Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Reason I love Cherryblossoms Is Because of You

Do u still remember one day when you ever said you love me? I was very happy that I could not breathe. I was lonely, shy and childish. There is no any word which can help me to be more mature. I am all alone, but you can see how attractive I am. I cannot describe it, how I was so exciting. But why do you leave me? It's because of my clumsiness and pride. I thought we are not in the same boat, I thought if we walk together, people would say bad things toward us. I was blind of my stupidity, totally a big stupidity. 

It turns to be a blind hatred. When you are serious with calling this as love, I scolded you with thousand reasons. One day my teacher ever said, you can have thousand reasons to reject people, and you can also have thousand reasons to love somebody. I realize how stupid I was. But it's too late.

One night I saw a cherry blossom tree. It sounds like your name, funny. I start to remember your name, remembering of all the experience, when you run and try to retreat when I catch your face. You have the same problem with me since the beginning. You try to confess but you are afraid of your appearance. But I receive you as you be although I do not say it out loud.
I really hope someday we can start this again. Someday, but I can't predict when it is. C:  


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