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Woman Trafficking

Tears fall so hard,From those reddish eyes, Watered hair,  Swollen cheeks, Narrow chin, Naked body, Claws among skin, Like a broken doll
perhaps beauty in art,  Dully in playful fact, Why did she feel so upset? Treated like a wet trash over rain
Nobody can cheer her up Nobody dares to do so Until she was so weak  Beaten up by sorrow Raped by agonies Slapped by cruelty
The world should be blamed She whispered, she murmured what is woman rights? Or what is human rights? A fantasy in a dream land A so called "nitey" dreams A joke dreams of centuries
Then she laughed with tears Indifferent with all her emotions Enjoying pain and torturement Until the body fight should be over My chance to escape won't last No longer, no longer, forever
Work, dreams, lies, placement,  naive, locked, love beds, stranger, Tore up, touched, smashed, sucked,  Forcement, hard, hurt, hot, grapped, Can't escape, no, try, cannot, fragile, Screamed, louder, nobody, monster, Bited, bleed, banged, …

Little Note, From Me, To You, Far Away

Hello, The day turns colder here, But I hope the heart is still warm Mine is still bonded and bounded because simply I carry your heart
No wonder everything turn different Even five or twelve ticks time shows Or ninety nine million miles far away I still enjoy every little moment now on
Hello, There we two, unmitigated, happy in being speaking little, perhaps less than a paragraph a day Things which happens are simple, tiny and erasable But only eyes and heart can speak within  feels either it is enjoyable or dreadful
Nevertheless, I will always cheer you up Every day how our fingers type and move two words, three seconds, one touch chain of words we compose as our power to keep strong and care each other
Hello, of course it isn't easy and never be easier love alters not with its brief days and weeks it demands deep understanding and trust A simply love seeker can't be this game we are not betting, we are building
Do you remember what was your purpose? To start over and over …

Recall of My Life

Hi readers, it has been a long time I haven't posted any update. Recently I have been so busy with my mini-thesis. Time flies so fast, now I am an undergraduate student and hopefully next year I will be graduated. Such an exciting future, I really look forward of it!
Just now I have finished my chapter 3 of the thesis. It has been a tiring and long day..... I really wish a holiday or hang out, but my friends are busy nowadays with their proposal and I dislike to hang out alone :( So lonely~ But I think I have to bear on it since I slow down myself on my thesis, I have to catch the train.
Suddenly just now I was reminded by all my life time experience. I don't know sometimes I always imagine lots of things while doing some work. I recalled some incident in my life which ever put myself probably into almost dead. There were some I could remembered. First, when I was 2 years old, I was sleeping at my parents room, at that time there was a mass electricity construction in the tow…