Breaking Cup

Baby, I have been praying hard
But the tears never stop until this day
Should I watch it burn?
Or should I watch it sink?

Baby I have been trying hard
Not to cheat and leave you behind
Should I end it up?
Or should I crush this today?

Baby I have been playing hard
to stay clean, to freeze up all smile
to others so the vow flows up
Or should I die on a misery?

Baby I have been losing sleep
Not to think about others but you
To do the right things and plans
Should I say stop for the ride?

Say no more green light
Say no more love deal
Say no more feel and truth
You could lie, you could lie

I want your throat ripes up
So no more words come up
watch it out! watch it out!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Please don't let the light darkens
Please don't let it like flying ashes
I wish you could understand
I was doing what we told before


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