Thursday, 10 August 2017

My Reply For That Old Self

The tears I have shed for you
like million drops of rain water
swirling and cursing my soul and mind
caging me in dark shades and pain
by losing precious trust and hopes

seven months of forgetting and counting days
so why today with a simple question and talk
Why do we have to hurt each other?
If you were certain to meet me someday
Am I paying certain sin or perhaps I was cursed
today won't be like this awful with some flash back

I will always feel just the same goodbye for you
it could not be changed for every next and last
nothingness and emptiness from my heart
has scattered and disappeared among my newly leaves
So I want to become stronger and better

So alone again, it is okay rather than hunted
with guilt of sins I do not atone
with the tiresome days and sadness
I wish the blossoms grow prettier on our ways
The distance between us is a fate we choose

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