Saturday, 27 October 2012

Kaichō wa Maid-sama!

Nowadays, I am sooo busy, so that I watch less anime and study pretty a lot. Well, I do not like my own style if I only become a nerd, so of course I am hunting anime to be watched. Nowadays I watch Kaichou wa maid-sama! I am not impressed by this anime because I have been impressed by its manga before. Even when you read the first volume, you will be falling in love with the story line.
Misaki & Usui

The anime is similar to the manga, but of course the characters turn so real and amazing here. Well, I read the manga around 3 years ago. This is totally A GOOD ROMANCE! It is totally worthy to watched!

Episode count: 26 + 1 side story

Genre: Romance, comedy

Even a boy likes him, hha~
Plot: The sotry comes up with a girl named Misaki who comes from a middle low class family. Her father left his family and Misa must struggle with her school life. Misa studies in Seika High School which are used to be boys school. There are only some girls and it is a terrifying school. In her aim to protect the girls in Seika, Misaki studied hard and approach the teachers and at last she becomes the President of the school. All boys notified her as a demon president but girls notify her as their heroine, smart and athletic girl. Because of her economical problem, she works as a maid waitress on the neighbor city so nobody will know. But one day, Usui Takumi, one of boys in Seika High School noticed that the President work on Maid Latte and laughs on her. Unfortunately, Usui existent threatens Misa’s popularity and hard-earned reputation as a President, however Usui does not tell anybody about her secret and takes an interest on Misa after discovering her real identity.

Frankly speaking, I really love Usui. He is smart, impassive, handsome, and cute. You know, I learn a lot from this anime. Sometimes the one who we ignored the most is the one who endures and loves us deeply. In this story, Misa really hates Usui no matter how she describes Usui as a pervert alien or weird guy and so on. But Usui never closes his eyes form Misa and even ever sacrifices his life to jump from a second building to catch a maid photo of Misaki and gets into hospital.

This is totally a good and touchy anime! For me 27 episodes are not enough!!!!! The ending is not really satisfying so I really hope for second season. Sometimes Usui is too kind to help Misaki and that is why I really want to kill Misaki because of ignoring Usui, rawr~

The settings take in a modern Japanese city; sometimes you can feel western and traditional Japanese style here.


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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Oh My Last Year, I Will Really Miss High School!

I still remember the first time I stepped on my senior high school, SMA Santu Petrus, I sat on the bench in the morning and there were lot of new students those who I did not know. For the demonstration class, I got into XB, after several tests, the first day I got into high school, I felt pretty bored because some of them are used to be my friends in junior high school. As the result of the test, I got into XB, the class is quite good, quite fascinating, and quite enjoyable but it did not stay in my memories longer, probably I feel less comfy or anything else? I also do not know about that. First of all, I thought that I wanted to be a dentist, but it seems like I am not such a science-minded student, I prefer social class than science class.

I feel like I have just being a teens, time is so fast e?
A year after that, I moved to newly environment, atmosphere and new friends of course. Some seniors said social class is dully and less active, most of the achievements came from science class, the one which was popular at that time only economy competition students. Honestly, my mom rejected me to sign into social class, but I did not know why I still insisted on social class at that time, gratefully at last mom agreed and I got into XII IS 1. This is a nice class, and do not find anything wrong from this class, but as the time goes by, I really focused on a lot of competition, I still remembered in the first semester, I left my school life for 2 months to achieve what I want the most, winning in something. I replay the same things in the second semester, as the result, I was not sociable with some friends, and I always felt bored.

The good news is that they always tried to adapt with my existence, although I sometimes I did not feel good with their forcibly face. I do love that class, but it only lasts for several months for me. The craziest thing is that when we had recollection, our debate teacher picked me to practice and I lost my precious time with my class. Poor me...  But even I did not regret on that, and I really thank to my coach until today because we achieve more than we expect, but sometimes I felt so sorry too towards my last class. I did not become a good part inside of the class and I miss most of good moments with them.

