Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Funny Words From Special Crime Class

Yoooo everyone~ 

It has been long time I don't post any, so sorry~
So today is my first class in third semester. My first lesson is  Special Crime class. The teacher is so funny, old but youngster. The funniest thing he taught us is all about life. So this is what he said, "you guys know I am old, and it also means I am an experienced, an expert old man. So if you ask me whether how I treat my wife in the past, I will give you a secret. First, if you are male, female loves material, appreciation and care. These 3 things make them happier. Well, while if you are female, boys only need 2 things.. To be praised and the most surprising thing is sex". 
What happen to my class? They laugh... everyone laughs so hard. may be only for the males, lols~
Well, I am not talking about that sex part.. I would say, my teacher makes a touch down, bingoo!!! 

I will agree to what he said, may be you guys have different opinion? :D

See ya soon


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