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Lotek, Karedok, Gado-gado: Indonesian Delicious Healthy Salads

Hi everyone, today I would like to share my experience eating delicious and healthy food from Indonesia. Three of the food is very popular, we can find it everywhere in most of Indonesian restaurant, you can also find it easily in hawker street or stalls in most of cities.  
Some people are confused of the difference among Lotek, Karedok and Gado-gado. HONESTLY, so do I, lols~ I can't even know which one is lotek or karedok or gado-gado, they just look the same, vegetables with mixed nut sauce, spices and yellow crackers. I thought they were just the same perhaps it was only different calling from each area in Indonesian. But, I was TOTALLY WRONG. They taste different, they have different ingredients and even different sauce. So what are the difference and which one do you like? Let us see from my summary.
P.s before you read further, sometimes my friends always said that I am pretty picky with food, but I am a good taster, I guess you can trust me today, don't you? *wink *wi…