Friday, 20 December 2013

Golden Time

Yo readers!
It has been a long time I do not write any review about anime. Gomen ne~
I watch less than past 6 months. Well, university life is not a big deal to watch so much new anime. So I watch three from 2 seasons. It's tearing lols~
But don't worry, I am watching a good one, so check it out!

Episode count: 24
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Kaga smacks Mitsuo with the roses, funny part lols~
Tada Banri, a new freshman of a college in Tokyo meets Mitsuo, a new friend in law faculty. In the first day of their university, they lost their way to get into the building where the university should be. But after having the right way, suddenly a car stops beside them and come up a beautiful girly girl, Kaga Kouko. Kaga Kouko congratulates Mitsuo and brings him a bouquet of roses. But suddenly everything turns to hell, Kaga smacks Mitsuo with the bouquet and blames him on why he doesn't tell her the truth where he goes and moves. Mitsuo who is being offended in front of public keeps arguing with Kaga who is identified as his childhood friend.

Kaga bullies Oka
The story comes up with a bad manner and behavior of Kaga Koko who is always sticking up to Mitsuo and having no other friends besides him, while Mitsuo is trying to run from his reality which is stacked with Kaga Koko who claimes him as her fiancee. Things turn worst when Mitsuo claims that he doesn't like Kaga as a lovers, and he decides to find his own who is Oka Chinami, a friend who is in the same film group. Kaga who is offended by Mitsuo words, she bullies Oka Chinami as a plain, flat girl who is no match with Mitsuo. Mitsuo scolded Kaga and badmouthed on her behavior which strikes Kaga. 
Tada Banri

Banri who is watching along these conflicts, he starts to pity Kaga who is actually losing her own manner, easily lost control and actually unreliable. Banri tries to help Kaga to reveal her true nature and about her own feeling what she should chose to be. Along side of that, Mitsuo who likes Oka can't tell the truth, because Oka's nature style who is child alike and avoiding the truth having love inside of her.
The climax later takes on Banri who is actually losing his soul and having amnesia, after having strong bond wiith Kaga and friends and reaveal himself ever loving Linda, a senior in his university as old lover.
Well, the story is complicated but smoothly told inside the story, pretty good and so much laughable. It's easily understandable and the plot is told exactly between Banri's past and present.

Worthy to be watch for those who like romance and comedy.
Make it a try~

Thanks for reading~    
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End of The Exam, Welcome Christmas, New Year and Future

Yo readers~
It has been a long time I did not write anything. Sorry, don't be upset, I am still using on this blog, although it is so much business, and I can't help it. 

Yesterday was the last final exam ahahahaha *(u can describe my face above, it is so much alike), my head feels like want to explode. Pooooffffss!!! I am taking law faculty since July. It's so much shocking, a person like me  ended up into law. It's a pretty harsh life here, but of course I won't regret on anything what I have chosen, it's an absolutely consequence. Talking about justice, inhumanity, human rights, laws and orders, nation, people and heroism, they are here in one package, what I learn, what I am crunching on, it is not as easy as I thought. But I am OK, I face it with head held high. 
End of exam, I am planning to go back to home town on 24th of December, wew sounds awful on Christmas eve? Lols~ Don't worry, it's a morning flight. Well, let's talk about 2013 then. I graduated from my high school, leaving my hometown, having my university life, meeting lots of new people, adapting to new atmosphere, etc. This year is a total breakthrough, I am leaving home, leaving all those bond inside of the family to reach up one purpose, to get better future by educating myself. Thanks for my parents, they give me permit and so much support I can't mention one by one. My old friends are gathering in hometown, after my arrival, there should be so much meeting, parties and gathering. Can't wait for that.
Besides that, things I haven't achieved so far.. Hmm.. Should I talk about this? Can we just skip it? Ok.. I haven't found a good mate, I haven't been shaped into good person either spiritually and physically. I still recognize less friends, torturing myself in material of study, less traveling and adventuring just like I did last year. Poor me. May be I have to make new resolution for next year. 
My boarding house sounded so crowded just now, everyone is fleeing and go back to home, nah I still need wait for 2 days (=______=) pleaseee.. Actually I don't really really miss my hometown, but my dad forces me to go home badly. So I decide to go home. They miss me.. They are missing me from up to toe. Lols~
I miss'em too, but sometimes I feel so guilty, I mean.. I come back still with blank hands, I haven't finished my study, I have just started oh mom, dad.
Okay forget about that part, I want to go back happily. At least I don't need to worry so much about the boredom of food here. Tasteless, mostly fried and flat. Hahahaha~ Don't blame me, I am not originally here. Future is so much scary, heartbreaking, unpredictable but adventurous --> I get this line from a song, which song? I forgot, sorry. But no worries, I want to enjoy it, if it is possible, not to enjoy it alone next year, but if it is not possible I am OK too. Lols~
Talking about my situation now.. Someone out there is missing me.. And when I go back, that one will say something. Someone is waiting on the bus stop, but the bus hasn't come so far, sometimes the door opens, sometimes it closes itself, still not balanced. Someone is still watching, even that one watching, that one can't forget the smirking past. Others are unidentified, others are nowhere. And here I am, writing on everything for some moments and passionately. It's not that easy to handle such thing, sometimes I am confused of myself which one is the right one. It's like a game, but with full responsibility. Let's see what will happen next.  
Just hoping for better grades,
better meet with others,
better bonds inside me,
better laugh and smiles,
better all around of life,
Thanks for reading =D      

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Breaking Cup

Baby, I have been praying hard
But the tears never stop until this day
Should I watch it burn?
Or should I watch it sink?

