Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Little Light Note In The Dark

Five years ago, I am nothing
Nothing more than ashes and trashes
I wonder when I will be something
Precious, special and appraised

When people are on top
I am happy, I am impressed
Until I always try like the way they did
And where hopes and dreams come true

Now I am something
Adorable, interesting, with price and awards
Above of the commons,
Get out from a normal routine

I drive the bicycle and move the pedal
to somewhere I want to know
end up in certain amazing place
the edge of smile in my life 

Then, life is not the same as nothing
People watch, people adore, people like
A star which always shines so bright
Of course several things have to change

The most important and undetectable
The town with no people and living
Emptiness, loneliness, jealousy, fears
Cold, bold, difficult, ironic,backstabber

Now I am questioning
what is my point in the world?
I am a colorful piece of paper
but now blurred with stains

Everything is decreased, vanished
They destroy me,  they badmouth on me
They do it, they dance around my scar
burn, burn the anger, I cannot

Then I go somewhere I run to
A far away, out of their reach
a wrong way, cornered and hidden
And a new life is starting, begun

I feel more comfort although it is far
people who I can trust and rely on
although I love, I fear, I like, I fear
even though I fall, I wake up, I cry

Yes, I am better here
I can grow well and hope
Although I feel like the way is wrong
so wrong that I could not say anything

deep deep inside the core of my heart
someday the place you throw me
will be missed by me and went back
although I hate it so until now

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Life As A Rogue

In a trip of a rogue
There is no fears and limit
The ways he takes are always new
Nobody can tell what will happen
Future is always a secret
Past is an experience
Warmness is eating regularly
Trust is nothing to do with the life

Someday there won't be a place to stay
for a long time or forever rest
The feet urge to move to a certain path
Somewhere which feels of nowhere

Anxiety, worry and puzzling
He let those three things buried on the soil
deep deep under old trees of last forest
Sometimes it comes back when danger faces
A life of a rogue
A strong will and curiosity
Nobody can beat those bravery
May God blesses you and the day we meet comes
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