Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Guilty Crown

This anime is totally great!!! The songs, the plot, the story line, everything is so great! I watched Guilty Crown several days ago and I watched it for two days to end up the 22 episodes. Well, my first impression, I was attracted by the opening song by Egoist entitled Euterpe. The character I love the most is Gai Tsutsugami. 
Ouma Shu & Inorin

Episode count: 22

Genre: Action, Techno, Romance

Lost Christmas, the third apocalypse in the world happened, people are suffering and infected by a disease where people will be attacked by a crystalizing cancer.  Ouma Shu one of the survivors from the Lost Christmas apocalypse, a weak boy and thinks that he cannot do anything to other people although he cares them so much. Deep inside of Ouma, there was an important memory that had been forgotten about how the beginning of the Lost Christmas happened and that he witnessed seven years ago with same time his beloved sister was gone.

Gai Tsutsugami & Funeral Parlor
One day, a famous internet celebrity, an Egoist band singer, Inorin was in a mission to save a tube of genome void which is called as the King and being chased by the government was injured in Shu’s base camp at school. Inorin was attacked by the government especially by the health department which actually is developing and planning for another apocalypse to get a new human evolution. Shu was told by Inorin to meet Gai Tsutsugami and join her campaign, Funeral Parlor, Gai Tsutsugami as the leader and which is the opposition group to fight government and to reach its mission to stop another apocalypse, save people and give them free injection to protect them from the apocalypse cancer.

In his mission to replace Inorin to give the genome void to Gai, Ouma Shu misused it and infects himself with genome void to save Inorin from the government attack. Shu turns to have an ability to drag out people’s hearts in weapon form called void. Then Shu joined the Funeral Parlor with other members. In this group, Ouma Shu is falling in love with Inorin and get back his memory about how the Lost Christmas happened.  

The setting takes place in Roponggi and Tokyo city, of course a future Tokyo city. People are living just like usual but deep inside they are threaten by another infected virus to attack, people who cannot survive will be crystalized cancer.  The situation is so threatening, there are soldiers everywhere. This setting is really freaking me out; it is just like I am one of the people who are being caging inside. 

 Recommended for those who like science fiction and techno, some of episode also performs robotic war, although I totally dislike robotic, but I can convey that this one is pretty fabulous. The romance is in fluctuation, sometimes Oma Shu can turn like an evil sometimes turn like a totally weak person, sometimes a brave one. You can feel the natural human character here.

What I learn from this anime is that when you can face your ugliness and weakness, we can move stronger and people will receive yourself as you expect.


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