Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Kamisama, Onegai ga!

Dear readers, it has been a long long time I haven't written anything. Nowadays I am totally busy, our last national exam has come, really hate it! Well, I am not a type of lazy person who has no eager to study. For me I disagree with national exam system. How can you test students by only giving five lessons as the main test? What will happen to those who are talented in music, art or even sport? Do students become the victims of this system? We are memorizing three grades lessons, for such a reason government sets three months before test to study. For me it is ridiculous. Studying is so interesting as long as we are not memorizing the materials. This concept has made students to chase for points not the knowledge. This is a big problem of Indonesian education system I believe. 

Studying~ Studying~ Additional material and lessons everyday, I even lost my appetite for my dinner today, I skip it to read a book. Damn! By torturing students, government should open their eyes wider, this is a big problem! Many students in rural area still cannot pass this tests. Teacher teaches based on their knowledge, the distribution of books are not equal and we give the test equally. It's funny. Universities also pay a big attention for those who has highest score in national exam. I can just ruin out my report card for nothing as long as my national exam's grade is great, is it logic?? National exam does not make students to be best of the best, it is quite disappointing. Talented students are brain storming everyday because they should turn themselves into text-booking. 

Welcome to text-booking world~ Even you ask the representatives of Indonesia, they even do not remember what they have in national exams. I believe that what proves us to be best is our skill and talent, not how you can memorize three years material for five primary lessons.

 I will welcome the government to my side warm-kindheartedly. Welcome to democracy of education for better future, for better quality of generation!


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