Friday, 12 June 2015

May It Be

I am bored of serenity
I am bored of the simpleness
Every time I look at the mirror
The same tiring, ashen face as ever 

And in my circle there is nothing new 
like whatever it takes, it seems the same
Like I dance and tremble the heart
the lights dip and swallow you little by little
So the night song always voices up
but I could not sleep even the eyes are closed
there is no nightmare, there is no dream
not a single picture is drawn and painted
What can I do? What can I give?
Thousands of stories fly over my forehead
Needs, hopes, wishes, love, hatred, troubles, life
aging, passing, cursing, locking you in one path
To choose, to be chosen, as a belief, as others' hope
What can I serve you Monsieur? Mademoiselle?
 I only have my hands and my mind
my heart cracks, my face is grey, nothing is special

Tools, use me as a tools, 
or puppet, play me whenever
As if I do not hurt, as if I never feel down
With no more frown and sadness above all

Do you ever ask me what I feel?
Or do you feel the same? or lighter or never?
I even cannot make it out even a single word
because I am not that strong, I am the way I am
I lay down my head, in a grassy golden field
sleeping for tomorrow, hoping for a better rest
deepen my fears for second to second
let my soul finds a better kindness of someday

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