Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Love Was Gone

It is true that now I am all alone
It is only scars and pain remains in my heart
Because my clumsiness never brings me anywhere
Because I am not good in either words or emotion

But what I understand deeply from this moment
I learn how to feel this world really makes me
Turn me to be imperfection but fabulous inside
Whenever you come I always feel like in warmth

Like a blooming flowers over the spring
Like a singing hummingbird over the summer
Like a dancing leaves over the autumn breeze
Like a tearing snow towards my face over the winter

You teach me how to face the truth
You teach me how to feel your soul
You teach me how to love and to be loved
You teach me where I should belong to

Although you are nowhere now on
But I still want to sing aloud our life time
As the proof you have ever lived in my heart
So that the sun is not hidden behind the clouds
So I can stand still and look up stronger through this path

I wish for your comfy sleep along the shift blue
Tearing over what we have done before is so hurting
But my pray always within your sacred requiem
When I wish someday to the shooting star
Someday I want to be born to meet you in that place

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