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Hello everybody, Today I am not giving you a newest anime. Although I love anime very much, of course I cannot watch all of anime of the year. I start to watch anime since 2007. Some good anime in the past that I haven't watched, there are also phenomenon. I watch Claymore nowadays. It is a fiction, a gloomy dark and cruel anime. I start to like it when I understand the moral value of this anime. It is said that even a heartless person has a heart, meaning love is everywhere, no matter how cruel someone is, love is always everywhere.
Episode count: 23 Genre : Plot: Once in a human world, the demons, Yoma are possessing humans and threatening human being. An organization called as The Organization created a half Yoma and half human form to destroy Yoma and one of them is Claire. Calire and other girls are called as Claymore, a group of specimen that is created to kill Yoma, and one day when they over used their Yoma power, they will turn to Yoma itself and send a black card to other Cla…

Aku dan Si Lalat

Suer, seumur hidupku aku gak pernah sebete ini!!! Bayangin coba kalo ada lalat di kamar lo, terbang ke sana kemari, ke lemari lah, ke meja lah, ke rak buku lah, paling parah tempat tidur. Anjritt!! Maka aku paling risih ke tempat yang banyak lalat. Mungkin kalian pikir aku adalah putri dari kerajaan tajir mana gitu yang sampai sok higenisnya sampai gak mau liat lalat, tapi jujur aja ya, I am not a princess, OK. 
Dari kecil aku paling gak seneng ma lalat, suaranya itu mengelikan, jijik juga binatang itu, matanya bulat kotak-kotak gitu, hitam legam, banyak kuman lagi. Aku masih inget hari pertama benci lalat, waktu itu gara-gara ada seekor lalat di ruang makan, terus gua pukul pakek majalah, pas diliat mayat tuh lalat, ternyata keluar larvanya. Apa yang aku lakukan? Ya buang lah tuh lalat ke kloset, terus cepat-cepat cuci tangan. (Orang bego yang masih lihat, tu larva bisa nembus kulit, cuma bisa mati kalo dilap pakek alkohol sebelum nembus kulit, kalo masuk nembus kulit, dia bisa berkem…

Kepedulian Masyarakat Pontianak Terhadap Kemacetan

Akhir-akhir ini sangat mudah menemukan kemacetan di wilayah kota Pontianak. Buktinya setiap malam minggu diberlakukan satu jalur di jalan Gajahmada, Tanjungpura dan area sekitarnya untuk mencegah terjadinya kemacetan. Mungkin Pembaca bertanya-tanya sesungguhnya apa yang telah terjadi pada kota Pontianak kita yang dulu. Kota yang dulunya terbebas dari kemacetan, sedikit kendaraan roda dua dan empat serta lebih banyak orang yang berjalan kaki ataupun mengendarai sepeda. 
Namun sekarang zaman sudah berubah, seiring berjalannya waktu dan perekonomian masyarakat yang sebagian semakin membaik dan jumlah peningkatan penduduk dalam kota, masyarakat berbondong-bondong atau bahkan berlomba-lomba memiliki kendaraan pribadi. Hal ini diperparah dengan sistem kredit kendaraan yang diterapkan produsen kendaraan dan dukungan pemerintah. Dengan 250 ribu rupiah Pembaca sudah bisa membawa pulang sebuah motor dengan mencicil uang harga motor selama waktu yang ditentukan dengan bunga nol persen. Alhasil …

Holiday In Bangkok

Do you ever visit Bangkok, Thailand? Yes? No? I would like to share you some of my experience and knowledge about Bangkok. (Let me remind you, OK? It's all about my personal information, but I will provide you with some facts). 

I visited Bangkok for nearly 9 days. The first thing when you arrive in Bangkok is hotel. We stayed in Chinatown Inn. Pretty cheap, around 875 B for one night and included breakfast, three stars hotel, everyday room make up and free water and Wi-fi everyday. Chinatown Inn is a strategic place for culinary, so you are exactly in the center of the city. The name of the street is Yaowarat and it's very crowded. Several shopping malls are around there, cheap and expensive restaurants are here too. 
The best food from this area are Texas Suki, Pizza company and street hawkers meatball. You can find fresh juice everywhere, lime, orange and even exotic fruit you have never seen. People are friendly but mostly can't speak English, but you can count on your g…


Summer anime of 2012 will be soon released, this anime is Spring anime. Last time I write a description about Ano Hana. Now, for those who like history and weapons especially guns in World War, this is a best choice of anime. In the beginning of the anime, I thought this one is a romance, but surprisingly this is totally anime with so much specification about troops, war, armor, guns and even it contains several countries which is well known as armor industries (Belgium, Swiss, Switzerland, UK, US, Taiwan, Israel and so on). Kitsune Tennouji (the manga writer) serves you a boring history in different way, guns, armors turn into cute high school girls with special skill and ability, this anime even explain the physical material of armor and transforms it into these cute girls physic. Example, L85 gun, made in England, a gun which is well known as easily broken gun because it jams after hundred of thousand times shot, although it has several disadvantages,  not to mention, it also has b…

