Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Money Money Money I Want Money

 This world gives a big pressure to anybody on this earth; every person always wishes being a rich and wealthy. Most of parents teach their children start from teenagers to search for boy/girlfriend who come from royal family. Well, I reckon that economically it is needed, it is necessary and a big obligation for a family to survive, but this perception has made a big wrong development in society. Do you ever heard that if there is no money there is no love, or if you do not have any gold, it means you do not have any relatives; friends seek for your wealthy and be sure to be a best friend start from your credit cards and car. It is a big lie when you say you never feel this. Even a bit, a little perception, there should be this condition nowadays around us.
            I do not really understand why money really gives a big impact to this world. Example my poor country and I even do not want to admit it as my own country. Most of leaders are corrupting, either government organization or privately. Slow but sure, public society and even children join this immoral behavior and act as those jinx. Every generation is just the same, and unfortunately that is the reality. Perhaps money is vanished in this world, no measurement; no distinguish among poor and rich. Imagine… That’s the point of view. Happiness means money, with money I can buy everything, with money I can destroy and destruct anything, with money I can buy love, with money I can pay somebody as my servants. All those things suck in your brain, what a pity. Money is blind; even it has eyes on the image of heroes in every dollars or rupiahs. Even you can buy love; the loves is blind, imitate and untrusted.
            I convey that I still need money and without money I cannot survive, every movements of me are money and time also. Money is important, but actually money can’t control human even myself, money is only paper with high and branded quality, it should be a joke each of us can be killed because of money. Parents do not need to teach their children about having family with tons of money, what they should teach is how their children prepare themselves to gain money for their family. Money is not God, money can’t cherish our lives, money is not everything and money can’t buy you. So if you want money still alive and exist, start from today, share it to everybody, use it carefully and find your happiness not from money. Love is more interesting than money, real friendship is the most powerful unity, and family is everything.
            Remember, even perhaps this world almost reaches its end, money is useless for everybody. You won’t bring any coins when you rest in peace or even hell. Money is futile you at last, and no heaven made from money!  


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