Wednesday, 20 March 2013

An Anonymous Letter From A War

Dear the one who is missing me and I am missing you too,

Is your life going better now? I hope you are fine. Nowadays our lives are so cruel right? Those exams really make me crazy, but I am not giving up, I will fight for my future and this is only the first step of thousand stairs. I hope you are working hard too, I wish you to fight more because to look at your condition, I am worried and afraid of your position which can make you fall sometime. Stay healthy, and always smile the usual way that I love the most. May my pray and my hope always within you although we never talk each other lately.

Anyway, I am also worried about people around you, I can see everything, sometimes you cannot trust the one you thought the best friend, I hope you keep in touch to God and be more aware of your friendship. Always take care and keep your health, nobody wants you to be hurt or getting sick. Make your parents proud of you, so they are not coming to school just because they should listen to the teachers are lecturing and mumbling about you bad scores and I only can laugh to look at you on the corner of the office.

I am really really sorry, it seems like you feel so lonely, I can see that, from the edge of your eyes. I cannot say much because I feel the same, just a "hi" and "bye", just a look, just a feel, it is enough and this is the path for both of us, the best I believe. I am trying to avoid you as many as I can, so you can focus with your study, I will not bother anything which is related to your future, it is more worthy rather than to know me. Probably someday I will regret to do so, but I am happy if you can achieve what you should have, so I just hope for the best. 

I also hope for my future, I have target, I have my carrier, I have my life. I have my parents and my family who I should make proud of and I promise, I will not upset them. You have the same feeling, don't you? C:
I am on your side as long as you are not giving up, and I always love the way you cheer me with that smile.

With all my regards and a far big hug,
The one who is fighting in the middle of war

Gannbbbbaaatttteeeee!!!!!!!!! I know you can!!!!!!!


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