Monday, 26 March 2012

What A Busy Day!

I wonder how people describe about my life. Sometimes I am very jealous with the lives of my friends, they can go to school just like common students, chat with friends, go to office and meet the teachers, go to canteen to buy some meal, meet somebody who you like and spend your leisure time in school with worthy extracurricular. 

While me?? I go to school just like common students, but I stay in a room, do the data searching, read articles that actually does not fit my age (I read about war, cloning, science, nuclear, society problems, everything about pros and cons). Sometimes I feel bored of this situation, but sometimes I am proud of this. 

Perhaps some of my friends reckon that I am so smart, and they want to be like me. Some think I have a hard situation and full of loneliness. Sometimes I also miss my normal routine. Sometimes I feel upset when I see from the window when everybody is so exciting going home while I stay until the day almost turns to night. I go home late, tiring and lacking of hygienic.  

Some teachers take pity on me, they said it is hard to be a smart student. Some teachers are hoping me to join a lot of competition. Sometimes I just think this is a challenge, sometimes I feel that I can't hold it anymore. If I were in Sims game, I am lacking of social point. Lols~

When I am being separated by my teacher to focus and study, I feel so lonely, I can't share anything, how do I feel, how this pain flows and how everything goes... Terrible! :(

I try not to complain, but everything doesn't work well sometimes. I even think to have a boyfriend now, lols~

Will it be a good solution? I don't think so. But who knows, I will see what will happen later :)

Have a nice day and don't be like me, OK?
Happy blogging

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Safe & Sound lyrics (Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars)

I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said "I'll never let you go"
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said "Don't leave me here alone"
But all that's dead and gone and past tonight.

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Don't you dare look out your window
Darling everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold on to this lullaby
Even when music's gone

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound


Just close your eyes
You'll be alright
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound
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Monday, 19 March 2012

Part 7 Writer's Life: I Won't Complain!!!!

Nowadays, I am very busy, and I must practice like hell. Not to mentioned, there will be lots of tasks that I will leave for next 2 weeks. OMG! I cannot imagine what I should do. But again, I will not complain, I have just passed my holiday for a week, and I believe it is more than enough. Well, true that in holiday I still did some activity such as reading books, shooting for the film and hanging out with SPL, friends and family. I even went to Singkawang with SPL, isn't it more than enough?

My mom always wonders how I enjoy my life in that busy way. Sometimes I thought I was really stupid, torturing myself like this. Some of my friends said that I am pretty clever enough at school but I mess it up by having competition. As the result, last smester I only got 8th rank. Poor me. But again, I won't complain. I enjoy every pieces of my choices whether it is sour, sweet, or bitter. This is LIFE should be. I do not want to spend my life for such boring moments such as being nice student, being so diligent, reading books all the time, having first rank but without any achievement. The question is, is there anybody admit your potential, your skill when you are diligent only? I believe nobody. Even I got 8th rank, everybody gives me good compliment, nobody complaints about my achievement at school especially scores even my own PARENTS!

Love interest:
Hmm, I cannot say much about this. For me, nothing happens nowadays. Sometimes I feel so lonely, while sometimes a bit jealous while I was looking at others who have mates, but sometimes I enjoy this single status and be so grateful. Again, I don't complain. But nowadays, I get interest in glasses males, because according to my point of view, glasses boys are nice and looks cool. But again, 

Nowadays I feel so fresh, energetic and I feel that most of things around me is challenging me. I really want to try a lot of things but I only have a pair of hands+ a brain. My backbone sometimes is stiff but it is not a big problem. I eat irregularly, and this is my worst habit! I hope I can manage it well. Oh God. For breakfast I eat punctually, for lunch usually it is being skipped while I was busy, and for dinner it can be around 4,  5,6 or even 7. Yesterday was the worst, I ate my dinner around 9! Mom scolds me a lot, but I always ignore it. What a bad  child I am! But again, I won't complain, I just need more time to work, to finish my task and read books. My sleep time becomes lesser, I slept at 11 everyday and the worst is almost dawn, around 1.30 or even 2. I hope I can manage it well so that I won't harm my health, hopefully I want to stop it.

