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My Whisper to You

What can you think about the first day we meet? Like strangers and nobody care everything you do seem wrong But now after the long path Come along the way we will begin a new paper and start the love and care
This nothing turns into friendship this friendship and then turn into brotherhood This brotherhood turns into a bond of love so I don't need friends and I call it as family  and now I always see you even so far someday we come back and see you again Your bad is my bad your tear is also my tear I share your pain, I share your lost Your happiness is my pride and your smile is everything of us Anything brother, anything sister, I will be there
So when you come back, we are not strangers anymore so when you see me in the corner you will remember and hug me tight so when we are nowhere or around you will laugh when it passes on your mind it will be like that, it will be like that