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Chinese Culture (TiongHua): 7 Kind of Vegetables in Chinese New Year

Still in the event of Chinese New Year, today is the seventh day and unfortunately I see something unique on the table for my breakfast. All the greens are mixed up in a bowl. I am so curious what it is so I asked my mom about that. There is a tradition of Chinese people to eat 7 kind of greens/ green vegetables all mixed up in one dish.  I wonder what the meaning is so that I ask my mom again. Mom said it symbolizes the prosperity of beginning year, meaning in first week of Chinese New Year you can eat all kinds of vegetables and hopefully you can do so in a year. So we are not lacking of any food in first week of new year. Cooking this 7 greens dish is not as hard as I imagined. You just need to buy some greens in groceries, wash it clean and saute it for a while add some seasoning and water. Perhaps you can make it in salad with oil, may be it will be more delightful.  I reckon that Chinese tradition is unique and complicated, even sometimes it needs a lot preparation but the mea…

Writer's Life Part 4# :The Tragedy of High Heels, Damn!!!

Damn!! Four days ago was bad day for me. BAD DAY EVER!! I really hate high heels started from tomorrow. You want to know the reason why?  Let me start.. It was sunny, with nice breeze, and peaceful. My family and I decided to visit our relatives in Siantan (a small town close to our tiny town, Pontianak, West Kalimantan). I was very happy because I would like to meet my new nephew who has just born 4 months ago. His name is Lionell~ 100% Kawaii! (every baby is kawaii for me). His skin is as light as snow white and he wanted me to hug him, ouww, that part is sweet.
Back to the topic, what the hell happen actually?? I visited my grandma's sister and close to her house there was a large garden (whose garden it is? I am so sorry, this one is secret), I thought it was a bad idea to go there but my legs wanted to see around so I was walking around. Nicely, there is a lot of coconut and oranges tress, of course I like it. We took some oranges and went back. The soil is too soft that I colla…

7 Hal Yang Tidak Boleh Dilakukan Pada Saat Imlek, Mengapa?

Berbicara mengenai imlek, rasanya tanpa batas banget budayanya. Tidak heran, ada banyak tahayul dan mitos berkeliaran di seputar imlek.
Berikut adalah 5 hal utama menurut para leluhur dan merupakan larangan di saat imlek hari pertama: 
1. Gak Boleh Megang Sapu (alat bersih apapun gak boleh nampak)

Kenapa gak boleh? Para tradisonalis mengatakan bahwa sapu dan alat pembersih lainnya gak boleh nampak karena dipercaya akan menyapu rezeki di hari pertama. Seluruh rumah harus sudah dibersihkan sebelum Tahun Baru, karena bersih-bersih itu dianggap membuang hal-hal buruk sepanjang tahun lalu.
2. Gak Boleh Berbicara Kasar Atau Mengandung Unsur Buruk
Kata-kata buruk dan tak beruntung merupakan tabu di hari pertama tahun baru. Terutama, karena kisah seram biasanya terkait dengan kematian.Kata-kata kasar harus dihindari karena akan mencerminkan kehidupan dalam 1 tahun mendatang.
3. Gak Boleh Memegang Benda Tajam (Terutama Jarum, Pisau, Gunting dsb) Memegang benda tajam pada hari tahun baru diangga…

Chinese Culture (Tiong Hua) : Ngouw Bie Theng

Talking about Chinese culture, it has no end absolutely. Today is Chinese new Year, for those who are celebrating, happy Chinese new year, everybody. Chinese New Year always reminds me with this food. I think this one should be dessert. Every first day of Lunar new year morning, my family and I dress ourselves with everything new (new clothes, shoes, bags, decoration of house and so on). After that, my parents give us "Ang Pao", a red letter that contains money ($_$). Our parents shake our hands and said good, wise words of advices. This is the best part..... We eat a special dessert :Ngouw Bie Theng". Ngouw, means "five", Bie, means "rice", Theng, means "dressing or sauce". So actually it should be a kind of soup with 5 types of rice, so where is the sweetness?? Are you really there should be 5 types of rice? OMG~ Not really... This is a kind of dessert which is made by: 1. Iuw Bie, kind of rice, but not rice. Small grains with with pale…

Definisi Hubungan Internasional Menurut Para Ahli

1. J.C. Johari
Hubungan internasional merupakan sebuah studi tentang interaksi yang berlansung diantara negara-negara berdaulat disamping itu juga studi tentang pelaku-pelaku non negara (non states actors) yang prilakunya memiliki dampak terhadap tugas-tugas Negara

2. Couloumbis dan Wolfe
Hubungan internasional adalah studi yang sistematis mengenai fenomena-fenomena yang bisa diamati dan mencoba menemukan variabel-variabel dasar untuk menjelaskan prilaku serta mengungkapkan karakteristik-Karakteristik atau tipe-tipe hubungan antar unit-unit social

3. Mochtar Mas’oed
Hubungan internasional merupakan hubungan yang sangat kompleksitas karena didalamnya terdapat atau terlibat bangsa-bangsa yang masing-masing berdaulat sehingga memerlukan mekanisme yang lebih rumit dari pada hubungan antar kelompok.