Baby I have been trying hard
Not to cheat and leave you behind
Should I end it up?
Or should I crush this today?

Baby I have been playing hard
to stay clean, to freeze up all smile
to others so the vow flows up
Or should I die on a misery?

Baby I have been losing sleep
Not to think about others but you
To do the right things and plans
Should I say stop for the ride?

Say no more green light
Say no more love deal
Say no more feel and truth
You could lie, you could lie

I want your throat ripes up
So no more words come up
watch it out! watch it out!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Please don't let the light darkens
Please don't let it like flying ashes
I wish you could understand
I was doing what we told before

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Orang Baik Adalah Orang yang Paling Kesepian. Mungkinkah?

Baru-baru ini sering banget online Facebook. Mungkin saking gak ada kerjaanya setelah UTS yang cukup mengguncang otak. Sewaktu Penulis buka, ada news feed yang cukup menarik dari salah satu teman di Pontianak. Tulisannya begini:

"Psychology says, the person who tries to keep everyone happy 
often ends up feeling the loneliest."

Entah kenapa rasanya nancap aja di dada. Kalo diintrospeksi lagi, Penulis orangnya selalu win-win-solution, artinya selalu beri penyelesaian semua orang menang, yang penting mereka bahagia gak peduli Penulis bahagia atau tidak. Setelah direnungkan, yah siapa sih yang mau sendiri, kesepian? Apa lagi bukan di tanah kelahiran sendiri. Gak mau kan?? Rasanya yah seperti aneh aja sih, kenapa orang baik balasannya cenderung tidak menyenangkan, bahkan sudah ada hasil penelitiannya. Bukankah memenangkan semua orang adalah hal baik seperti menjatuhkan hukuman yang setimpal kepada seorang terdakwa sesuai kemampuannya dan sama dengan keinginan si korban? Bukankah itu yang diidam-idamkan masyarakat secara menyeluruh? Apakah hal seideal ini adalah hal yang buruk?
Di lain sisi Penulis juga sadar, semua hal ada pengorbanan, baik secara psikologis ataupun material. Jika yang satu senang mungkin ada yang lain tidak senang. Entah jalan pikirku yang bermasalah atau memang hidup demikian. Jika Penulis masih tetap mempertahankan sikap demikian (win-win-solution) kepada orang lain, apakah selamanya tidak ada satu pun orang yang memperhatikanku? Bukan bermaksud mengharapkan imbalan, tetapi semua orang kan berhak untuk dihargai. Penulis tidak mau sendiri, itu sudah jelas, semua orang tidak ada yang mau sendiri, tak seorang pun! Tetapi di lain sisi, win-win-solution adalah jalan yang cukup efektif untuk Penulis menyelesaikan masalah.
Jika kebaikan hanya berujung keburukan, tidak kah orang sudah lelah menjadi orang baik? Lama-lama ya teringat juga guru agama SMA pernah bilang, "untuk ikut kerajaan surga dan sejalan dengan Bapa itu tidak mudah, dek. Tidak semua orang mampu atau bertahan dengan jalan itu. Ketika orang mencaci kamu, kamu musti diam dan memaafkan, ketika kamu dijahatin, kamu harus mengampuninya. Aku jadi guru pun mana mau de? Kalau dia mencaci tak ada alasan aku pasti sikat balik, mana tahan dek." Nostalgia banget kata-kata itu di pelajaran agama Katolik sewaktu SMA. 
Di lain sisi keingat juga mentorku pernah bilang,"manusia tidak dihadapkan dengan kebaikan saja tetapi kebenaran, sayangnya kebenaran pasti menghasilkan tidak hanya yang benar tapi juga yang salah. Jika seseorang menamparmu di pipi kiri, kebaikan mengajarkan memberikan pipi kananmu supaya ego si penampar terpenuhi dan ia akan merenungkan apa yang telah ia perbuat (konsep an eye for an eye), sedangkan dalam kebenaran jika seseorang menamparmu di pipi kiri, kamu tidak perlu berbuat sesuatu, tunggu hingga si penampar melakukan kesalahan, maka ungkapkan apa yang telah ia perbuat adalah merupakan salah, maka di saat itu juga ia akan sadar akan apa yang telah ia perbuat karena engkau telah menyerang dia untuk kebaikan." Hahahaha~ Menarik bukan? Yah, mungkin setelah dipikir-pikir win-win-solution tidak selalu efektif mengingat kedua konsep di atas. Tawaran yang selalu ideal, selalu sulit dilaksanankan. Tetapi Penulis memutuskan satu hal, win-win-solution tetap akan dipertahankan, cuma mungkin harus juga memperhatikan kebenaran, sama saja seperti menjadi wasit pertandingan sepak bola, skornya 2-3. Tetapi gol cetakan ketiga grup B seharusnya melanggar aturan, wasit menyatakan itu tidak sah, grup A puas wasit adil dan grup B puas mereka seri. Sederhana, tapi susah diterapkan....
Yah doain aja Penulis bisa jadi orang yang lebih baik lagi di masa mendatang. Terimakasih sudah membaca.      

