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What A Busy Day!

I wonder how people describe about my life. Sometimes I am very jealous with the lives of my friends, they can go to school just like common students, chat with friends, go to office and meet the teachers, go to canteen to buy some meal, meet somebody who you like and spend your leisure time in school with worthy extracurricular. 
While me?? I go to school just like common students, but I stay in a room, do the data searching, read articles that actually does not fit my age (I read about war, cloning, science, nuclear, society problems, everything about pros and cons). Sometimes I feel bored of this situation, but sometimes I am proud of this. 
Perhaps some of my friends reckon that I am so smart, and they want to be like me. Some think I have a hard situation and full of loneliness. Sometimes I also miss my normal routine. Sometimes I feel upset when I see from the window when everybody is so exciting going home while I stay until the day almost turns to night. I go home late, tiring a…

Safe & Sound lyrics (Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars)

Part 7 Writer's Life: I Won't Complain!!!!

Carrier: Nowadays, I am very busy, and I must practice like hell. Not to mentioned, there will be lots of tasks that I will leave for next 2 weeks. OMG! I cannot imagine what I should do. But again, I will not complain, I have just passed my holiday for a week, and I believe it is more than enough. Well, true that in holiday I still did some activity such as reading books, shooting for the film and hanging out with SPL, friends and family. I even went to Singkawang with SPL, isn't it more than enough?
Family: My mom always wonders how I enjoy my life in that busy way. Sometimes I thought I was really stupid, torturing myself like this. Some of my friends said that I am pretty clever enough at school but I mess it up by having competition. As the result, last smester I only got 8th rank. Poor me. But again, I won't complain. I enjoy every pieces of my choices whether it is sour, sweet, or bitter. This is LIFE should be. I do not want to spend my life for such boring moments such …

Writer's Life Part 5: Debating Changes Me A Lot!

Debating is a skill where you can perform, convince and speak well orally. I learn how to debate since I was in the first grade of my senior high school. I found a lot of benefits from debate skill, I really enjoy it even sometimes I really find a lot of difficulties in my critical thinking and my fluency in speaking. 
Debating really solves my problems in lives. Especially in misunderstanding, persuading people and miscommunication. I learn how to talk it exact topicality and find solvency. Starting from this year, I turn to another person, I alter a lot and seems like infected by a structural. Every time I need to discuss with people, I just realize I may not talk directly, I must find a solution so that people will be convinced and vote for my idea. 
Example for another case, frankly speaking I am more careful in choosing multiple choices answer. In choosing proper words towards different people, understanding others position, caring more and feel what others feel. Now, my path se…

FPI vs Dayaknish : What Really Happen to Pontianak City?

Conflicts always pops up when we are talking about multiculturalism country. Well, merely several countries can handle the togetherness and various of races, cultures and religion. Well, an incident happened yesterday in my city, a Muslim organization came to Pontianak city. I do not really know what the case is, but it is true that this organization has been banned by some provincials in Indonesia, rejected and so on. 
Lots of people claim that their existence is a threat for people, some said they are such a gangster that covered in the name of religion. As the result, last month, exactly on 11th of February 2012, East Kalimantan rejected FPI to come in their district and even refused them start from the airport.  Yesterday, an incident popped up, in today headline news it is said that there are some colleagues refused FPI to come to Pontianak city. The mass (some members) of FPI noticed it and did some anarchist movement. Those colleagues are Dayaknish, students from eastern of We…

Part 3: SPL on Holiday (Journey to Singkawang)

Go back to the trip, everybody sang Katy Parry's song (Last Friday Night, I Kissed A Girl, Hot 'N Cold, etc) and the best part is when we sing Adele's song (Someone Like You, Set Fire to The Rain, Make You Feel My Love, Rolling In The Deep).  Everybody was so crazy, the funniest thing in the car when Sir was asking for mint candies from Ciput, the person who poured the mint box to Sir was me and he did not want to eat more than two, two times I poured too much, three and four tablets, and he asked me to take it. The problem is he ate that candies every 20 minutes, and I have to eat the rest if I gave him more than two (I can't return it, it is contaminated already, lols).  Several minutes before we got into Singkawang, Ciput or somebody else opened a sack of rice crackers, I smelled that it was like chicken. "Oi, I smelled chicken, who bring chicken in the car?", I asked. Everybody was in silence or perhaps confused which chicken I was talking about. Then Ci…