4. Tulus Warsito
Hubungan internasional adalah studi tentang interaksi dari politik luar negeri dari beberapa negara.

5. Drs.R.Soeprapto
Hubungan internasional adalah sebagai spesialisasi yang menginte…

Witer's Life Part 3#: Chinese New Year in My Town

A year has passed, tomorrow we will celebrate Chinese New Year. I am so exciting even this year is the busiest time for celebrating such a moment. If I look at myself again in front of mirror, there are so many things happen to me. Well, of course I am so grateful with every pieces of my life, my family, friends and SPL.  Talking about Chinese New Year, it seems like this year won't be so fascinating. Most of special celebration center in Singkawang city. Tourists and townies are going there while my town seems so boring. The government disallow people in my town, Pontianak to show dragon dance on the street and the reason is traffic jam. Well, frankly speaking, it has violated the human rights. People only have a show for 1-2 days.  And it should be culture conservation. I just hope it won't happen next year. But of course, as a good Tiong Hua people, we won't lost our excitement not to celebrate. Today we have a feast, mom cooks a lot, and I even got a dizzy this morni…

Happy Chinese New Year 2012


Writer's Life Part 2# : What Is Mine???

I really wonder where do people get charm? Charm is an identical thing for each person. Not to mentioned, I do really have my own charm but I could not identify it. I read a book about psychology, it is said that your charm makes you being attractive. It also means a boring person does not activate their charm. 
Snow white and Cinderella have their charm. Snow white is beautiful and kind while Cinderella is joyful girl. Sometimes we do not notice our charm, that is why we can see there are a lot of people who are famous and infamous. I wonder what my charm is, and it will be only answered by my closest people. I want to ask my friends what is mine, but truthfully I am not confident about it or perhaps I will be over acting to hear that.
Charm is also a way for you to be popular. It can be talents, potential, your unique parts of body (example hair, legs, smile and breast) and also voice. Charm attracts other gender, example I am female and my charm attract males and also the opposit…


I have just watched a new anime which is recommended by my friend. It is winter anime 2011. It is a thriller anime and still reached first episode. But...... This one is an awesome anime. The first episode has made my heart beat moved uncontrolled. The sound effect, background music is scary and creepy. The opening is good and no ambiguous. Right off the bat from the first episode, this anime lives up to its mystery and horror genre. So far it is interesting and mysterious in that the audience is feed extremely small bits of information.
Plot: 26 years ago, in a third-year classroom of a middle school, there was a student named Misaki. As an honors student who was also good at sports, the charming girl was popular with her classmates. When she suddenly died, her classmates decided to carry on as if she was still alive until graduation. Then, in the spring of 1998, a boy named Sakakibara Kouichi transfers to that classroom, and he grows suspicious of the fearful atmosphere in th…

Baka to test Shoukanjuu

This is a great anime I have ever watched! I laugh uncontrolly, hell! This anime is made in 2011. If you like comedy, this one is the right choice. It has 13 episodes and one more season.

Plot: Baka to test Shoukanjuu (Season 1) start from a school named Fumizuki Academy. This academy places its student in different classes depends on their intelligence. Once, there is baka (stupid) student named, Akihisa Yoshii who is doing replacement exam.Suddenly a girl named Mizuki Himeji collapse and was fainted. Yoshii ask the teacher to let Himeji stop the test and have a rest but the teacher insists to say it was her fault not to take care of her health. As the result, Himeji and Yoshii get 0 point and also place in F class (the worst class), with other members,  Minami Shimada (She is smart but because of living in Germany for a long time, she got 0 point for Japanese and get into F class), Yuji Sakamoto (he is smart of strategy and all subjects but he does not want to get into a class full o…

10 Search It! Famous Japanese Food

I like some of Japanese food, there are two famous Japanese restaurants in my town. My favorite is chawanmushi and tempura. Though they are simple home made food, they can be served in elegant way and has high-class taste. 
So here are 10 famous Japanese food, check it out! (Do not ever let your saliva flows over your computer, OK? hehehe..)

1. Sushi
Sushi is really famous, it is a rice dish which contains sushi rice, cooked rice that is prepared with sushi vinegar and filling (such as salmon, reddish and so on which called as neta).

2. Ramen
Actually, ramen is a Chinese style noodle in a soup and various topping, sometimes there are eggs, nori (seaweed), vegetables, seafood, ,meat and mushroom. Talking about ramen, it reminds me with Naruto's  ramen, it looks delicious and nice when it is hot. Sllrrrupp~

3. Shabu-shabu  Shabu-shabu is Japanese style fondue. It is just like soup, but you put your own meat and vegetables into the pot and wait it until well cooked and HAAAAAP!! Of cours…