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I put on my dream in this place
My motivation flips like a coin
When I step under new ground
They are asking where do I come from

It's a valley, it's an island
but it's a nice and warm place
Food is better, life is easier
But you question this native girl

How is the place, how is the life?
From A to Z you would like to know
From up to down it flows like a waterfall
Why does it matter where I come from?

My hometown is not small, it's big and green
It's a good place, it's a comfy place
If you know nothing then don't judge
 I had better describe what hometown you want

One day I swear to my hometown
The next time when my children's turn
They will be amazed because they was born here
 It's a great, rich and green, nor like to be now on

I swear for better day, I swear for better living
One day when I grow up, that place is not a valley
That place is a paradise of the world
Hometown is not mater hometown is not choice

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pengertian Negara Menurut Para Ahli

Negara adalah suatu tubuh yang senantiasa maju, berevolusi, terdiri dari orang-orang (individu-individu).

Jean Bodin
Negara adalah keseluruhan dari keluarga-keluarga dengan segala miliknya, yang dipimpin oleh akal dari seorang penguasa yang berdaulat.

George Jellineck
Negara adalah organisasi kekuasaan dari sekelompok manusia yang telah berkediaman yang tertentu.

Negara adalah suatu organisasi yang timbul karena kehendak dari suatu golongan atau bangsanya sendiri.

Thomas Hobbes
Negara adalah suatu tubuh dibuat oleh orang banyak beramai-ramai, masing-masing berjanji akan memakainya menjadi alat untuk kemanan dan perlindungan bagi mereka. 

Jean Jaques Rousseau
Negara adalah perserikatan dari rakyat bersama-sama yang melindungi dan mempertahankan hak masing-masing diri dan harta benda anggota-anggota yang tetap hidup dengan bebas merdeka. 

Karl Max
Negara adalah suatu alat kekuasaan bagi manusia (penguasa) untuk menindas kelas manusia lainnya.

Hans Kelsen
Negara adalah sebuah tertib hukum. Tertib hukum yang timbul karena diciptakannya peraturan-peraturan hukum yang menentukan bagaimana orang di dalam masyarakat atau negara itu harus bertanggungjawab terhadap perbuatan-perbuatannya.

Miriam Budiardjo
Negara merupakan integrasi dari kekuasaan politik, ia adalah organisasi pokok dari kekuasaan politik. 

Negara adalah suatu masyarakat hukum, suatu persekutuan hukum yang menempati suatu daerah tertentu dan yang diperlengkapi dengan kekuasaan tertinggi untuk urusan kepentingan umum.

Prof. Mr. Soenarko
Negara adalah suatu jenis dari suatu organisasi masyarakat yang mengandung tiga kriteria yaitu harus ada daerah, warga negara dan kekuasaan tertentu.

Prof. Mr. M. Nasrun
Negara adalah suatu bentuk pergaulan hidup yang tertentu (khusus) yaitu harus memenuhi tiga syarat pokok, rakyat tertentu, daerah tertentu dan pemerintah yang berdaulat.

 Harold J. Laski
Negara adalah suatu masyarakat yang diintegrasikan karena mempunyai wewenang yang bersifat memaksa dan secara sah lebih agung daripada individu atau kelompok yang merupakan bagian dari masyarakat itu.

Roger H. Soltau
Negara adalah alat (agency) atau wewenang (authority) yang mengatur atau mengendalikan persoalan bersama atas nama masyarakat.

Negara adalah suatu organisasi kemasyarakatan yang bertujuan dengan kekuasaanya mengatur serta menyelenggarakan sesuatu masyarakat. Organisasi itu suatu pertambatan jabatan-jabatan dan lapangan-lapangan kerja.

J.C.T Simorangkir dan Woerjono Sastropranoto
Negara ialah persekutuan hukum yang letaknya dalam suatu daerah tertentu dan mempunyai kekuasaan tertinggi guna menyelenggarakan kepentingan umum dan kemakmuran bersama.

HRT. Sri Soemantri Martosoewignjo
Negara adalah organisasi kekuasaan, karena di dalam setiap organisasi yang bernama negara selalu dijumpai organ atau alat perlengkapan yang mempunyai kemampuan untuk memaksakan kehendaknya kepada siapapun yang bertempat timggal dalam wilayah kekuasaanya.