This year is my best moment, I can say my status quo is a retired player, probably we will debate again someday but not in this year I think. I spend a lot of time with my class, a peaceful recollection, out bound, BBQ party, lunch together and so on. There is something beautiful inside of this class but it is indescribable. I really wonder how to tell you, but thing are really different. We are supportive class, we care each other, sometimes mocking each other, sometimes we think in rational and serious way, we support, we rebel, we make the class as comfort as possible and always find our path together.
One day I realize something, someday I will lose all this great moment, 6 or 7 months later, all of these will fade away. Sometimes fool mindset comes to me, why should I grow up if I will lose everything? You know, to be an adult is such a scary thing, why? It is quite difficult to gather all your friends someday, and not to mention we will go to separate way, each way has different purpose and destiny.
I do believe that probably one day we will meet someday, but will things back up to the same like today or several days ago? Will it be a funny laughter, a great annoyance, a shabby look and nice atmosphere again? Nobody will promise on the same thing. World changes rapidly, people also turn to different way in a quick time. Nobody know the answer, but one thing for sure, I will really miss my high school someday.      

Requiem-Nao Hiiragi

I really love this song, please listen to this beautiful song, it is sad and touching, this is one of Tasogare x Otome x Amnesia anime. Enjoy :)

By: Nao Hiiragi
Anata wa,
Itsuka watashi ni tsugeru nodeshou?
Yasashī koe de kitto
Tamashī wa yureru kirakira
Oboreru namida no hoshi

Yagate kuru kanashī dake no
Mirai yo towa ni nemure

Watashi wa
Itsuka sono-te o hanasu nodeshou?
Yasashī emi de kitto
Tamashī wa yureru kirakira
Koboreru namida no hoshi

Anata no chikaku ni i rareru
Kono shunkan yo tsudzuke
Yūgurenosora mo
Haiiro no yoru mo
Mune ni kizama reru
Anata to no hibi yo

English meaning:
I wonder
Will you one day be able to tell me?
Hopefully, with a gentle voice
My soul is a sparkling star
Of drowning tears

A future of nothing bad sadness that finally comes
I sleep through it, forever

I wonder,
Will I ever be able to let go of that hand?
Hopefully with a gentle smile
My soul trembles and shines
My soul is a sparkling star
Of spilling tears

Let's this moment
That puts me by your side, go on
With the twilight sky as well
With the gray night sky as well
The days I'm with you
Are engraved in my heart

Monday, 1 October 2012

Hati Sepi Seorang Petinggi

Jika aku bisa kembali lagi ke bawah
Aku tak akan sepi tinggal sendiri
Jika aku bisa terbang bebas seperti kemarin
Aku tak akan menagis menelan sunyi

Jika aku bisa tidur nyenyak sedari dulu,
Aku tak akan pernah takut menelan setiap sendok nasi
Jika aku bisa mencintai yang kupuja lagi
Aku tak akan dimaini hati demi bulih keping emas

Aku ingat apa kata mereka,
suatu hari pasang surut laut pasti akan datang
Ketika sesuatu tak lagi menjadi bintang
Tetapi lenyap tertelan sejarah dan kenangan

Aku ingat apa nasihat mereka,
Suatu hari gunung menjulang tak akan runtuh
Bila sudah di atas puncak tak akan lagi bisa turun
Bila sudah ditakuti semua akan dianggap tidak biasa
Terlepas akan semua cibiran tak sedap mengenai aku

Apa yang aku mau sewaktu 17 tahun cita-citaku
Bermimpi tinggi menjadi petinggi buah bibir semua insan
Menjadi paku tancap bagi setiap mata bahwa aku bisa
Namun tak sampai hati aku justru hidup begini

Hidupku luluh lantah terkikis politik
Hartaku mengalir tanpa peduli akan tuannya
Keluargaku di ambang siaga satu setiap hari
makanku tak pernah sedap lima tahun belakangan ini

Hatiku sepi tertelan gaungan sunyi,
Rindu akan hidup yang dulu dan sekarang tak kembali
Cambuk derah rasa ini melayang dan mengalir
Di omabang-ambing bagai ombak di malam hari

Bila Tubuh ini hanya harus terus megabdi
Kubayar seberapapun demi hidup yang dulu ku tinggali
Agar rasa rindu dan sayangku tak lagi termainakan
Agar cinta tulus sepi ini kembali terisi penuh belaian

Aku hati sepi seorang petinggi,
Mengharap cinta yang tak terulang sepi,
Bersujud ria demi hidup tenang dan damai

Aku hati sepi seorang petinggi,
Kebahagian ingin benar-benar kupilih
demi cintaku terhadap keluarga dan mimpi dini