Monday, 31 October 2016

Woman Trafficking

Tears fall so hard,
From those reddish eyes,
Watered hair, 
Swollen cheeks,
Narrow chin,
Naked body,
Claws among skin,
Like a broken doll

perhaps beauty in art, 
Dully in playful fact,
Why did she feel so upset?
Treated like a wet trash over rain

Nobody can cheer her up
Nobody dares to do so
Until she was so weak 
Beaten up by sorrow
Raped by agonies
Slapped by cruelty

The world should be blamed
She whispered, she murmured
what is woman rights?
Or what is human rights?
A fantasy in a dream land
A so called "nitey" dreams
A joke dreams of centuries

Then she laughed with tears
Indifferent with all her emotions
Enjoying pain and torturement
Until the body fight should be over
My chance to escape won't last
No longer, no longer, forever

Work, dreams, lies, placement, 
naive, locked, love beds, stranger,
Tore up, touched, smashed, sucked, 
Forcement, hard, hurt, hot, grapped,
Can't escape, no, try, cannot, fragile,
Screamed, louder, nobody, monster,
Bited, bleed, banged, bruised, bastard.

Sadness, Slave, unfair, home, hatred,
Freedom, smacked, killed, dirty, blood,
money maker, insane, rebels, failed,
Imprisoned, dark, fears, cried, hopes,
Repeated, failed, repeated, failed, done
Again, again that moment again, again


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