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Zetsuen no Tempest (The Civilization Blaster)

At last, I can find a good anime on this boring holiday~
One of my friend recommended this anime, thx for him :D *I can kill all this boredom. So actually this anime is pretty close with Guilty Crown (if u ever watched it, I think it is good). Action, romance and comedy. This one is certainly good for teens and those who love adventure storyline. Some of the conversation inside of this anime is adapted to Hamlet and The Tempest by Shakespeare. Episode count: 24 Plot: Once on this earth, there are two trees, one of them called as Tree of living, tree of Genesis, and other is tree of Exodus. Both tree allow human to have magic, but only for certain clans. One day, the clan of Genesis, Kusaribe clan reveals the true nature of Genesis which actually able to reset the entire world to represent the peace, as the result our earth will be on a big damage, suffering on disaster and only several people will survive. The purpose of tree of Exodus is preventing the resurrection of Genesis tree and b…

In SPL Farewell means An End That Starts A Beginning


Yo readers! Are you interested in romance comedy anime? Toradora! is a pretty good choice.

Episode count: 25

Have u ever imagined getting a wild tiger as your girlfriend? This happens to Ryuji Takasu, a son of single parent mother who has been left by his father who was well known as merciless gangster leader. As the result, Ryuji was misunderstood as a delinquent. His school life never works well, none of the girls dare to approach him and only his childhood friend Kitamura knows him. Once, Ryuji is falling in love with one of the baseball girl Minori Kushieda, the way she struggles with her life by aiming money to cover her study, having part time job and shinning as the best player in her baseball club. Although Ryuji likes Kushieda, he does not have the courage to tell the truth to Minori. One day, Ryuji met a delinquent, small looking girl named Taiga who is well known as Palmtop Tiger and hardly ever come to school. She is trying to tell her feeling to Ryuji's childhood…

If You Were Here (Part 2: Your Agony Is My Agony)


If You Were Here (Part 1: Our Memories)

"She looks so pitiful..", said a girl. 
"Well probably because of that accident", replied another girl. 
"Psssstt!! Don't speak too loud, she would listen!", said the first girl. 
"Why so serious? It's the fact, that accident won't be happened if she was not there!", said another girl. "Mia!! You are too loud!", replied another girl. 
I listen to all of this bad mouth everyday, what can I do? What can I hope for now on? I can only pretend to sleep at the class. Listening to all these bullshits, talking about my past two weeks ago, they do not understand how I feel, they do not know how hurt it is. Even I want to shout aloud and defend myself that I am not guilty, it is no sense, they will not believe on me. I can just stay like this, holding all this burden and scars alone. "If you were here, I know you will not let this happen", I murmur to myself to cheer this painful heart. I decide to leave the class and have some…

Peran PBB Dalam Konflik Libya

Konflik Libya yang terjadi pada tahun 2011 tidak terlepas dari peran PBB sebagai organisasi internasional perserikatan antar bangsa yang melindungi rakyat sipil Libya dari gencatan senjata antara pihak oposisi dan pihak pemerintah Muammar Gaddafi. Tujuan utama dari PBB adalah untuk melindungi HAM dan tuntutan kemerdekaan rakyat Libya sebagai negara yang bebas dari diktaktor dan hidup secara demokrasi. Salah satu peran besar PBB dalam mengatasi konflik Libya adalah dengan mengeluarkan resolusi PBB yang diadaptasi berdasarkan resolusi PBB 1970 (United Nations Security Council 1970) pada tanggal 26 Febuari 2011 yang diantaranya tercantum sanksi dan aturan terhadap baik negara Libya maupun kepemimpinan Muammar Gaddafi pada saat itu, sebagai berikut: