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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Little Note of My Life Nowadays

Yo readers!
It has been a long time I do not post any latest info, gomen ne~ m(_ _)m

So recently started from last month and this month, I have been so busy with my mid-test, reading books and a little bit supporting my seniors in competition (but for this one, I don't think I help much, since I am a new freshman). Lately my room was so messy, I woke up early, went to campus, skipped my breakfast, had a king lunch, got back to campus, ran back to my boarding house, took a bath, went to campus again for PLDC. It sounds cool, doesn't it? Lols~

So let us rewind to last month! I guess I am pretty hopeless with my mid-test. Especially for Adat law and private law. The material was too difficult and perhaps I was not that good with it. Ah, let us say I was too lazy at that time. I also faced my boredom peak, not for PLDC but to all of my habit. In a week, I hanged out with my friends, I thought I was lonely, but it did not change anything. My friends and I were having a Suki party, but sadly I did not know why the taste was just so flat and plain. FOR ALL FOOD IN A WEEK. I was thinking hardly, what's wrong with me? I thought I was in frustating, the peak exactly, but I did not feel I was in under pressure, it felt like something was MISSING in my soul, something was GONE. And I found the answer, I lost my entity, I lost something called as FAMILY WARMNESS. Well, if you read some of my note when the first time I went to campus, I was pretty enjoying it, because I did not feel a home sick symptom, but here I was, I missed the way I used to be. When I could just sit down and eat together with Mom, Dad and Bro. It was not home sick, it was a loneliness to be truthfully spoken. 

So how did I manage it? After I passed my mid-test, I went to PLDC more often, went back boarding house in the dawn and the next day I came in the afternoon. At least, it cured some. Yeah, at least even I did not help my seniors so much, I guessed they managed to make me laugh and smiled, lols~ Thanks a lot for them!

Next story was my seniors' combat! So we went to another university for some debate competition. Sadly, we only managed to semi-final, the same achievement with last year. Well, in a  game, one should be a winner and one should be a loser. That was a big punch, you know why? I thought they might be the winner, at least second or the best should be the first. I meant, I watched them in the semi-final, and they were doing good. But again, my eyes were not Judges' eyes, probably the material or the method was not that good according to others views.

We hope, we really really hope next year will be brighter. I hope so much, and hopefully next year will be better. The next three days, I will have holidays, what should I do? May be I will start with tidying up my messy room. LOLS

That is for today little note, thanks for reading :3

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Gerak pelan yang hampir terhempas dinginnya udara
Tak membuat tubuhnya gentar melawan arah jalan
Rambutnya putih perak, matanya empat terpantul cahaya
Matanya besar seakan tak termakan zaman,
Tanda begitu luas pengetahuan yang ia anyam

Aku sudah tua, aku tidak muda sirat nafasnya
Suaranya sudah bergetar tapi jiwanya tiga puluhan
Siapa bilang itu penghalang untuk mengabdi  demi generasi?
Generasi-generasi muda yang harus ditempa supaya jeli
Supaya Negara ini bukan sarang orang tolol yang buta dan tak peduli

Sayang dia tak semuda empat puluh tahun lalu
Seandainya ia, mengajar pasti tak akan lagi duduk terbebani
Mungkin gesturnya selincah penari sampai-sampai semua terpanah
Semua juga tahu beliau adalah legenda milik tanah air
Yang adalah saksi hidup dari Pertiwi berdiri sampai kini

Kata-katanya bagai mutiara dan leluconnya selalu pasti
Ajaran-ajarannya mencakup semua rahasia-rahasia dunia
Berupa nafas-nafas keadilan dan tonggak kepastian bermoral
 Harapannya cukup satu, katanya Negara ini harus maju
Dan pengabdiannya akan selalu abadi dan menyertai kami semua

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