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To Remember and to Forget

I see you are drowned in the sea So deep even nobody could reach And you swollen like wooing and crazy Even a word can't stand in your arms
But a little hope come from the light and I bring a lantern and a red scarf then I tear all your sorrow, I force, I force to wake a dragon up, but I crushed to pieces
And I bring a pot of passion and spirit then I curse all those bad words, I hurt myself I hold, I hold the stones which are reaching up my skin bleeds but I insist, and here you are
I slipped myself in last game, but I believe in you then you uprooted the long sword and you play the silver shine clings up, it swings, it burns but you are half damaged, and we decide to end it up
Even the last war has stopped, the monster has gone up we were happy because we managed to be here And all the people shout, people cherished us delightfully We are something pricey, amazingly incredible
To remember, and to forget, you change into a pridey Too soon to be strong, too soon to be so boastful …