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You and Pizza

It is nowhere to be told, there will be a moment we meet, it feels like a sudden knock at late night, comes of nowhere, goes of somewhere Confused, yes... Amazed, yes..... Startled, yes...... What else? Cute and stupid you said On my humble view, I feel like waiting for a pizza delivery from north pole, and have been waiting for years  I think all the prays and hopes are granted It is a truly a gift and long order I wish for So what pizza are you???? A supreme Hawaiian pizza, my favorite with pineapples and shredded chicken sweet, sour and less cheese, little spicy comes up with a funny packaging, so rigid A strong person, like the roots of mahogany  As active as radar, liquid and critical, reliable A passionate personality, like a running wind  A thinker, a crabby, a story teller........... I feel like looking on the mirror a person who I used to be,  it looks like me actually losing some of them because of a tragedy I laugh, with a little bit of envy and a pinch of pity Where di…