Sunday, 19 May 2013

You Say Lie, I Say Bye

You are freakishly hot,
 Burning throat, warming coat,
Your voice never gets shy
Sexy bad boy looking never die!

You are freezing my lung,
Chocolate trunk, money big chunk
Ladies had rung, but they just ran
Cause you are terribly lonely one!

Passing by, thinking nobody is right
Closing eyes, black glasses for the night
What are you chasing at this late?
Oh, kiddy doesn’t play with the bait!

Shining shoes, flat, cold and bold smile
Black eyes, natural cocky trembling red face
Tell me what’s wrong with that looking of you
And let’s get the drama play out of the blue

Beat, beat, beat, beat like a boxing
Fly, fly, fly, fly like a bungee jumping
Cross, cross, cross, cross like the passers by
And you will know what if I pay you a bye
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Happy Homey Family

Nah, nah
We are red blooming flowers
With laughter and affection
You won’t ever see this of earth
That is we are just one big family

Oh, oh
I have been spending my entire life
No sadness and no pain cause I sing
Over the seasons and weather passing
Cause every day is our exciting Sunday

Yeah, yeah
I dance over the sea and that is great
You can jump and behave like the bees
Or just share this sweet melting feeling
No more no more perfect than just ours

Ow, ow
 Our mind are freaking about love and love
Somewhere no reasons to say hate or enemy
We roll and we throw but that is no complicated
Hug is a cure and kiss is a portion of our souls

Yey, yey
So please no, please no, never say you dislike
You won’t get the same place as this comfy
The best cough and the puffy homey cookie
Just to be here the place I will return oh, family
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Thursday, 2 May 2013

5 Ways to Prevent Beauty Disaster For Short Girls

Yo girls! Are you feeling that your height is under average? Or probably you have to wear high heels every time to cover it? Feeling not confident? Don't worry, as long as you can discover what you should wear and what you should not, you will be safe and sound hanging out with confidence. 

Some girls with under average heights look so short, small, and even tiny because of inappropriate performance. As the result, it makes you look so tiny and worse than you ever thought. Even high heels help you sometimes, but with not certain fashion, you are not going anywhere. Again, being tiny and cute is not a sin, so you had better make it hilarious with your under average height! Illusion to be taller is as easy as you never thought, with appropriate fashion besides high heels, you can be more confident from now on. 
Here are some advise for you to look taller~

1. No Long Dress Allowed!
Short elegant dress, why not?
You want to look elegant in a night party? But gimme a break, long dress won't help you, you will just look like a walking stick and the one who is running on a ball room. Long dress fits tall girls, but not for you, so give it up. There are so many fashionable dress which fits you more. You can choose a dress with length up of your kneel, so it feels like you look taller and show your legs for your additional tall illusion.  Just find the one which can help you to show your leg looks longer, and it will work.

2. No over sized bag and accessories
Don't you think it's a bit too much?
Small bag makes you look taller, agree?
 So this is the logic, you have short height, tiny body and now you want to have over-sized bag for trend? Don't be offended OK, but people around you will be just wondering, are you going for a camping or probably moving from home?  So please, bulky shoulder bags and fanny packs cause you to look wider at the waist and hip. Anytime you cause the eye to take in width, you reduce the amount of height it takes in. Small clutches and tiny shoulder bags on narrow straps are much better alternatives. Accessories is just the same case, I can't imagine how you will look like, so you wear earrings which is bigger than your cheeks, moreover the same case with necklace, don't wear big stones or crystals round over your neck, you will look so weird with it. Just take a simple one, you may also wear a pendant.

3. Do Your Hair Up
Some hair stylish mention that it will be better for short girls to have short hair, so your skill will be appeared in more volume and you won't look so tiny and short. But if you prefer long hair, consider putting it back in high ponytails and buns. Hair that extends several inches above the head adds inches to your height. Another thing is that, don't let your hair close your face, or even you are drowned in it, you will look like haunted girl ghost for sure.

