Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Year of Breathetaking


Yesterday at last I have managed the president election in my debate community. It was so much relieved. The result everyone choose me in the mechanism of acclamation, so we do not vote. The good thing is that all the members are trusting me, even I am pretty careful in answering questions. I try not to make too many mistakes or redundancy, but it happened several times, lols~
Okay, so this is a breakthrough in my life, well I never become a leader before, my first experience. I feel so happy people are trusting me as a whole and I can't wait to work together with them. I want to work in totality, making better place for anyone who wants to join, and hopefully they won't leave me in the middle of our work.  
Somehow I am questioning myself why I did this.. It is unbelievable anyway, I never stuck into such place, it is weird, so much tension, and I still want to stand here. Feeling so stupid? Nope, I feel like I was jumping in a hole of hell, ahahahaha~ Joking, I am pleasant to be here.  I wonder what will happen in every next day..

Wish us to do the best!


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