Sunday, 17 May 2015

Dakken Coffee & Steak

RE. Martadinata Street, Number 67, Cihapit
Jawa Barat 40113
10.00 am-22.00 pm
My Review:
♡ (4/5) 
Dakken Resto From Outside
A cozy restaurant with many rooms, we can choose either indoor or outdoor to eat. The theme of this restaurant is old Netherlands. The place is not too light, and not too dark. Friendly waiter and waitress. This place suits for meeting or hanging out. The parking lot is also quite wide and secured. I would prefer to come at night so the outdoor won't be too hot. They have clean toilets, clean tables and chairs too.   
Food is pretty nice, especially the steak. the first time I come, I ordered Nasi Kebuli with lamb, taste so-called "curry" and yummy! The drink is nothing special, the dessert is fabulous! I love the cakes, they serve nice dessert in the entrance. You can buy a piece of cake or the whole cake. The servings are neat and clean. They serve Japanese, Western, Indonesian and Arabian food. The price is pretty normal, not too cheap, not too expensive, it's worthy with the food! I spent 45,000 rupiahs in one dine includes main course and dessert. 
Overall, two words, cozy and worthy!    


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