4. Wear vertical line pattern cloth
Which one do you think look slimmer and taller?
So the picture above show you how the lines turn to be illusion of eyes. When eyes look on vertical pattern, we will look on it from up to down, which causes the eye to take in more height than width. Horizontal lines, on the other hand, draw the eye side to side, causing the eye to take in more width and less height. So, vertical line pattern cloth will help you in this case and prevent horizontal so you won't look fatter (but again remember, no long dress ok?).

5. Wear high-waist bottom 
High waist bottom help your legs look longer, so you can assume that your height looks taller now, for this reason, you should also avoid low-rise pants that may only make your legs look shorter. High-waist bottom also helps you to look slimmer, because it presses your waist and people can figure out your body shape.

well, that's all I can share for you girls, again no matter how short you are, you can make yourself as comfortable as possible when you understand the true nature of your body. Be confident, be hilarious!

I hope this will help, and have a nice day!

Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!

Hi readers!
If you like a light novel adaptation anime, this one is pretty good choice. Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!is a story about a college student, Yuuta and his three nieces. If you like an anime which show family bond and not really depressing, this one fits you. 

Sora, Yuuta, Hina, Miu
Episode Count: 12
Genre: Slice of life, comedy
Yuuta was left by his dead parents since he was child, the only one who saves him to be survived is his sister Yuri. Yuri takes care Yuuta as his only family member and she struggles by having part time job and pays her only brother school fee until he gets into a literature university now on. Unexpectedly, one day, Yuri informs Yuuta that she is going to marry a man and will have a wedding soon. Yuuta is so shocked that he can't believe the man Yuri is going to marry is a man, Takanashi with two daughters from his first wedding. Yuuta was really really angry that he ignores his sister in the middle of the talk, while the two daughters of Yuri's husband are freaking out of him and running to the rest room. Yuuta decides to leave the dining room and have a seat somewhere and rethink what his sister has done. Unexpectedly, one of the two daughters of Yuri's husband, Sora falls and gets injured on her hand. Yuuta who discovers it then helps her and gives her a bandage and reminds him how his sister takes care of him even until today he still bring bandages everywhere as the suggestion of his sister. At last, Yuuta can reveal her feeling that the family who will gather with Yuri is not that bad he thinks of.

Hina, Yuuta, Sora, Miu
One day, the first day Yuuta gets into his university, his sister asks for his help to take care her three daughters, Sora, Miu, Hina (so here there is additional daughter from Yuri and his husband) while they are having there late honey moon. Yuuta who agrees to help his sister becomes a great attention of his three nieces because of his kindness and handsome face, especially for Sora who adores him because of his good deed in the past. Unfortunately, the trip for Yuri and his husband turns into irony, it turns to be plane crush and at the same time Yuuta lost his only sister and his three nieces lost their parents. 

The day of the requiem, all the members of family from Yuri's husband part disagree to take care the three girls at once, so they decide to separate three of them. The girls beg for their relatives assistance for not to separate three of them and they promise not to mess and be a bad child. But none of them agree because of money and bigger responsibility at once. Yuuta, who is also their uncle, he gets mad and yells at their relative and tell them how cruel the world of his past life without parents, but still his beloved sister takes care of him just like everything is okay, even though money, house and a lot of problems come, no matter how harsh it is, they can face it and their siblings bond cannot be separated. Then Yuuta offers his help to those three girs, they will not be separated but again he only leaves a small dorm and poor in economy. 

The three girls follow him and face the new life where unexpectedly there is so much fun inside a small dorm, although they have to sleep together, being scolded by the dorm owners, go to school alone, take care of their toddler sister, Hina, not to burden their uncle's life and even with his love interest and managing their time and even leave their dream just to survive and support each other.            

Well, I like this anime, at least they have good moral values. Not to mention, I like Hina! She is so cute that I cannot bear it. At this anime, they always sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", so at least the child side is still performed. The opening song is also cheering, and Yuuta really really looks so perfect as a mainly boy who will be own all girls heart because of his personality. 
Good rating for this anime, the background for each place is tidy, and it takes place in one of the city of Japan, we can see the electric train, university, shopping district, common pedestrian areas and so on.


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