Pssssstt!!! It is a secret! I sleep late, when my parents get into my room to check whether I have slept or not, I run as fast as cheetah and jump to my bed, pretending I was sleeping heavenly. I have done it for hundreds times, and luckily, they never notice it! lols~

Thanks for reading my lives, I really appreciate it.
Hopefully someday I may read one of yours.


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Writer's Life Part 5: Debating Changes Me A Lot!

Debating is a skill where you can perform, convince and speak well orally. I learn how to debate since I was in the first grade of my senior high school. I found a lot of benefits from debate skill, I really enjoy it even sometimes I really find a lot of difficulties in my critical thinking and my fluency in speaking. 

Debating really solves my problems in lives. Especially in misunderstanding, persuading people and miscommunication. I learn how to talk it exact topicality and find solvency. Starting from this year, I turn to another person, I alter a lot and seems like infected by a structural. Every time I need to discuss with people, I just realize I may not talk directly, I must find a solution so that people will be convinced and vote for my idea. 

Example for another case, frankly speaking I am more careful in choosing multiple choices answer. In choosing proper words towards different people, understanding others position, caring more and feel what others feel. Now, my path seems clearer, I am more joyful and I can take the correct choice. In my conclusion, if you make use of your debating skill, we will used to adapt in the reality of lives. 

True that in our lives, there are uncountable problems which need solvency. When you learn how to debate, you will face a lot of complicated problems either in the society even to all nations. They are big issues and need a big movement, it is not as easy as our own lives, because it is connected to many people. When you choose way A, what will happen in the future, what the benefit is and what the disadvantage is and it is the same with way B, C, etc. Everything really needs serious calculation so that we find the exact solution.

After you find the best solution, it is not enough. You need your followers, just like in Twitter and Facebook, people need to join you so that a big movement can be taken. We need to convince people, we need to make them believe in us. That is why learning in debate is not that easy.
I admit that I still need to learn a lot, really really need to hard working. Even sometimes I complain a lot why I should spend my time for such things. But again, my heart cannot lie, I want to learn how to debate well so that in the future it will be easier for me to take any choices and give the best solution. When you learn how to debate, selfishness could not be put here, when you try to force yourself for your own sake, people will dislike you and nobody vote for you voice, or even they do not want to pay any attention to you. As the result, you are nothing.
True, it is hard to learn debating, as hard as 100 tons of stones and 100 physics homework that should be done. But of course, I won't give up! I have great coach, great team mates and nice friends in my lives. I have the best parents who always support me and I will not stop until I change myself into the form I want.
Have a nice day :)

Friday, 16 March 2012

FPI vs Dayaknish : What Really Happen to Pontianak City?

Conflicts always pops up when we are talking about multiculturalism country. Well, merely several countries can handle the togetherness and various of races, cultures and religion. Well, an incident happened yesterday in my city, a Muslim organization came to Pontianak city. I do not really know what the case is, but it is true that this organization has been banned by some provincials in Indonesia, rejected and so on. 

