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You Say Lie, I Say Bye

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5 Ways to Prevent Beauty Disaster For Short Girls

Yo girls! Are you feeling that your height is under average? Or probably you have to wear high heels every time to cover it? Feeling not confident? Don't worry, as long as you can discover what you should wear and what you should not, you will be safe and sound hanging out with confidence. 
Problems: Some girls with under average heights look so short, small, and even tiny because of inappropriate performance. As the result, it makes you look so tiny and worse than you ever thought. Even high heels help you sometimes, but with not certain fashion, you are not going anywhere. Again, being tiny and cute is not a sin, so you had better make it hilarious with your under average height! Illusion to be taller is as easy as you never thought, with appropriate fashion besides high heels, you can be more confident from now on.  Here are some advise for you to look taller~

1. No Long Dress Allowed! You want to look elegant in a night party? But gimme a break, long dress won't help you, you …

Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!

Hi readers! If you like a light novel adaptation anime, this one is pretty good choice. Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!is a story about a college student, Yuuta and his three nieces. If you like an anime which show family bond and not really depressing, this one fits you. 
Episode Count: 12
Genre: Slice of life, comedy Plot: Yuuta was left by his dead parents since he was child, the only one who saves him to be survived is his sister Yuri. Yuri takes care Yuuta as his only family member and she struggles by having part time job and pays her only brother school fee until he gets into a literature university now on. Unexpectedly, one day, Yuri informs Yuuta that she is going to marry a man and will have a wedding soon. Yuuta is so shocked that he can't believe the man Yuri is going to marry is a man, Takanashi with two daughters from his first wedding. Yuuta was really really angry that he ignores his sister in the middle of the talk, while the two daughters of Yuri's husband are freak…