Saturday, 28 January 2017

Wired Life

when my life turns 20s,
truths and fates wired me tightly,
things go crazy and unpredictable,
sometimes I scream for help,
sometimes I puzzled of every steps.

I wait for somebody far away,
praying for shorter wait,
and prolong the meeting,
to open a door of world and happiness,
to whom I belong to and cherish for.

I crawl on thousand stairs,
looking on misery and suffocation,
and all my time lines are shredded by tears,
and blood of dusty sincerity,
This body can't freeze in the end
I want to cut the rope of what is written

But who I am in the past and today?
Merely a human with too much hopes
and infinite vespers among day by day
till we can see each other somewhere forever 
let me escape from this destiny

let me breathe,
let me fly in freedom,
let me choose and determine my path,
what it is supposed to be,
and it will be, will be, will be.

Once in this life time, one and only
lend me your magic and blessings
my dearly God, give me chance
to help all those needed, to cheers all the upset
to change the world, to be a more beautiful living. 
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