E.T-Katy Perry

Part 2: SPL on Holiday (Journey to Singkawang)

Brumm... Bruuumm~ The car started to active and we were very happy. Sir tried to turn on the air conditioner and went back to set our each position. In the front side still Sir, I and Yoanna. In the middle side Hanny, Ciput, Bella and Stephie. In the back side, Cokro (the guy who claims he is the most handsome in SPL), Gerry (the guy who is searching for his true love, but until today he can't), Edwin (my craziest junior and always bully me, while I bully him back) and Melvin (the tall guy and best third speaker in my third preliminary competition).
Then, hoooraaaay~ We start our trip. We started to panic because there would be 2 tolls. First, the reason is because we were over loaded, let me remind you, 11 people in a car, again IN A CAR. 
When we passed the first toll, Sir asked us to pray. 
Then I said, "Dear God, please allow us to pass".
My friends laughed at me, yeah that qinda funny but I was serious at that time ee. Soon, we pass the first toll and hopefully the secon…

Part 1: SPL on Holiday (Journey to Singkawang)

"There is no other journey can beat this one!!!", that is the words comes up in my mind.
2 days ago we were having  trip to Singkawang, a nice city in West Kalimantan. We spend around4-5 hours to there. It was cloudy and windy, the day was clear and lovely breeze blew up.This is not a common trip but absolutely a nice trip. So I will tell you what happen at the first time.
We were planning to gather in our English teacher's house at 7.30 a.m, but sadly I was late because I need to go to monastery. I was late, very late, I came at 8.15 am and looked like people were waiting for a long time. Eventually, we departed and locked the door with our bags. 

"How many of us will go? One, two three, seven, ten, plus me, eleven", said sir.

"What? 11 people in one car?", said Gerry.

"Come! come!", said sir.

We forced to get in and here comes up the position, 3 people in front (Yoanna and I, sir in driver's seat), 4 people in middle (Ciput, Hanny, SA…

My English Teacher's Joke : How to Make Either God and Devil Hate U?

So here comes up a crazy joke from my English teacher,

 "How to make both God and devil hate you?". 
Each of us try to find it, but there is no any answer. Because each side has their own hatred. God hates evil deeds while devil hates all good deeds that teaches by God.
Then my teacher answered, "Nothing is impossible, it is simple, the answer is.........."
"Having an affair with the devil's wife"  lols~

Jenis-jenis Angle Kamera

Berbicara tentang bikin film, Penulis lagi ada proyek bikin film dari sekolah. Ya, semoga bermanfaat bagi yang membutuhkan. Ada beberapa teknik untuk pengambilan gambar atau video ,berikut teknik -teknik yang sering di gunakan:


a.Bird Eye View
Pengambilan gambar yang dilakukan dari atas di ketinggian tertentu sehingga memperlihatkan lingkungan yang sedemikian luas dengan benda-benda lain yang tampak di bawah begitu kecil.
Pengambilan gambar dengan cara ini biasanya menggunakan helikopter maupun dari gedung -gedung tinggi.
Kalau anda suka melihat film-film Hollywood, tentunya teknik yang ini tidak asing lagi bagi anda.

b.High Angle
Teknik pengambilan gambarnya dengan sudut pengambilan gambar tepat diatas objek,pengambilan gambar yang seperti ini memilki arti  yang dramatik yaitu kecil atau kerdil.

c.Low Angle
Pengambilan gambar teknik ini yakni mengambil gambar dari bawah si objek, sudut pengambilan gambar ini merupakan kebalikan dari high angle…