Sunday, 14 February 2016

Other Does What You Do

I believe in the cycle of life, each of generation inherit genetically from generation before. But it is not only genes, but also behavior. I witness all those things several days ago... 
So I was bored and decided to visit a shopping mall, I took public transportation and ended up wrong one. I stopped closed to a market and looked around. An old granny with her granddaughter, a four years old cute girl was calling me "sister". 
"Sister, what is it?", she asked.
 I was startled but replying in the end, "it is Salak..."
Her eyes were turning bigger, never saw that fruit before. Yes, Salak is Salacca, a thorny palm with beige flesh, dark brown core and brown skin.
"Granny, I want it!", she was running towards her Granny who was walking slowly behind.
That granny asked the seller and ended up buying two sacks of it. 
I was planning to take another public transportation, when it was halted, waiting for more passengers, I met them again. 
That girl was sat in front of me, same with the granny.
"Granny, I want to eat that thorny fruit!", she yelled cutely. 
With no hesitant, that granny opened the rucksack, took one Salacca.
That granny started peeling the Salacca for that impatient grand daughter. 
"Shruk...... Shrukk..........."
"Here it is...", replied the granny.
She was looking at me, offering some Salacca.
"Do you want this? It's sweet and fleshy..", said that smiling Granny.
"Thank youuu for offering me..", I refused politely as the car started moving.
They are so friendly, yes indeed. But that warmness turned bad several minutes later, that Granny threw the seed and skin of Salacca through the window, exactly beside me. 
"Plong!",  the sound of the seed which was bounced and  reflected by the window, missingly thrown.
I kept in silence, waiting for that Granny to feel sorry or may be apologizing. Nope.. it never happend. My mind was not wanting there, but I saw those tiny eyes, that girl who was eating in fun. I was worried, you know why? She would imitate what that Granny did before. 
Several minutes later, nothing happend, glad that she did not imitate that way. I was released, planning to rebuke that granny.
And that disaster popped up, she was finished eating that Salacca, playing with the seed and 1,2,3...... She threw it directly to the window. Too bad, her hand threw was so weak, and it hitted my knees. Yes it did.
I was annoyed, not by her doing, but the reason why she threw that, because just now her granny did the same. Yes, she was imitating that. 
I was planning to scold them, but I remained silent as they stopped and left the car. No apologize from the granny... not at all.
Now I realize why it is very difficult to teach kids nowadays, they absorb bad habit from their family, no matter how hard you teach them, if their dearly people do not learn, it will be just pointless to break that bad mindset. I really hope, families, especially grandparents really behave well in front of the grandchildren. 
It's sarcastic yet skeptical.... 
This nation won't change if just simply not to throw rubbish in public place is so difficult imlpied.  
Feeling so sad by encountering this moment............    


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