Lots of people claim that their existence is a threat for people, some said they are such a gangster that covered in the name of religion. As the result, last month, exactly on 11th of February 2012, East Kalimantan rejected FPI to come in their district and even refused them start from the airport. 
Yesterday, an incident popped up, in today headline news it is said that there are some colleagues refused FPI to come to Pontianak city. The mass (some members) of FPI noticed it and did some anarchist movement. Those colleagues are Dayaknish, students from eastern of West Kalimanatan and also the youngsters of Dayak tribe.
Of course, this is not a common incident, it is common for people to aspirate their voice to reject something, but those FPI people seem precisely could not respect each other. Then, Dayaknish have a meeting and mediation in Betang House at around 12 pm in Sutoyo street.
As the result of the meeting, they decided to have a march to reject FPI and demonstrate in front of police station and Pontianak waterfront. But, when the march passed over Veteran street, FPI mass popped up with weapons, Police announced that Pontianak city was in dangerous condition stage one, everybody closed their shop, went home and closed the doors. 
The conflict popped up on the street, there were some violence happend but gratefully police warned them and each side retreated. Even until now, the atmosphere is still unstable, still people are afraid to go out and little people hang out or just have a walk. 
Commonly, in Facebook or Twitter site, I can find 20-25 Pontianak city people online. But because of this condition, everybody is seeking for information and staying at home, waiting for safety, as the result more than 40 people online since in the morning. 
Me and myself, in the morning I go to school actually we have some recollection activity in Ambawang, but our teacher asked us to go home because the street was blocked since early in the morning. I stayed at school until 9.30 something and stay at home until now. 
Some people close their stores earlier and I can see lot of police are patrolling everywhere. Some hoax or I can say gossip in BB and text messages said that the conflict between two sides still does not meet an end. Some people said it is safe already. 
There is no point for this incident, schools are being closed by the government for 2 days, people do not dare to go out. Some sellers must close their stores earlier and people are still in their dilemma.
What should we do?
Can we make an end of this?
How long should this happen?
Can't we solve this in other way?
How many time should we spend?
Nobody can answer, it goes back to each side whether should this incident happens or not.
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Part 3: SPL on Holiday (Journey to Singkawang)

Go back to the trip, everybody sang Katy Parry's song (Last Friday Night, I Kissed A Girl, Hot 'N Cold, etc) and the best part is when we sing Adele's song (Someone Like You, Set Fire to The Rain, Make You Feel My Love, Rolling In The Deep). 
Everybody was so crazy, the funniest thing in the car when Sir was asking for mint candies from Ciput, the person who poured the mint box to Sir was me and he did not want to eat more than two, two times I poured too much, three and four tablets, and he asked me to take it. The problem is he ate that candies every 20 minutes, and I have to eat the rest if I gave him more than two (I can't return it, it is contaminated already, lols). 
Several minutes before we got into Singkawang, Ciput or somebody else opened a sack of rice crackers, I smelled that it was like chicken.
"Oi, I smelled chicken, who bring chicken in the car?", I asked.
Everybody was in silence or perhaps confused which chicken I was talking about. Then Ciput looked at me and smiled.
"It is not chicken but rice crackers", Ciput said.
"Where is your nose Winny, you got a problem with your nose", Gerry said.
Everybody was laughing and so did I. I swear! It was chicken aroma, the aroma was totally same. Several minutes later, we could see mountains, hills and dangerous street, it was not large enough for two cars so the car moved slower than before. 

"I am hungrrryyy~", Sir said.

"Me too aaa Sir", Gerry said.

"I don't ask you", Sir replied.

Hwahwhahwahhwa~ *everybody was laughing at him.

"Now I ask, who is hungry", asked Sir.

Cokro raised his hand, Edwin, and some girls that I could not see because Yoanna sat on me.

(to be continued...........)

E.T-Katy Perry

You're so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel?
Your touch magnetizing
Feels like I am floating, leaves my body glowing
They say be afraid
You're not like the others, futuristic lover
Different DNA
They don't understand you
You're from a whole other world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go, lead me into the light
Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison
Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction
Boy, you're an alien
Your touch so foreign
It's supernatural
You're so supersonic
Wanna feel your powers, stun me with your lasers
Your kiss is cosmic
Every move is magic
You're from a whole other world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go, lead me into the light
Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison
Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction
Boy, you're an alien
Your touch so foreign
It's supernatural
This is transcendental
On another level
Boy, you're my lucky star
I wanna walk on your wavelength
And be there when you vibrate
For you I'll risk it all
Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison
Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction
Boy, you're an alien
Your touch so foreign
It's supernatural
Extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial
Boy, you're an alien
Your touch so foreign
It's supernatural