Sumber: Ilmu Negara & Teori Negara (Prof. Dr. I Gede Pantja Astawa, SH., MH. dan Dr. Suprina Na'a, SH., MH.)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My OSGAB, OSJUR in UNPAR 2013: Can't Say More Than Wow!

Yo readers~

As I promise to you guys, I will tell you about my university life. Well, truthfully, from the bottom of my heart, it's a HILARIOUS university! 13th of August is our first OSGAB (Ospek Gabungan), it's a kind of activity which lead us to gather with all 2013 college student from all faculties. I was in spot B7, I met lots of new friends, one is from architecture, other is from philosophy, another one is from accounting and many more. Each students have funny and different personalities. Here, we gathered for 3 days, ate our lunch together, played games and did some tasks, everything is about togetherness.  We would be introduced with the seniors, president, and all the structure of the university organization.

On the last day of three days, we were separated into our domain faculty, it's upsetting, those 3 days are so meaningful for me. Well, you are introduced to people around Indonesia, purely anonymous, and you get how to cooperate in 3 days, it's just so exciting. When you are separated already, here come our OSJUR (Ospek Jurusan), whatever your faculties are, you will meet the same vision, goal and purpose. Besides that, we would be gathered in a new team again, and I was in team 9. I made friends from Bandung, Cimahi, Jakarta, Medan, even Flores and Manado. Lots of diversity but same goal, to struggle and to achieve graduation. 

OSJUR is kind of scarry (lols~ I am joking). Nope, I mean challenging. Here, on the first day, we are given so much task, and the theme is BEE LAW. The philosophy is good, bee (animal, an insect which could not live alone, they always need others no matter how) and LAW stands for Learning, Adapting and Worthy. Besides that, we would be supervised by seniors who we called as "Papoy" and "Mamoy" (just like imitate parents, lols). We learn some yell and then pass code, games, having lunch together, created costume, did lots of task, asking for signature of 5 years above of seniors and more. 

Here is our bee costume
OSJUR friends
 In UNPAR we always learn how to respect, how to care and help each other. When we gathered lots of signature, we make friends with seniors, even singing together and playing games. Well, if you are planning for law faculty or civil engineering, there is a surprise waiting ahead. Tehehehehe (Pssstt~ It'sS-E-C-R-E-T).

Well, somehow and overall, I am so satisfied with this university, it's alive (each faculty has own spot and no border among every faculties), friendly (eco friendy and friendly society), breezy (there is a popular breezy tunnel), smokey (in some spot especially law faculty lols), exciting (nice environment, classes, teachers, friends), challenging (lots of tasks everyday, strict rules included clothes and behavior), respectful (everyone should be respected included gardener, cleaner, securities), difficult (in getting scores and graduate) and diversity (lots of people around Indonesia, even from the place you never heard before). 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Kamisama Onegai

By: Hanae (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

kamisama onegai da
boku no ano hito ni
aitai no sa

kamisama tsurainda
kyou mo matta no ni

onegai ga aru no
kamisama boku o tasukete

kamisama mou osoi
ano ko wa tooku no sora ni
kieta no sa IE IE IE

sayonara Baby, good-bye, good-bye
sayonara Baby, good-bye, good-bye
Baby, good-bye, good-bye

AAAA good-bye
AAAA good-bye

English meaning:
 Ah, ah-ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah-ah
God, answer my prayer
I want to meet
The one for me

Ah, ah-ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah-ah
God, it's painful
I waited for you today
But you never came

I have a request
God, please help me

Ah, ah-ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah-ah
God, you're too late
That girl has disappeared
Into the distant skies, Yay-ay-ay

Farewell, Baby
Good-bye, good-bye
Farewell, Baby
Good-bye, good-bye
Baby, good-bye

Ah-ah-ah good-bye
Ah-ah-ah good-bye


By: Ritsuko Okazaki (Sukitte ii na yo)

Yesterday kotoba ga tarinakute
surechigatta toshite mo
yamenaide motto wakaritai

toki ni hitori ni naritakute
tabi wo shite mo kokoro wa umaranai
soshite taisetsu na hito ni kidzuku yo

itsumo itsumo sou umaku iku to wa kagiranai mainichi
dakedo waratte

kimi ga kureta tatta hito koto ga dore hodo ureshikatta ka
zutto zutto oboeteru

Memories mafuyu no kaeri michi
shiroi yuki ni ashiato
furitsumoru atatakana kimochi

itsuka hanarete kurasu hi ga kite mo
kitto tomodachi
dare yori mo itsumo chikaku ni kanjiteru kara

tooku tooku tada kagayaite mieta mirai ga sugu soko
saa ikanakucha

kitto kimi ga sono akogare ya negai wo kanaeru koto
zutto zutto shinjiteru

itsumo itsumo sou umaku iku to wa kagiranai mainichi
dakedo waratte

kimi ga kureta tatta hito koto ga dore hodo ureshikatta ka
zutto zutto oboeteru

tooku tooku tada kagayaite mieta mirai ga sugu soko
saa ikanakucha

kitto kimi ga sono akogare ya negai wo kanaeru koto
zutto zutto shinjiteru

zutto zutto shinjiteru

English meaning:
Yesterday, words just weren't enough
Even if we disagree with each other
Don't stop, I want to know you better

Sometimes you want to be alone
Even if you leave, your heart won't be buried
And then you'll realize the person that's important to you

Always, always, there are days when things don't necessarily go very well
So smile!

