Sunday, 19 May 2013

Happy Homey Family

Nah, nah
We are red blooming flowers
With laughter and affection
You won’t ever see this of earth
That is we are just one big family

Oh, oh
I have been spending my entire life
No sadness and no pain cause I sing
Over the seasons and weather passing
Cause every day is our exciting Sunday

Yeah, yeah
I dance over the sea and that is great
You can jump and behave like the bees
Or just share this sweet melting feeling
No more no more perfect than just ours

Ow, ow
 Our mind are freaking about love and love
Somewhere no reasons to say hate or enemy
We roll and we throw but that is no complicated
Hug is a cure and kiss is a portion of our souls

Yey, yey
So please no, please no, never say you dislike
You won’t get the same place as this comfy
The best cough and the puffy homey cookie
Just to be here the place I will return oh, family
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