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Part 2: SPL on Holiday (Journey to Singkawang)

Brumm... Bruuumm~
The car started to active and we were very happy. Sir tried to turn on the air conditioner and went back to set our each position. In the front side still Sir, I and Yoanna. In the middle side Hanny, Ciput, Bella and Stephie. In the back side, Cokro (the guy who claims he is the most handsome in SPL), Gerry (the guy who is searching for his true love, but until today he can't), Edwin (my craziest junior and always bully me, while I bully him back) and Melvin (the tall guy and best third speaker in my third preliminary competition).

Then, hoooraaaay~ We start our trip. We started to panic because there would be 2 tolls. First, the reason is because we were over loaded, let me remind you, 11 people in a car, again IN A CAR. 

When we passed the first toll, Sir asked us to pray. 

Then I said, "Dear God, please allow us to pass".

My friends laughed at me, yeah that qinda funny but I was serious at that time ee. Soon, we pass the first toll and hopefully the second toll indeed.

When we passed Tugu Khatulistiwa, tall guy, Melvin said his leg was cramp, we were laughing because he was funny. 

Gerry said, "Hoy tall guy, are you cramping because of sitting among the girls?".

Then if  I am not mistaken Cokro or Edwin said, "Hey it is because of Bella!".

Then he shut his mouth and kept holding his cramping legs. Poor Melvin~

After that we passed an Equator monument in Siantan and close to there, there is an ancient cemetery, Chinese cemetery. Suddenly, Sir threw some coins from the window one by one.

Cling.. Clang.. Clang.. Cling.. It hit the car and made some coin tossed sounds.

"Sir, it must be a superstition, I guess", I said.

"Actually I don't believe it, but I have done it for a long time, so it becomes a habit. It's my mom's tradition", sir said.

"So what is it for?", I asked curiously.

"You know what I mean", he said and seems like he did not want to tell me at that time.

And of course I just silenced. Several minutes later, the cramping boy was complaining that he could not hold it anymore, then sir stopped the car and asked him to move in back side. He agreed and they changed the position and of course it looked more comfort rather than before.

The trip was so long, the car was too slow for me, because my daddy is crazy driver, so I get used to fast and extreme trip. It was only 40-50km speed, and I reckon it was too slow. We talked about lots of things, about our SPL, about proverbs, even about business. In that car, the atmosphere turned into professional talk show. Lols~

Everybody was sucking to toilets. Can't hold it anymore especially Gerry. We stopped at Sei. Pinyuh and exactly in a souvenir's shop. 

"2 half hours more", sir said.

Seems like everybody is still happy and enjoying the trip. lols~ I found some unique food there, there were pearl sago crackers, dried cassava balls, candies, more and more. 
 I bought a pack of dried cassava balls for us and it is very sweet, crunchy and savory, but yeah when you ate it, you will be in messy because it spread everywhere.
(to be continued...........)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Part 1: SPL on Holiday (Journey to Singkawang)

"There is no other journey can beat this one!!!", that is the words comes up in my mind.

2 days ago we were having  trip to Singkawang, a nice city in West Kalimantan. We spend around4-5 hours to there. It was cloudy and windy, the day was clear and lovely breeze blew up.This is not a common trip but absolutely a nice trip. So I will tell you what happen at the first time.
We were planning to gather in our English teacher's house at 7.30 a.m, but sadly I was late because I need to go to monastery. I was late, very late, I came at 8.15 am and looked like people were waiting for a long time. Eventually, we departed and locked the door with our bags. 

"How many of us will go? One, two three, seven, ten, plus me, eleven", said sir.

"What? 11 people in one car?", said Gerry.

"Come! come!", said sir.

