Thursday, 17 November 2016

Little Notes From Writer

Today was a tiring day...........
I got my class so late and I also have to clean up my room, when I was done with my work, I took a bath, having my late lunch and slept. I was slept for 20 minutes, suddenly there was someone knocked my door. Oh it was my friend's boyfriend who gave me box of books. Okay, I was soo soo sleepy, and when he asked me what are you doing? Me.... Sleep...... and I closed the door after he finished giving my books, then I returned to my sleep. 

Another knock came, and it was my friend who kept my box of books, she was moving to apartment and would like to say goodbye. suddenly I was astonished, she was crying in tears........... 
I was laughing and tried to comfort her... "Hey, we will meet in campus everyday... you act so cute lols...."

She was flooded on tears until she lost her words... couldn't stop her tears, made her cheeks pinkish and so funny.I guessed only hug could comfort her... :')

I hugged her firmly, and she looked happier......

Well, after that good bye, I realized she really enjoyed her stay here. Well, I am glad now she grew well, the first time I knew her, she was scared of butterflies, lizard, public speaking, she was spoiled, having crush with my debate partner (a burning desire to be with him who she finds very attractive and extremely special lols). 

She grows up to be more adult now... She got a boy friend with my debate partner (thanks to me and my team LOLS), she lives alone now which indicated she is independent right now. I hope she doesn't cry in my graduation. :D lols~