I'll always, always remember
How happy I was with the single word you gave me

Memories, On the way home in midwinter
footprints in the white snow
Warm feelings fall and pile up

Some day, if a day come when we go our separate ways
I'll sure we'll remain friends
Because I feel closer to you than anyone else

Far away, far away, the future I saw only shining is coming up
Come, we must go

I'm sure that your longings and desires will come true
I'll always, always believe they will

Always, always, there are days when things don't necessarily go very well
So smile!

I'll always, always remember
How happy I was with the single word you gave me

Far away, far away, the future I saw only shining is coming up
Come, we must go

I'm sure that your longings and desires will come true
I'll always, always believe they will

I'll always, always believe they will


By: Masumi Itou (Red Data Girl)

Dareka ga watashi wo yobu no
Dokoka de watashi wo yobu
Tooku kara chikadzuiteru
Yasashii hibiki kokoro ugokidashite

Hitotsu oshiete
Kono setsunai yokan no mae de
Mada shirazu ni ita omoi ga
Hirogari kaketeru no?

Yumemite ita jiyuu ni
Tomadoi gachi no mama
Chiisana koe de negau
Minna to issho ni warai aitai ne

Ima kara watashi mo yuku no
Shizuka ni watashi mo yuku
Kanaetai inori dakara
Tokimeki daite kokoro hane ga haete

Hitotsu kimeta no
Ima osanai yokan no naka de
Tada shiawase e no omoi ni
Te wo hanasazu ni ite?

Yume no kaze ga fuitara
Watashi mo sotto utaou
Chiisana koe ga negau
Minna no ashita wo suteki ni shitai ne

Yumemite ita jiyuu ni
Tomadoi gachi no mama
Chiisana koe de negau
Minna to issho ni warai aitai ne

English meaning:
Someone is calling me
Calling me from somewhere
Approaching me from a distance
The gentle echo, makes my heart start to move

Tell me something
The feelings that were still there without me knowing
In front of this painful premonition
Are they spreading?

I was freely dreaming
In wonderment
With a small voice I wished
That I could smile together with everyone

Starting now, I'll go as well
Quietly, I'll go as well
Because it's a prayer I want to make come true
Glimmering, I hold it in my arms, and the wings of my heart grow

I've decided on one thing
Inside this childish premonition of mine
Without letting go of my hand can you be with me, and my feelings that merely head for happiness?

When the wind of dreams blows
I will also sing gently
With a small voice I wish
That I could make everyone's tomorrow a wonderful one

I was freely dreaming
In wonderment
With a small voice I wished
That I could smile together with everyone

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Date A Live

Yo readers! Come up with another anime review, sorry I don't post much lately. Well, I watch Date A Live several days ago after downloading all the series. I love Yoshino, one of the character who is Hermit spirit. She is so cute!

Genres: Supernatural, romance
Episode: 12 
Tohka, "The Princess" spirit
One day there is a natural phenomenon called as spacequake destroy more than 150 million people. After that happens, now on in humans life, such phenomenon pops of recently and follow by the appearance of spirits. Shido Itsuka, a common student has a promise to pick her sister up after the school time to have a lunch together, several minutes before the promise time, a spacequake appears and everyone is evacuated forcibly includes Shido and friends at school. Shido who remembers about his promise, he tries to connect on his sister but it fails. When he detects his sister's GPS, his sister is waiting nearby in the restaurant they are promising on. Shido who is feared by his sister's life, he runs out from the evacuation and seeks for his dearest sister. Suddenly, exactly a spacequake pops up in front of him and he saw a spirit, the strongest spirit called "The Princess". The spirit tends to kill Shido, but when Shido looks on her eyes, he saw a deep loneliness of "The Princess" spirit. Not long after that meet, He also learns that Kotori, his sister is the commander of the airship Fraxinus, crewed by the organization Ratatoskr. Now, to support his sister, he learns how to talk with the spirit and helps "The Princess" and the other spirits to seal their power and to have a life of common human.   

 Well, pretty worthy to be watched, nice plot, funny jokes and beautiful spirits indeed! 

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Monday, 29 July 2013

My First Day in UNPAR Bandung

29th of July 2013, today is the registration day; well somehow I am excited, curious and happy. Today I go there with my two new friends, Patrisia and Lia. We are in the same boarding house but we are from different faculty. Before we leave the boarding house, we meet a lady, this lady asks for 30k to go back to Lembang because she was lost. Well, at first, I am suspicious towards this lady because trickster are everywhere in this era. But when I saw her eyes are floating with tears so my friends and I gather some money for her. The worst thing is that, our boarding house security told us that she was living nearby and she did it often. Damn,, glad that we are so innocent and I would prefer say it’s her lucky day. Next time, no more. 