We forced to get in and here comes up the position, 3 people in front (Yoanna and I, sir in driver's seat), 4 people in middle (Ciput, Hanny, SAW and Bella) and 4 people in back side (Gerry, Cokro and Edwin). It was sucked and of course not large enough, and yeah it was over loaded, very over loaded. But it's fine, even I am babbling to death and complain, there is no other way. When my teacher tried to activate the car, the machine did not work, then he tried and tried.

"Oh My God, Oh My God, we are dead", said sir.

By hearing that, sir asked us to get out of the car and asked the boys to push the car.

"If I know, I won't come. It is better to have my Innova!!!", complained Gerry.

Other boys did not complain and with hopeful eyes they pushed the car but it came up with no result. For the second time again and again sir tried to activate the car and boys were pushing the car.

As a girl, and with other girls, what should we do? I laughed of this incident, looking at the boys were pushing car is quite funny. Lols~ What I really remember is when Edwin and Cokro, they looked very hopeless and Edwin laughed and said it was his first experience.

(To be continued.............)

My English Teacher's Joke : How to Make Either God and Devil Hate U?

So here comes up a crazy joke from my English teacher,

 "How to make both God and devil hate you?". 

Each of us try to find it, but there is no any answer. Because each side has their own hatred. God hates evil deeds while devil hates all good deeds that teaches by God.

Then my teacher answered, "Nothing is impossible, it is simple, the answer is.........."

"Having an affair with the devil's wife
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Monday, 5 March 2012

Jenis-jenis Angle Kamera

Berbicara tentang bikin film, Penulis lagi ada proyek bikin film dari sekolah. Ya, semoga bermanfaat bagi yang membutuhkan.
Ada beberapa teknik untuk pengambilan gambar atau video ,berikut teknik -teknik yang sering di gunakan:


a.Bird Eye View
Pengambilan gambar yang dilakukan dari atas di ketinggian tertentu sehingga memperlihatkan lingkungan yang sedemikian luas dengan benda-benda lain yang tampak di bawah begitu kecil.
Pengambilan gambar dengan cara ini biasanya menggunakan helikopter maupun dari gedung -gedung tinggi.
Kalau anda suka melihat film-film Hollywood, tentunya teknik yang ini tidak asing lagi bagi anda.

b.High Angle
Teknik pengambilan gambarnya dengan sudut pengambilan gambar tepat diatas objek,pengambilan gambar yang seperti ini memilki arti  yang dramatik yaitu kecil atau kerdil.

c.Low Angle
Pengambilan gambar teknik ini yakni mengambil gambar dari bawah si objek, sudut pengambilan gambar ini merupakan kebalikan dari high angle.
Kesan yang di timbulkan yaitu keagungngan atau kejayaan.
Biasanya teknik ini sering di gunakan untuk membuat sebuah karakater monster atau manusia raksasa.

d.Eye Level
Pengambilan gambar ini dengan sudut pandang sejajar dengan mata objek,tidak ada kesan dramatik tertentu yang di dapat dari eye level ini, yang ada hanya memperlihatkna pandangan mata seseorang yang berdiri.

e.Frog Level.
Sudut pengambilan ini di ambil sejajar dengan permukaan tempat objek menjadi sangat besar.


a.Extreem Close-up [ECU]
Pengambilan gambar sangat dekat sekali,hanya menampilkan bagian tertentu pada tubuh objek.
Fungsinya untuk kedetilan suatu objek.

b.Big Cloe-up[BCU]
Pengambilan gambar hanya sebatas kepala hingga dagu objek.
Fungsi untuk menonjolkan ekpresi yang di keluarkan oleh objek.

