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Writer's Life Part 5: It's All About Pudding!

I want to cry aloud... :(
Yesterday my family and I had a feast, it was for the closing of Chinese New Year. Mom and grandma cooked a lot of food, so that I thought how cruel I was that I did not do anything for that special day.  I was looking in the fridge, there are 2 boxes of strawberries, chocolate, milk and sea weed. It is a coincidence to buy strawberries, because it is really fresh when we buy, so it was in fridge at that time. First, I thought I am going to juice it with milk so that it will be blended and easy to drink. But it was a supper, a feast, of course it should be a bad idea to drink strawberry milkshake. So, I decided to cook strawberry pudding. 
I was alone at that time, I dunno why I was so happy at that time, so I cook happily and with love cherishing. The reason I was happy is I was chatting with somebody the previous day, and it was a nice day. So, I woke up in the morning freshly, happily, peacefully.
I did it carefully, patiently, hopefully and tried to be perfect…

Inu X Boku SS

Most of winter anime are great and fascinating! Inu X Boku SS (The Dog and I Secret Service), it has been released since 13 of January 2012.  Hopefully, I recommend you to watch if you like supernatural anime.

Episode count: 12
Summary: Living in a rich and luxurious, Ririchiyo wants to improve herself and leave home. She arrived in the Maison de Ayakashi which is rumored as a haunted mansion. But the fact, it is the place with people who has supernatural blood gather includes Ririchiyo. The first day she arrives, a man, Miketsukami Soushi (actually a fox spirit) who declares himself as a secret service, he promises to protect her for entire of his life for Ririchiyo. Ririchiyo refuses and the man asks her to kill him either. Ririchiyo refuses and ask him to be his service agent as long as he likes.

Supernatural, romance

My first impression:
From my first sight, I really like Soushi, he is... he is.. he is.. Hikz.. Innocent!!! He has got 2 colors of pupil, yellow and green. He w…

Bertingkah Seperti Orang Gila Sesekali Itu Penting? Mengapa?

Bertingkah seperti orang gila sesekali itu penting? Mengapa? 
Dunia begitu indah, namun sayangnya masalah itu selalu datang, entah dari mana saja. Baik personal, bersama rekan kerja, keluarga maupun orang-orang yang bahkan tidak pernah Anda tahu. Bertingkah seperti orang gila adalah solusi yang cukup efektif, dengan gila-gilaan, otak akan lebih rileks dan menghindar dari beban pikiran yang hanya membuat Anda depresi dan frustasi.

Beban pikiran itu sesekali perlu dilupakan sekejap dan bahkan Anda bisa menemukan solusi apa yang harus Anda ambil dan gunakan. Tidak percaya? Penulis sudah berkali-kali melakukan hal demikian, memang berdampak aneh pada awal mula, mungkin orang-orang berpersepsi Anda sudah mulai menderita syndrome kegilaan, tapi terimalah saja awal mula itu. Bertingkah seperti orang gila bukan berarti Anda 100% meronta-ronta, memukul orang atau bahkan melukai diri sendiri loh ya? Cukup rileks, ngomong ngaur sedikit, dan lebih banyak joking lah. Kalau saya sih ditanya apa p…

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

Yesterday my friends and I watch “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked” movie. It was nice and quiet entertaining. First, actually we want to watch “Don’t be Afraid of The Dark”, but one of my friends has watched it, so we decided to watch Chipmunks.
I thought it should be a child’s amusing movie, but it is really entertaining. It’s about a vacation for Dave (the owner of Chipmunks and Chipettes), Chipmunks and Chipettes. Come back for Alvin and friends with stubborn manner and mess around. Problems pop up when Alvin rebels that he is actually mature enough to handle everything includes go to casino and have a dinner with the cruise captain. But Dave said that he isn’t. After that Simon negotiates with Dave that Alvin needs his affection more than he thought. Dave realizes and thinks it is true so that he gives a small responsibility for Alvin to watch what TV program that he likes. When Dave decides to tell Alvin, Theodore (the cute chipmunk and my favorite) gives Dave a necklace, a r…