Monday, 11 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year Everybody!

Yeiy, as the time goes by, I am really really happy! Even though we only have three days holiday, this is pretty meaningful. Nowadays I am busy on cooking. What is I am cooking on? Cookies, cake, cookies, cake certainly. I do not know why, but I am trying to make it special this year. Well, frankly speaking, I believe that this year is my last year having Chinese New Year in my hometown before I leave to have my university. I really want to preserve my memories this year no matter how.

Having Chinese New Year will be more complete if I have wishes. It is just the same with my new year resolution, I hope my parents and our big family are being protected and be healthy in this year. May the luck and prosperity will cross over us. I also have my special wish, I want to.. emm.. at least I want to have a close friend, in this case a BOY. It is okay if he is not becoming my boyfriend, but I really want to share a lot of things to a trust able person. Really wish for that, no matter who he is. 

I also wish for a good luck for my last examination, I do not wish for high score, I just need to past safe and sound, it's enough. I wish to find a better atmosphere when I get into university. I wish for all people's life, may everything goes well. I wish for better generation in SPL, I wish may all my teachers be healthier, and tougher in teaching my classmates, our juniors and me. The last, I really really want to show my gratefulness here, I am  happy that I am still alive until this hour, this day and I wish for another chance to have my life goes on. 

Thanks God, thanks Mom, Dad, my friends, SPL, happy Chinese New Year everybody C:


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