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

This anime has a tearing ending, I love it very much! I really recommend you to watch this anime, especially for those who like slice of life genre anime.
Episode count: 11 
Genre: Drama, Slice of Life Plot: The story starts with a usual boy name Yadomi Jinta. Yadomi lives with his father and lost her mother when he was a kid because of disease. Yadomi stopped to go to school because everybody thinks he is weird and unsociable. He is ignorant and selfish, eating, playing games and sleeping; the routine flows just like that every day. One day, Menma, Jinta childhood friend appears, it surprisingly amazes Jinta because Menma has died when she was a kid because of an accident.  
Menma comes to Jinta’s life because she cannot go back to Nirvana and only Jinta and the other childhood friends can grant it to help her rest peacefully, it is to reunite all her friends. Jinta starts to go back to his old life, Jinta who is brave, responsible and attractive with his new life tries to find his fr…


Well, summer anime mostly are in preparing to release and this is the time for me to give you several summary of spring anime. Last time I write down about Tasogare X Amnesia , today I will write a summary about Sankarea.
I have watched this anime until episode 10, so today I will finish it to the end. So far, frankly speaking this is a weird anime. Well, a lovely complex between a zombie and a zombie maniac. I do agree this is an unique anime, the plot is slice of life but zombie makes it fascinating. 
Genre: Ecchi, Horror, Romance, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural Episode count: 12 Plot: The story begins with Chihiro Furuya, a boy who loves zombie (he has complete collection of zombie DVD in his room with accessories and other things, he even dreams to kiss a zombie and make friends with them).  Chihiro lives with his father, grandpa, his sister and Babu (a cat). His father is a single parent because when Chihiro was young, his mother died in accident. Without his mother disciple, Chihi…

A Poem of Broken Hearted Ex-girlfriend

To the left to the right To the east to the west My heartbeat never ends My lip burns like hell in flames
A picture of you and a babe With reddish cheeks oval shape Hanging beside you like a honey bear But a foolish foe for me used to be peer
You smile and she blushes I peek and it's only toilet flushes You look fool, she laughs in happy Poor you who never notice my reality
You called it a fantastic romantic affair I witnessed it as a jerky damn unfair You say I was blind comparing to her I say you were fucking with coroner
Everything you said to me is a lie In the last minute you smile for a bye Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I have seen Lucifer, your friend pops up
Last time you said you love me This time you say honey come to me Poor you, bragging brainlessly Hoping for my sincerity tastelessly 

I want to resurrect like a rose of Jericho From my deeply sadness and to undergo To tear up parts of your organ as a routine To knock down your soul and drag it into a coffin
To bury one’s head in the sand With my…

Third and Fourth Generation of SPL :)


6 Best Tearing Anime Ever

1. Clannad : After Story This anime is TOTALLY tearing!!!!!!!! I watched it and I cried so many times. It is so sad. Clannad : After Story is the second season of Clannad. It is a combo tearing anime, you should watch it from first season. Frankly speaking, this anime changes my view of my life. I start to be more grateful than before. Love this anime very much.
Genre : School life, romance, slice of life Plot of the story : It starts with Okazaki Tomoya, a delinquent who is falling in love with a girl named Furukawa Nagisa. Nagisa has a disease that makes her to restudy in third grade of high school. She met Tomoya and they get along with the support of their friends around to reopen the drama class. Nagisa is a fragile, sentiment girl, always indecisive with her decision while Tomoya is an ignorant boy and hates his father so much. He put off his dream being a basketball player because of the incident when he fought with his father and cause his right arm malfunctioned. So much things…

Mr. Pizza Manager, Pen Please!

Last week was a nice weekend ever! My mates in debate competition and our great coach, Sir Hendriek visited Bangkok city. We stayed for more than a week and we also had our holiday there. Once, we visited a pizza shop, Pizza Company. The menu are completely various and we were confused what to order. Finally we decided to order a pizza with cheesy chicken pizza with Thai style. 
We would like to visit Pattaya the next day, but we did not know which direction and where to go. We decided to ask the pizza manager (he has his emblem as a manager, OK?). 
"Mr. do you know how to go to Pattaya?", asked  Sir. He smiled and nodded, he opened his android phone and tracked the Google map for us. 
"It's around hmm.. 170 km", he said. 
"What is the name of the terminal sir if we want to go by bus?", asked my coach again.
"Hmm... Errr... Ekamai", he said.
"Pardon???", asked sir again.  
"Hmmm.... Ekamai, Ekamai is near from here", he replie…