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Who Are Those On Bridge Cards?

Do u ever wonder who are those kings,queens,jacks in a set of bridge card? Well, it has a meaning on each symbol of bridge cards actually. In a set of bridge cards we have 52 cards (excluded Joker). Each symbol has 13 cards. There are 4 symbols which are spades, hearts, diamonds and Clubs (sometimes called as clovers).Those Kings, Queens and Knaves whose names are taken are famous and historical people. Who are they? Let us check it out! :)

Upper Black:  Clovers/Clubs, Upper Red: Hearts. Below Red: Diamonds, Below Black: Spades.

The Kings Behind Those Cards:
David played a harp
The King of spades is David (in Indonesian, we called him as "Daud"), the King of Israel (the Psalmist, standing by a Harp). He defeated Goliath, the giant and was also well-known as wise King.

Charles The Great
The King of Hearts is Charles The Great ( usually called as Charlemagne, the founder of the Roman Empire (carrying a Globe, the Emperor of the Christian World).

Julius Caesar
The King of Diamonds is Julius Caesar, the Dictator of Rome (his robe displays Roman eagle).

Alexander the Great
The King of Clubs is Alexander the Great, the young Macedonian General lead his troops from Greece to India (wearing a costume embroidered with a lion).


The Queens Behind Those Cards:
Pallas Athene
The Queen of spades is Pallas and well-known as Athene, she was a warrior goddess (Minerva).

The Queen of Hearts is Judith, believed to refer to the wife of Louis I, or perhaps a reference to Isabelle, wife of Charles VI.  Others feel Judith simply refers to the Judith described in Apocrypha that slew General Holofernes and his invading Army.

 The Queen of Diamonds is Rachel, was based on the matriarch, described in the Book of Genesis.

One of a movie use the character of Queen Argie
 The Queen of Clubs is  Argine, has a somewhat convoluted background. Some believe Argine is based on an anagram of the Latin word for Queen (Regina)

 The Knaves/Jack Behind Those Cards:
Holger Danske
The knave of Spades is Ogier the Dane/Holger Danske (a knight of Charlemagne).

La Hire
 The knave of Hearts is La Hire (comrade-in-arms to Joan of Arc, and member of Charles VII's court).

Hector, Prince of Troy
The knave of Diamonds is Hector, the Prince of Troy.

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The knave of Clubs is Judas Maccabee, who led the Jewish rebellion against Syria (some prefer to call the CJ Lancelot).


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