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Writer's Life Part 1#

I am so happy nowadays, although I do not spend my holiday in December because my parents are so busy, so we will have it next month, recently we plan to visit Malaysia. Tomorrow is the last day of 2011, there are lot of things I get, bitter sweet of course.  Sweet, hmm, I learn how to drive, I meet a lot of new friends, having a good friendship and some achievement of education then I get into SPL (Santu Petrus Linguistic) team, having lots of joyful time, new juniors, being wiser, older and more complicated of course.  I watch a lot of interesting anime and movies so that I have lots of refreshing rather than depressing time, hhaa.. I am more hard working now, and I learn lots of new things. I learn how to keep money and become treasurer, so I control my own budget and take some important responsibilities. Bitter, my old friends left me because we are in different class, I am in social and they are in science  (I used to science class but I move because of my interest). The person…

Merry Christmas 2011, Readers


Set Fire to The Rain

About This Blog

Teeheee.... Welcome  *Sitting in Japanese style and bowing gracefully to you
Yo! Hello I'm the writer of this blog. So as you can see, I write in either Indonesian or English text. So you can conclude I am Indonesian but I can type in English too.

Well, thanks a lot, it is the best regards for me that you are pleasant to come here. You can find so many things in my blog. There are about anime, experience, writer's feeling, free download books, lyric, news,recipes, stories and knowledge, etc (I write down whatever I like, so I do not specialize my blog in one topic).
Writer loves gambling, a smoker, an alcoholic and also a bouncer, LOL~ *I am joking... Well, talking about myself, I'm just a simple girl with simple hobbies. I love drawing, especially oil crayons and air brush and my drawing style sometimes turns into manga (sorry if they look ugly, you can find some in this blog too). Hang out with my friends and seek for culinary are my habits, because being together is eve…

10 Search It! Best Hottest Girls In Anime

Warning!! "Hottest" here does not mean in negative form, OK? This "hottest" is based on the most overrated, famous, most fashionable, most popular and *ehem... You may say they are interesting and sexy too.
Here we go!

1. Misa Amane (Death Note)

The second kira in Death Note series. Well, she is young, attractive, gothic lovers, socialite girl, sexy, interesting, a bit childish and yeeaah she is hot! Misa has long blonde hair was most commonly worn in pigtails, although she occasionally wears it loose as well. Within the Death Note universe, Misa is a famous model, singer and actress who is infatuated with Light Yagami. She usually refers to herself in the third person by calling herself "Misa-Misa" to be cute, although this is omitted in the English dub of the anime, and she tends to be hyperactive.
After gaining a Death Note, she seeks out Kira in order to thank him for killing the man who murdered her family, and to offer him her help. Having made the tr…

What Is The 3 Best Comfortabale Moment for You?

For me, when I watch a movie with a glass of hot chocolate. It has its own sensation. Homey hot chocolate with its dazzling soft color always brings relaxing feeling for me. Especially when it is raining, feeling the best warmness and sweetest sensation ever and watching your favorite movies, heavenly comfortable :)

Sleeping on soft pillow with your best teddy ever and covered by most favorite gentle blanket. I love it totally the most \(>_<)/ I love to sleep even I often sleep late (b'coz too many tasks and duty, can't sleep earlier), but I do believe most people love this moment. 

Gathering with families, having homey supper, everybody wishes to have it yea? Our family have a routine dinner together, so my grandma and mother prepare the main dishes while we the teens and kids are preparing dessert. Having this relaxing and nice time make me feel my life ever.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Enjoy your lives :)

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