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Luck and Helmet

Today, my lesson ended up at 1 pm. My friend, Ciput and I went to school to have our meeting (What kind of meeting? It is a secret!). We went upstairs and we could not find anybody. We went straightly to the office and found our coach. 
Actually we were waiting for two boys, they had a match today, but they could not make it so that we decided to have our lunch together. Well, the problem is, I did not bring my helmet. You know~ police is everywhere, every time. "It's OK, we go to nearest place", said my coach.
I thought that it's fine, as long as we did not go to somewhere so far away, police would not notice it. So we went to Gerry's house and picked him up. Gerry also did not have another helmet, and I guessed it's OK man.  But when Ciput and I started to go, Gerry gave me his helmet (He becomes a gentleman for a day) lols~
On the street, our coach decided to go to a chicken rice restaurant which is located quite far away. It was so crowded and only 1 thi…


I have just realized something..
This month I really got a stressful day
It was a busy time nowadays even I don't have my leisure time

Today is a real nightmare. 
I just went back to kitchen, the place where I used to spend my leisure time.
I like cooking, experimenting on fantastic food and dishes, especially dessert.
This day, I took a can of nuts, hoping to mix it with some caramel so that it doesn't taste plain

I took a frying pan and wooden spatula.
I pour 3 tsp of sugar in the frying pan and waited until it heated and melted.
I knew there should be something I forgot about but I could not recall it.
The sugar melted and turned to black powder, it was so quick and unpredictable!
 You can guess what happen, but there is more tragedy after this.

Looking at the frying pan I took my nuts and open d jar.
I poured my nuts around two times in reflex.
As the result I was in panic looking at the grilled nuts.
Damn! I have just realized one stupid thing...

There was a g…

SSIDC 2012 (Let Me Recall This)

4 days of torturing, 24 hours no tightly sleeping, 1o hours losing appetite, 10080 seconds of critical heart beating. Wew, what to say??  SSIDC (Sarawak Swimburne Interschool Debate Competition), this was my debut, having a competition outside of Indonesia, far from my hometown, and hanging out with my coach, friends and my lovely juniors.
Considering about this competition, I was really hopeless, the first thing came up in my mind was we lost in the first game. I was so nervous, every second my fingers turned into ice, I forced my appetite to eat my breakfast, but I could not manage it. I could not sleep, I read books every night but nothing got into my mind.

In the first day, my alarm did not ring in the morning, everybody was asleep. Our coach thought all girls had prepared, good that he aware that we locked the door, meaning we had not woken up! And unfortunately we woke up at 6.05 am. We ate fast food and hurried to SWINBURNE, ouww my, it was a bad sign even since beginning. I a…

7th Swinburne Sarawak Inter-School Debating Championship 2012

Posted on April 4, 2012, Wednesday

KUCHING: SMA Katholik Santu Petrus was crowned the winner of the 7th Swinburne Sarawak Inter-School Debating Championship 2012 (Senior Category) in a thrilling finale held at Swinburne Sarawak here yesterday.
The victorious school from Pontianak, Indonesia, participating for the first time in this annual championship, was represented by Gerry Wino, Winny Sanjaya and Cindy Putri who proved their point that ‘Syria’s internal strife is its own business’ defeating Wong Hui Mei, Tsai Ching Ing and Ho Jaan Ee of SMK Green Road.
To top it up Gerry was named the ‘Best Debater in the Finals’ for the senior category.
The 17-year-old told The Borneo Post that he was elated over the school’s triumph and felt very excited to have also won in the ‘Best Debater’ category.
“Nevertheless, I believe that we could not have achieve this without constructive criticism and feedback from the educators, teachers and fellow debaters,” said Gerry, who started pa…