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Golden Time

Yo readers!
It has been a long time I do not write any review about anime. Gomen ne~
I watch less than past 6 months. Well, university life is not a big deal to watch so much new anime. So I watch three from 2 seasons. It's tearing lols~
But don't worry, I am watching a good one, so check it out!

Episode count: 24
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Kaga smacks Mitsuo with the roses, funny part lols~
Tada Banri, a new freshman of a college in Tokyo meets Mitsuo, a new friend in law faculty. In the first day of their university, they lost their way to get into the building where the university should be. But after having the right way, suddenly a car stops beside them and come up a beautiful girly girl, Kaga Kouko. Kaga Kouko congratulates Mitsuo and brings him a bouquet of roses. But suddenly everything turns to hell, Kaga smacks Mitsuo with the bouquet and blames him on why he doesn't tell her the truth where he goes and moves. Mitsuo who is being offended in front of public keeps arguing with Kaga who is identified as his childhood friend.

Kaga bullies Oka
The story comes up with a bad manner and behavior of Kaga Koko who is always sticking up to Mitsuo and having no other friends besides him, while Mitsuo is trying to run from his reality which is stacked with Kaga Koko who claimes him as her fiancee. Things turn worst when Mitsuo claims that he doesn't like Kaga as a lovers, and he decides to find his own who is Oka Chinami, a friend who is in the same film group. Kaga who is offended by Mitsuo words, she bullies Oka Chinami as a plain, flat girl who is no match with Mitsuo. Mitsuo scolded Kaga and badmouthed on her behavior which strikes Kaga. 
Tada Banri

Banri who is watching along these conflicts, he starts to pity Kaga who is actually losing her own manner, easily lost control and actually unreliable. Banri tries to help Kaga to reveal her true nature and about her own feeling what she should chose to be. Along side of that, Mitsuo who likes Oka can't tell the truth, because Oka's nature style who is child alike and avoiding the truth having love inside of her.
The climax later takes on Banri who is actually losing his soul and having amnesia, after having strong bond wiith Kaga and friends and reaveal himself ever loving Linda, a senior in his university as old lover.
Well, the story is complicated but smoothly told inside the story, pretty good and so much laughable. It's easily understandable and the plot is told exactly between Banri's past and present.

Worthy to be watch for those who like romance and comedy.
Make it a try~

Thanks for reading~    
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End of The Exam, Welcome Christmas, New Year and Future

Yo readers~
It has been a long time I did not write anything. Sorry, don't be upset, I am still using on this blog, although it is so much business, and I can't help it. 

Yesterday was the last final exam ahahahaha *(u can describe my face above, it is so much alike), my head feels like want to explode. Pooooffffss!!! I am taking law faculty since July. It's so much shocking, a person like me  ended up into law. It's a pretty harsh life here, but of course I won't regret on anything what I have chosen, it's an absolutely consequence. Talking about justice, inhumanity, human rights, laws and orders, nation, people and heroism, they are here in one package, what I learn, what I am crunching on, it is not as easy as I thought. But I am OK, I face it with head held high. 
End of exam, I am planning to go back to home town on 24th of December, wew sounds awful on Christmas eve? Lols~ Don't worry, it's a morning flight. Well, let's talk about 2013 then. I graduated from my high school, leaving my hometown, having my university life, meeting lots of new people, adapting to new atmosphere, etc. This year is a total breakthrough, I am leaving home, leaving all those bond inside of the family to reach up one purpose, to get better future by educating myself. Thanks for my parents, they give me permit and so much support I can't mention one by one. My old friends are gathering in hometown, after my arrival, there should be so much meeting, parties and gathering. Can't wait for that.
Besides that, things I haven't achieved so far.. Hmm.. Should I talk about this? Can we just skip it? Ok.. I haven't found a good mate, I haven't been shaped into good person either spiritually and physically. I still recognize less friends, torturing myself in material of study, less traveling and adventuring just like I did last year. Poor me. May be I have to make new resolution for next year. 
My boarding house sounded so crowded just now, everyone is fleeing and go back to home, nah I still need wait for 2 days (=______=) pleaseee.. Actually I don't really really miss my hometown, but my dad forces me to go home badly. So I decide to go home. They miss me.. They are missing me from up to toe. Lols~
I miss'em too, but sometimes I feel so guilty, I mean.. I come back still with blank hands, I haven't finished my study, I have just started oh mom, dad.
Okay forget about that part, I want to go back happily. At least I don't need to worry so much about the boredom of food here. Tasteless, mostly fried and flat. Hahahaha~ Don't blame me, I am not originally here. Future is so much scary, heartbreaking, unpredictable but adventurous --> I get this line from a song, which song? I forgot, sorry. But no worries, I want to enjoy it, if it is possible, not to enjoy it alone next year, but if it is not possible I am OK too. Lols~
Talking about my situation now.. Someone out there is missing me.. And when I go back, that one will say something. Someone is waiting on the bus stop, but the bus hasn't come so far, sometimes the door opens, sometimes it closes itself, still not balanced. Someone is still watching, even that one watching, that one can't forget the smirking past. Others are unidentified, others are nowhere. And here I am, writing on everything for some moments and passionately. It's not that easy to handle such thing, sometimes I am confused of myself which one is the right one. It's like a game, but with full responsibility. Let's see what will happen next.  
Just hoping for better grades,
better meet with others,
better bonds inside me,
better laugh and smiles,
better all around of life,
Thanks for reading =D