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There Must Be Something Wrong With Me

I wonder how I grow this fast, it is just like once I close my eyes, the time has made its way this quick. I admit that I hardly ever manage to love somebody, it is hard. Why? It does not mean all my friends are not my type, frankly speaking some of them are qualified for me. But the problem is I always try to ignore and pretend to be deaf even somebody has knocked my door this hard, but I even do not look at him. Now, it is different, nobody knocks my door but  I want to try to knock an angel's door. I want to try my best but I am afraid it ends up with hurting my own-self.   
Perhaps it's my debut? I will laugh a lot then. I know I start to like someone, he is a stranger for me, somebody who is calm and independent. But I try to stand in front of a big mirror, look at my self whether I deserve to be in his place or not. It's strange for me, it goes pretty easy and enjoyable, he is a good person, talkative and humorous. But I think people think differently, some of my frie…

My Real Japanese Name?

I find an interesting website and it helps you to generate your real Japanese name. I am quite satisfied with my Japanese name, Yoshikuni-san~ Nyahhaa~
Here is the result C:

My authentic japanese name is 吉国 Yoshikuni (good fortune country) 明日香 Asuka (fragrance of the bright day).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Pssssst!! I leave the site for you, try on your name there and see what is your Japanese name C:

Happy Independence Day Indonesia!

*Singing aloud:
17 Agustus tahun '45, itulah hari kemerdekaan kita, hari merdeka nusa dan bangsa, hari lahirnya bangsa Indonesia~ 
Dirgahayu Indonesia! 67 tahun sudah negara kita telah berdiri dengan kedaulatannya. Jika mengingat lagi sejarah Indonesia, kemerdekaan kita tidak didaptkan dengan mudah. Begitu banyak taruhan nyawa, keringat peluh hingga darah telah bertumpahan demi berdirinya Indonesia dan perlawanan terhadap penjajah. Walaupun sudah 67 tahun Indonesia kita berdiri dan faktanya Indonesia masih belum mencapai cita-citanya yang ingin mensejahterahkan rakyatnya, memberi keadilan kepada rakyatnya dan mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa. Tetapi Penulis percaya, semua rakyat Indonesia punya harapan dan cita-cita yang segaris dengan tujuan negara kita berdiri, walaupun rasa nasionalisme sudah banyak luntur di antara para pemuda-pemudi bangsa, Penulis tetap percaya tidak ada kata terlambat untuk kita sebagai bangsa Indonesia untuk menggariskan kembali kesejahteraan dan keadilan Indon…

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia

Dear readers, Several days more Muslims will end their fasting month and here comes celebration for Idul Fitri day. Our school has our holiday starts from today, so I watch some anime for my leisure time and one of them is La Storia della Arcana Famiglia. 
Episode count: 12 Genre: Shoujo, Action, Romance, Harem
Plot: It is located in an island named Regalo, this island has been protected through generation under an organization, you can call it as mafia but in a good one. This organization consists of people who have skill called as Arcana Tarroco, so these various skills are based on Tarot cards. This island is under a landlord and every members calls him as Papa and his wife as Mama. The landlord has only one daughter named Felicita. This organization is based on family, each members are mostly Felicita's cousins or even orphanages who are being taken care in Arcana family. One day, the landlord of Regalo decided to retire and based on the rules Felicita should take care of the peace…

Dari Mana Asalnya Bencana yang Membawa Penderitaan?

Suatu hari Penulis dihadapkan dengan sebuah situasi yang sangat membingungkan, saya bukanlah tipe orang yang fanatis terhadap agama, jadi dari agama manapun jika menurut saya ajarannya baik, saya akan menerima dengan terbuka ajaran itu. Tetapi baru saya sadari satu hal yang sangat mengejutkan, teryata masih banyak konsep orang-orang yang tidak tahu mengenai asalnya sebuah bencana yang membawa penderitaan. Jadi pada saat itu saya dikondisikan dalam sebuah ruangan kelas dan memperdebatkan tentang darimana asalnya sebuah bencana terutama bencana alam. Apakah bencana alam merupakan sebuah bentuk dari proses alam ataukah sebuah hukuman dari Tuhan? Saya sangat tidak setuju dengan yang namanya hukuman Tuhan. Mengapa? Satu hal, TUHAN TIDAK PERNAH MENGHUKUM MANUSIA. Entah dari agama apapun, atau siapa Tuhanmu, semua agama pada intinya sama, mengajarkan dan mewartakan bahwa Tuhan adalah Maha Pengasih, Maha Pengampun dan mengajarkan cinta kasih dan perdamaian terhadap manusia. Sehingga sangat ti…

I Want People to be Jealous of My Happy Life!

I want people to be jealous of my life! Lols~. It sounds so cocky even shows selfishness, doesn’t it? Well, this title does not make sense with my life now, but I do feel very happy nowadays. I have great family, SPL, my beloved class XII IS 1 at school, and everybody around me are so kind. I do not know how to show my thanks and gratitude to them and God one by one, but they are the most dearly people around me.
My family consists of Dad, Mom, and big bro. Dad is a hardworking person, strict, protective to me (even sometimes I do not like how he borders my life in some reasons, but I love him very much, although daddy is a smoker, and I hate smoker whoever he or she is but he wants to stop smoking for me). Mom, the greatest person in my life, also strict but caring each other, a great strategic behind daddy (even mom’s cook does not taste good, because mom is a carrier woman and mom is also not good in driving, but I love her more than everyone on this earth!). Big bro, my only sib…

Somebody In A New Atmosphere

I don’t really believe in a first sight when you start to love somebody. But today, everything has changed. I really hope much, but I can do nothing. When I was sitting on the class, my concentration breaks into pieces when I look at him. It is pretty hard to focus now, I do not understand why, something must be wrong, I believe so. He always sits around, if I sit in front, he will be beside, if I sit in the corner, he will sit in strategist place so that I can look at him. Is it a coincidence? I also do not understand.
I really hope much this year, after I have been recovered from last crush. It was damn disappointing. I thought everything would be okay when I put a lot of believe in somebody who I can rely on. But fate does not come true. It is obviously a stupidity.
I just want to know whether this is not a fake anymore. Amen.