Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I put on my dream in this place
My motivation flips like a coin
When I step under new ground
They are asking where do I come from

It's a valley, it's an island
but it's a nice and warm place
Food is better, life is easier
But you question this native girl

How is the place, how is the life?
From A to Z you would like to know
From up to down it flows like a waterfall
Why does it matter where I come from?

My hometown is not small, it's big and green
It's a good place, it's a comfy place
If you know nothing then don't judge
 I had better describe what hometown you want

One day I swear to my hometown
The next time when my children's turn
They will be amazed because they was born here
 It's a great, rich and green, nor like to be now on

I swear for better day, I swear for better living
One day when I grow up, that place is not a valley
That place is a paradise of the world
Hometown is not mater hometown is not choice

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