Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Year of Breathetaking


Yesterday at last I have managed the president election in my debate community. It was so much relieved. The result everyone choose me in the mechanism of acclamation, so we do not vote. The good thing is that all the members are trusting me, even I am pretty careful in answering questions. I try not to make too many mistakes or redundancy, but it happened several times, lols~
Okay, so this is a breakthrough in my life, well I never become a leader before, my first experience. I feel so happy people are trusting me as a whole and I can't wait to work together with them. I want to work in totality, making better place for anyone who wants to join, and hopefully they won't leave me in the middle of our work.  
Somehow I am questioning myself why I did this.. It is unbelievable anyway, I never stuck into such place, it is weird, so much tension, and I still want to stand here. Feeling so stupid? Nope, I feel like I was jumping in a hole of hell, ahahahaha~ Joking, I am pleasant to be here.  I wonder what will happen in every next day..

Wish us to do the best!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Dakken Coffee & Steak

RE. Martadinata Street, Number 67, Cihapit
Jawa Barat 40113
10.00 am-22.00 pm
My Review:
♡ (4/5) 
Dakken Resto From Outside
A cozy restaurant with many rooms, we can choose either indoor or outdoor to eat. The theme of this restaurant is old Netherlands. The place is not too light, and not too dark. Friendly waiter and waitress. This place suits for meeting or hanging out. The parking lot is also quite wide and secured. I would prefer to come at night so the outdoor won't be too hot. They have clean toilets, clean tables and chairs too.   
Food is pretty nice, especially the steak. the first time I come, I ordered Nasi Kebuli with lamb, taste so-called "curry" and yummy! The drink is nothing special, the dessert is fabulous! I love the cakes, they serve nice dessert in the entrance. You can buy a piece of cake or the whole cake. The servings are neat and clean. They serve Japanese, Western, Indonesian and Arabian food. The price is pretty normal, not too cheap, not too expensive, it's worthy with the food! I spent 45,000 rupiahs in one dine includes main course and dessert. 
Overall, two words, cozy and worthy!    

Friday, 8 May 2015

Little Note of My Recent Thought

My last chamber has ended in the early of May. Well I am trying to fix my study, I think I have left lots of notes which stated redo, rewrite or anything else. The end of the chamber means not only my hard time has ended, but also a new era. Let me clear it, a new era means a new structure.
            I think too much nowadays and I do realize, the now of I, was influenced by so many layers of people. I used to be an ignorant, idealist, single-fighter, selfish, spoiled and easily arguing with people. As I rethink and rewind my time, I have changed a lot. Probably. I think twice before I talk, I do appreciate other rather than thinking about my own idea, I always listen to what people think and so on. In conclusion, I watch more than speak. Is it worrying? Or did I turn worse than before? I wonder.
            Get back into my point of view, to make it simple there is a girl who are trusted by so many people around her, and at that time people hope so much because at the last time, somehow they were disappointed. Not to mention, this trust is so different from any other last time, because the moment when this trust is not fulfilled in grace, these people will be in chaos and misery. Let me emphasize, they will be in nothing exactly. Once they trust, next they will not do the same, it is more than enough. So this girl realizes this situation, and if I were she, I would say it is such a risky time to be fought against.
            Take it or leave it, that is the easiest way to choose a path, but no wonder and wherever you want, sometimes a moral responsibility is binding, either it is unseen or unspoken. Now I was talking about this girl, what should she do? To make sure everything is alright and safe and sound, it won’t be easy, since these people are newbies and they have not been well-built. It is deeply difficult. So what will be the best choice? It is still in doubt.