Registration atmosphere floats like ants house, it is crowded, hot and I could say pretty fascinating. People are everywhere, yes anywhere. The first time we visit the university, there is a corridor called as wind tunnel, it’s breezy, nice and cool. I love this spot a lot. After that, we meet some seniors, Riri, Indra, Winny, Tata, Ade and others. They are pretty nice and friendly. Riri leads us to look around the university. It’s quite fabulous, large parking area, lots of food stand, crowded line of transportation. Each building seems like having lift and air conditioner for every faculty, but for me the best building is Economy one. In the middle of the university, we can see a large building for all purpose (that is how they call it). I can see a piano inside a corridor and then bank, post office and canteen for each faculty. Another thing is that we can see a large ladder, made from stone, it’s called as “tangga aborsi”. (=_=) sounds pretty horror ee. But the reason of the name because of the shape, that’s what I was told. There are lots of trees anywhere and then trash bin too. It’s a nice green university. Hopefully the next day I come, this place will show me better things again. :D

Friday, 28 June 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On The Titan).... Well, if you ask me my opinion about this anime.. This one is HILLARIOUS!!!!! Frankly speaking, I don't suggest you guys below 16+ to watch it, OK? There are lots of blood, flesh, nude and kill. (But again, this one is not Hentai anime, I don't watch such thing, so this one is safe, you can just watch nude monster I mean..).  

For my great expectation, this anime can be compare to Claymore and I could say it is better than Naruto. You guys may believe on my expectation, but truly this one is just awesome. When I watched the first episode, shockingly, I don't move, I watch until the last second of the show, it's really really mental striking. For you guys who love extreme, total action and fantasy anime, this one is truly recommended!!!

Episode: 25+OVA
Genre: Action, fantasy, a bit romance, dystopia
 Long time ago, in the year of 800s, there are another creature besides human, animal and plants and it was the titans, gigantic monstrous creature with variant height and weight and with abnormal intelligent. The size is around 5-10 meters and they are brainless, idiot faced. Even so, the most frightening is that they eat humans with unknown certain purpose. As to defend the life of human which is close to extinction, humans for over years build a tall border, a wall to separate the humans and titans which called as Maria (The wall for villagers, poor people, low standard living people), Rose (trader, standard people) and Sina (noblemen and the kingdom). Once, live a young boy and his adopted sister Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman inside the Maria wall. Both of this sibling has a best friend Armin Arlert, who are an orphan and leave with his only grandpa. One day Armin shows his friend a book which is left by his parents about the world outside, there are seas, dessert, fish, forest outside the wall, because of the titans, people only have the living inside the wall and everything is the same for a century. As that reason, the kingdom create Recon Corps, an organization which train those who wants to attack the titans and investigate the outside world.

On that they, where people are joyfully having their lives inside the wall, suddenly a sixty meter titan destroy the Maria wall, an a tragedy happens when Eren's mother was eaten by the Titan while he and Mikasa were saved by one of the Recon Corps member. The death of his mother makes him a mental shocked, a mental pressure where he intends to kill all the titans with his hands. The fallen of Maria wall makes people inside the Rose wall, where Eren, Mikasa and Armin live, makes people live in scare.  One day, a rebellion pops up inside the rose city, people are lacking of food because the amount of people who migrate increase from the Maria wall area. Without any choice, the king orders to send some of the villagers to get out from the Rose and investigate the Maria area. One of the volunteer is Armin's grandfather, and as the result without any protection, all the people die in instant for nothing. 
These three kids grow and join the military training to be the members of Recon Corps in order of their one purpose, to kill the titans. After so many years training,  on the day they are graduated, the next day an armored titans attack, with his revenge desire, Eren and friends attack the titans. But lots of their comrades are dying because of the numbers of titans. Eren was cornered and his leg was badly injured, while Armin was almost eaten by a titan, Eren then sacrifices himself to save Armin. Inside the titan's body, a miracle happens, Eren can control the Titan himself and find out that he has a new power to control and to suppress a titan. But this is not a happy news, the Recon Corps finds out Eren's new power and claim that he is also the enemy of humanity and set a war to him. Mikasa and Armin try to protect their dearly friend, Eren and in order to save Eren, they have to make sure and make use of Eren to show his true nature in order to save the humanity.  

Well, the story is well-packaged. My heart keeps pounding every time I watch this. Friendship, the bond of family, sacrifice, never give up, revenge, blood, humanity, monstrous, flesh, tears, everything is here. Ironic, happiness, love and hard work. There are lots of moral value here instead of just judging this anime because of the nude idiot titan. For me, this is a masterpiece anime, perhaps it has short episodes, but truly entertaining.
The setting is a little bit different, a western village and then kingdom. The picture is qualified, high class setting, detailed and we can feel the atmosphere of a tragedy. 