Ukuran gambar hanya sebatas dari ujung kepala hingga leher.
Fungsinya untuk memberi gambaran jelas tetang objek.

d.Medium Close-up[MCU]
Gambar yang diambil sebatas dari ujung kepala hingga dada.
Fungsinya untuk mempertegas profil seseorang sehingga penonton jelas.

e.Mid Shoot[MS]
Pengambilan gambar sebatas kepala hingga pinggang.
Fungsinya memperlihatkan  sosok objek secara jelas.

f.Kneel Shoot[KS]
Pengambilan gambar sebatas kepala hingga lutut.
Funsinya hampir sama dengan  Mid Shoot.

g. Full Shoot[FS] 
Pengambilan gambar penuh dari  kepala hingga kaki.
Fungsinya memeperlihatkan objek beserta lingkungannya.

h.Long Shoot [LS] 
Pengambilan gambar lebih luas dari pada Fool Shoot.
Untuk mnujukan objek dengan latar belakangnya.

i.Extreem Long Shoot [ELS]
Pengambilan gambar melebihi long Shoot,menampilan linkungan si objek secara utuh.
Untuk menunjukkan objek tersebut bagian dari lingkungannya.

j.1 Shoot
Pengambilan gambar satu objek.
Fungsinya  memperlihatkan seseorang atau benda dalam frame.

k.2 Shoot
Pengambilan gambar 2 objek
Untuk memperlihatkan adegan 2 orang yang sedang berkomunikasi.

Pengambilan gambar 3 objek untuk memperlihatkan 3 orang yang sedang mengobrol.

m.Group Shoot 
Pengambilan gambar sekumpulan objek
Untuk memperlihatkan adegan sekelompok orang dalam melakukan aktifitas.


Gerakan yang dilakukan oleh lensa kamera mendekat maupun menjauh objek,gerakan ini merupakan fasilitas yang di sediakan oleh kamera vidio, dan kameramen hanya mengoperasikannya saja.

Yang di maksud gerakan panning yakni kamera bergerak dari tengah ke kanan atau dari tengah kekiri,namun bukan kameranya yang bergerak tapi tripodnya yang bergerak sesuai arah yang di inginkan.

Gerakan Tilting yitu gerakan keatas dan kebawah,masih menggunakan tripod sebagai alat bantu agar hasil gambar yang di dapatkan memuaskan dan stabil.

Gerakan yang di lakukan yaitu gerakan maju mundur,hampir sama dengan gerakan Zooming namun pada Dolly yang bergerak adalah tripod yang telah di beri roda dengan cara mendorong tripod maju ataupun menariknya mundur.

Pengambilan gambar di lakukan dengan cara mengikuti objek dalam bergerak searah.

Framing adalah gerakan yang di lakukan oleh objek untuk memasuki [in] atau keluar [out] framing shot.

g.Fading [In/Out]
Merupakan pergantian gambar secara perlahan-lahan.
Apabila gambar baru masuk mengantikan gambar yang ada di sebut fade in,sedangkan jika gambar yang ada perlahan-lahan menghilang dan di gantikan gambar baru di sebut fade out.

h.Crane Shoot
Merupakan gerakan kamera yang di pasang pada alat bantu mesin beroda dan bergerak sendiri  bersamaan kameramen,baik mendekati maupun menjauhi objek.


a.Kamera sejajar objek
Kamera sejajar mengikuti pergerakan objek,baik kekiri maupun kekanan

b.Walking [In/Out]  
objek bergerak mendekati[in] maupun menjauhi [out]  kamera.

Nah itu tadi merupakan beberapa teknik dalam pengambilan gambar menggunakan kamera video. Namun ada beberapa elemen penting yang harus ada di dalam gambar. Dan elemen penting tersebut meliputi:

1. Motivasi
2. Informasi
3. Komposisi
4. Suara
5. Sudut Kamera
6. Kontinuitas

Selain teknik-teknik maupun tatacara pengambilan gambar yang harus dimiliki oleh seorang kameramen ada hal lain yang harus di miliki yakni sense of art atau rasa seni, karena gambar yang di ambil oleh kameramen merupakan karya seni.
Setiap orang memungkinkan untuk menguasai teknik-teknik pengambilan gambar namun apabila tidak memiliki rasa seni atau keindahan maka hasil yang di dapatkanpun kurang maksimal.