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Golden Time

Yo readers! It has been a long time I do not write any review about anime. Gomen ne~ I watch less than past 6 months. Well, university life is not a big deal to watch so much new anime. So I watch three from 2 seasons. It's tearing lols~ But don't worry, I am watching a good one, so check it out!
Episode count: 24 Genre: Comedy, Romance Plot: Tada Banri, a new freshman of a college in Tokyo meets Mitsuo, a new friend in law faculty. In the first day of their university, they lost their way to get into the building where the university should be. But after having the right way, suddenly a car stops beside them and come up a beautiful girly girl, Kaga Kouko. Kaga Kouko congratulates Mitsuo and brings him a bouquet of roses. But suddenly everything turns to hell, Kaga smacks Mitsuo with the bouquet and blames him on why he doesn't tell her the truth where he goes and moves. Mitsuo who is being offended in front of public keeps arguing with Kaga who is identified as his childhoo…

End of The Exam, Welcome Christmas, New Year and Future

Yo readers~ It has been a long time I did not write anything. Sorry, don't be upset, I am still using on this blog, although it is so much business, and I can't help it. 
Yesterday was the last final exam ahahahaha *(u can describe my face above, it is so much alike), my head feels like want to explode. Pooooffffss!!! I am taking law faculty since July. It's so much shocking, a person like me  ended up into law. It's a pretty harsh life here, but of course I won't regret on anything what I have chosen, it's an absolutely consequence. Talking about justice, inhumanity, human rights, laws and orders, nation, people and heroism, they are here in one package, what I learn, what I am crunching on, it is not as easy as I thought. But I am OK, I face it with head held high.  End of exam, I am planning to go back to home town on 24th of December, wew sounds awful on Christmas eve? Lols~ Don't worry, it's a morning flight. Well, let's talk about 2013 then. …