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama

2013 Spring anime is really really fascinating. One of my favorite is Hataraku Maou-sama (The Devil Is A Part Timer!). Well, it's unpredictable and humorous. Well, I could say you may compare it to other comedy but still there is action genre. So, here we go with some of the review.

Episode count: 13
Genre: Comedy, action, romance, fantasy 
Real form of Satan
Once, in another world called Ente Isla, there is demons and humans along the world. In the center of Ente Isla is the core of demons area while around side of it is human area. One day, the devil leader, Satan Jacob declares a war among humanity and send his fellow to overcome and rule the entire of Ente Isla. But on the other hand, born a half angel and human to become a knight, a hero of humanity to destroy all the devils. One day, the hero manages to corner Satan and friends in his castle, the hero even manages to cut Satan's horn, on the last second of his death, Satan manages to escape by summoning a teleport gate to another world which is modern life of Japan. Confusingly, satan uses his last power to trick people so he and his last fellow, Alciel manage to get identity card, understand Japanese language, get a small apartment (should I call it apartment? May be a small room which is rented for 2, something like that lols). 

Alciel, Satan, Emillia, Chiho
Having his life in Japan  makes him makes up his mind about ruling the world, and he starts to work as a part timer in MgRonald franchise as a cashier with a human Chiho Sasaki. Unconsciously, Satan does not know that Chiho likes him, Satan who turns to be Sadao Mao (fake identity) lost his desire to conquer the world but having his target to fulfill his life in Japan and conquer his work as part timer to be the owner of Mg.Ronald. On the other hand, the hero, Emillia Justia comes to the Japan modern life to by following Satan and Alciel's last portal to kill Satan. But after meeting the new Satan, the way he stops thinking about conquering the world, and how he is being loved by Chiho, a human, first of all Emillia was pissed of by Satan's manner, because he has killed Emillia's father and homeland, but as the time passed by, what Emillia sees from Satan, Satan even saves a lot of people and she decides to supervise Satan for her entire life in Japan. On the other hand, fishy things happen in Ente Isla, the way Emillia cooperate with the church to kill Satan, there is a secret behind of it, why the devil wants to conquer humanity from the first place and who is wrong from the first place. Another thing, as Emillia always supervise the dark lord Satan, unconsciously Emillia also starts to love Satan by witnessing his kind heart to humanity.

Well, this anime is so much fun, touchy and for me fantastic. The way it solves the problem and the characters are just so perfect. I love this anime, and the stupidity inside of newcomers in modern country of Japan. Great rating, great plot, I have nice watch in this holiday, so grateful~

