Sunday, 23 August 2015

What Are We? Everything of Nothing

The way we cross the road is not the same,
we used to be good friends and fun catcher,
we are the paper plane who flies anywhere,
We are anything which we want to smile of,
We are everything.
We run over the fire, it's tickling to be together,
We swim over the blue sea, it's comfy to be together,
We laugh and drunk in a night, it's crazy to be together,
We share from hair to toes, it's warm to be together,
You know we can start to be something.
But what we did turn into special and deep,
Sometimes it feels so wrong, like a big foul,
Every time you whisper feels like swirling sand,
I know, I know it is hard to take, every touch remains,
Nor we still are not something. 
What do you see from the hole of a straw?
Still my face even it is so small, still my eyes even it's big
We are searching for meaning dudes, we are not friends
We are more than that, in addiction of each other
We know we are everything.
Sadly the time flies so fast, it's time to cry,
today is my last day to be here, certainly I won't be back
it is the last path my feet will be here, my last chance
don't you want to say something? No, it's okay
Me too, to look at you is more than enough
We know we have been everything.
If I can meet you on another lap of time,
I will choose a place where I can meet you,
I will choose a place where you can watch me limitlessly,
I will choose a place where we can stay closer than this
You too, I know that is what you are sadding about
We know we can't be everything, we know.
As the time has passed, we are untouchable,
we interact less than before, we can only see and remember,
all the memories we have spent, a gold treasure in my heart,
also a deep cut of missing a shoulder to be slept on, 
to forget is the best medicine, a calming pill for both of us,
We are nothing outside, everything inside. 
Thank you for your love,
I am happy to be alive.