Monday, 27 October 2014

Do You Feel The Same Thing As I Feel Now?

When you wait in front of the gate
with your smile and so much hope
Here I get out with a cheer dear
Let us cross the road tonight

there is a hill, up so dark and high
it is so scarry and I feel so small
but you always said no worries
and it calms me, it warms me
So you admit, you need support?
then I ask your problems in chat
but you always deny, deny, refuse
Refuse telling me the truth
Denying what my questions 
I want to know, really want to know
So I can understand, from A to Z
From words, to mind, to heart
but you run, but you leave
you are afraid, things get worst
probably I understand you are not my hope
Be brave, please be brave! it won't happen!
I am here, so I will wait here, won't move!

What I need, to know a little secret from you
do you feel the same thing as  I feel now?
or do I the confused subject here to love the wrong?
Or may be this was just a fantasy, so wake me up

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