Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Untold Story

It was October, and all the leaves start falling,
the air is getting colder and we stay up late,
twenty four times sixty, twelve weeks of all,
a tiny innocent seed of pea grows in the yard
A hastiness, a gratefulness, a happiness

A moment where I can, you can smile everyday,
struggling with so much storm, tiresome and boredom,
but they don't, they don't feel so and nothing at all,
What is so wrong? I don't know, it feels like a fun but also wrong
A sweet scene of the air, comfy, togetherness, but in addiction

There is a story book, which I adore the most in my life,
There is an old story under the sunny heating day,
red towers, large yard, like an eastern kingdom,
a place where secondly we visit, and also for the last,
something which is undefined and untold, shouldn't be ever 
Second page of the story line, which I enjoy and entertained with,
being always together anywhere, like there is nowhere,
it's funny, you can cover up what I can't, so do I, it's funny,
fill up, cover up, supporting, assisting, backing, helping, knowing,
what else? Nope... we have done, it's over soon

I have seen the last page of the book, I know it will be burnt
on the last page, there will be a rage, anger, sadness, fight
a never ending story like a cinderella or paupers,
A disappointment has been written, well written with guilty
That is bad, I really dislike it, so I retreat and make a new page

I throw the last page up, so I draw a scene, a real drama,
with tears, sweat, sadness, half-hearted and also happiness
like an injection which let you sleep, calm down forever
So it won't be morally wrong, it will be a happy ending
for them, yes for the sake of others .......... and me too......

Eternally morally smiling while looking on the last page,
I know what we did before and where we been,
but just put it in the box and let it go,
Promising this will be an untold story forever.

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