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Sekolahku Teladanku

            Sekolah dambaanku bukanlah sekolah yang luas, mewah ataupun berfasilitas kelas internasional. Sekolah dambaanku cukup sederhana dan merupakan sekolah yang telah tercermin dan digariskan oleh semboyan pahlawan nasional pendidikan kita, Ki Hajar Dewantara yaitu ing ngarso sung tulodo, ing madyo mangun karso, tut wuri handayani, yang berarti di depan memberi contoh, di tengah memberi semangat, di belakang memberi dorongan. Dengan demikian, sekolah dambaanku adalah sekolah yang secara garis besar mampu memberikan contoh yang baik kepada siswa-siswinya. Sekolah dambaanku tentunya akan terwujud dengan adanya dukungan guru yang kompeten, lingkungan dan fasilitas yang baik serta tugas-tugas yang konstruktif.
            Sekolah tentunya tidak akan terbentuk apabila tidak ada guru yang menjadi mesin utama kegiatan belajar dan mengajar. Dalam satu kutipan Alexander the Great pernah menyebutkan demikian, I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teachers for living well, yang berarti ia berhutang budi atas kehidupan yang diberikan oleh ayahnya namun ia lebih berhutang budi kepada para guru yang telah mengajarinya bagaimana cara hidup yang baik. Di lain sisi, mantan presiden Indonesia kita, B. J. Habibie mendefinisikan guru sebagai sosok pencipta nilai tambah pribadi bangsa. Dari kutipan-kutipan tersebut dapat disimpulkan bahwa kriteria guru yang baik adalah guru yang mampu mengajar siswa-siswi mengenai nilai-nilai kehidupan, menginspirasi para siswa, memberikan teladan dan berwawasan luas. Hal-hal tersebut dapat tercermin baik dari aktivitas-aktivitas kecil hingga kemampuan guru itu sendiri, misalnya dengan tidak sering absen dalam kegiatan belajar mengajar sebagai perwujudan dari sikap bertanggungjawab dan teladan patuh pada aturan, mau berbagi pengalaman dan ilmu pengetahuan serta mau diajak berdiskusi dan berpikir­ secara luas. Selain itu, para guru juga dituntut untuk mampu memberikan pengajaran diluar kotak, yang berarti tidak hanya terbatas pada teori-teori dasar dan buku, mampu berinisiatif lebih dalam kegiatan belajar mengajar sehingga tidak membosankan, misalnya mengaitkan pelajaran dengan cerita, nyanyian, pengandaian ataupun melalui media lainnya. Di samping itu, guru juga harus memiliki kemampuan mendeteksi potensi siswa-siswi sehingga siswa-siswi bisa diarahkan sesuai kemampuan masing-masing serta mampu membangun ikatan kekeluargaan antara guru dan siswa-siswi untuk memberikan semangat dan dorongan moral. Dengan demikian, hubungan guru dan murid tidak hanya sebatas pemberi dan penerima ilmu saja, namun ada ikatan batin akan kepercayaan terhadap guru sebagai sosok teladan utama dan penyokong semangat di lingkungan sekolah.
            Selain guru yang kompeten, sekolah yang baik tentunya harus memiliki lingkungan dan fasilitas yang baik. Lingkungan dan fasilitas yang baik tidak harus mahal, cukup sederhana, mencerminkan hidup yang sehat, asri dan tentunya tidak kehilangan fungsi aslinya yaitu untuk mendukung kegiatan belajar siswa-siswi. Misalnya saja dengan tersedianya kelas dan peralatan belajar mengajar seperti papan tulis, kapur, penghapus, meja dan kursi yang layak pakai, toilet yang bersih dengan air yang cukup, kantin yang menjual makanan bergizi, bersih dan bebas dari bahan berbahaya, tersedianya tempat sampah di setiap sudut gedung maupun ruangan kelas, tersedianya tanaman yang menghiasi sekitar lingkungan sekolah, tersedianya perpustakaan, laboratorium dan lapangan untuk kegiatan upacara dan olahraga pagi. Di samping sebagai pendukung potensi siswa-siswi dalam kegiatan belajar, yang terpenting adalah lingkungan dan fasilitas yang baik secara tidak langsung turut serta membangun tumbuh kembang siswa-siswi. Siswa-siswi dituntut untuk menjaga lingkungan di sekitarnya begitu juga dengan pemeliharaan diri akan peduli kesehatan. Dengan demikian, generasi-generasi yang dilahirkan sekolah tidak hanya berpotensi secara akademis saja, namun turut serta sebagai generasi yang sehat dan pendongkrak semangat akan kepedulian terhadap lingkungan sekitarnya.
            Jika sekolah sudah dilengkapi dengan guru yang kompeten, lingkungan serta fasilitas yang baik, tentunya belum lengkap jika sistem pendidikannya tidak diperhatikan. Salah satu bagian paling penting dari sistem pendidikan adalah bagaimana sekolah memberikan tugas kepada siswa-siswi. Tugas-tugas yang sering diberikan biasanya dalam bentuk pekerjaan rumah yang mana siswa-siswi harus mencari dan mencatat kembali jawaban dari sumber tertentu, tugas kliping, makalah, dsb. Walaupun tugas-tugas ini cukup membantu mendorong keinginan siswa-siswi untuk semakin banyak membaca dan memecahkan masalah, namun sesungguhnya tugas yang diberikan harus turut serta bersifat konstruktif, artinya tugas harus mampu membangun ilmu pengetahuan siswa-siwi begitu pula dengan pengalaman mengenai nilai-nilai kehidupan dalam bermasyarakat. Tugas-tugas yang diberikan bisa saja dikombinasikan dengan kegiatan-kegiatan khusus yang lebih komunitatif, yaitu adanya interaksi terhadap orang lain, benda lain ataupun alam. Misalnya melanggengkan pelajaran agama dengan mengunjungi panti asuhan, mengkombinasikan pelajaran ekonomi dengan menggelar padat karya dan belajar berbisnis kecil-kecilan, menuangkan pelajaran biologi dengan melaksanakan praktikum pembedahan reptil, dsb. Dengan demikian, tugas-tugas yang diberikan akan lebih menyenangkan, tidak hanya bersifat untuk mendapatkan nilai dan teoritis sebatas buku saja, namun turut serta membantu siswa-siswi memahami bagaimana keadaan realita sosial serta memberikan pemecahan solusi berupa penggambaran asli akan apa yang telah dipelajari.
            Harapanku untuk sekolah-sekolah di Indonesia, semoga sekolah-sekolah di Indonesia untuk masa kini begitu pula dengan masa depan dapat kembali lagi kepada identitas aslinya yaitu menjadi sekolah-sekolah yang memberikan kontribusi berupa teladan kepada siswa-siswi generasi masa depan Indonesia serta lebih mengembangkan sendi-sendi utama identitas asli sekolah Indonesia. Semoga pemerintah dapat turut serta memberi kontribusi lebih untuk melatih dan melahirkan guru-guru yang lebih kompeten, membangun pemerataan pendidikan, melahirkan generasi bangsa yang lebih cerdas, bermoral dan berpengalaman. Semoga sekolah dambaanku, sekolah yang diadaptasi dari semboyan peninggalan Ki Hajar Dewantara bisa terwujud dan dapat pula menginspirasi teman-teman untuk berperan dalam mendorong dan memberikan kontribusi kepada sekolah-sekolah di Indonesia menuju ke arah yang lebih baik dan berkualitas.