controlled, over excited, untidy

5. Simple
Simple but sure prove many things look better, of course girls also have such type.. (^~^)/
(+) efficient in money problems, mostly polite, simple
( -) inconsistent in some problems, bad tempered, jealousy

P.s :  2 have a bit view, and u can describe with the type of girl, I use some of characters in Suikoden II that at least have the same type and appearance >_<

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster
In my long holidays I watched Fairy Tail Anime, well I watched until 85 episodes already+ 2 side stories, and I really loved Gray-sama.. Hwaaa…  Ice Make Lance!~ *Duaaaarrrgh… Hahahhaa…. The first time I watch Fairy Tail Anime, I really admire Gray. At least he is cool, smart and strong. I hope someday there will be a man like him,, hahaha *imagine… Gray seems doesn’t focus to any girl in this serial, but Juvia (a girl with rain power) likes him. Well, it seems like Gray doesn’t pay any attention to Juvia, but both of them is match because Gray’s magic power is ice and Juvia’s is rain. Although Juvia is a bit gloomy at my first view, she is a good girl :D. If I am not mistaken, Fairy Tail is one of the five best anime. Well, I AM GRAY’S FAN oooo… He is 18 years old with dark blue hair or perhaps black and deep dark blue eyes, handsome? Of course!!! Hahhaaha~ Cool? Aye sir! 100% correct.. Gray is also Ul’s student, and another student of Ul is Lyon.
Juvia & Gray in Fairy Tail Parade
Gray lost his parents because of the monster named Deliora. It is said that Deliora is unbeatable, then Ul sacrificed herself to freeze Deliora. That is why Gray needs to survive to appreciate his master,Ul. In the other hand, Lyon wanted to melt down the ice that freezes Deliora while he doesn’t know that ice is Ul. Gray stopped Llyon and told him the truth; unfortunately, Lyon did not pay attention and still wanted to beat Deliora. Ul’s body melted because of the moon magic and at last Ul drowned Deliora’s body.
Gray teamed up with Lyon
Then Gray is still in Fairy Tail while Lyon joins Lamia Scale and teamed up to fight against Racer. So  many things that is interesting here! One of the bad habit from Gray is stripping. It is because of Ul that teached him to unite with ice and his body. Sometimes, we will watch Gray stripping with his pants or so on, that is why Natsu called him stripping panties guy.. *Ugh, awful.. The worst one, in the 1st side story, there is full stripping Gray from behind side.. *AWFUL AT ALL (0_0)”.
Well, I give 2 thumbs up for fairy tail serial and of course I still like Gray even he has bad habit, hha…

Friday, 8 July 2011

17 Search It! Lucky Gems (IMAGES)

Dear readers, iamges has been released :D

Akik (Agate)

Kalimanya (Opal)
Kecubung (Amethyst)

Lapis Lazuli
Mirah (Ruby)

Mutiara (Pearl)
Pirus (Turquoise)

Ratna Cempaka (Topaz)
Safir (Sapphire)

Zamrud (Emerald)
Tourmaline (Rainbow Stone)