Sunday, 19 May 2013

You Say Lie, I Say Bye

You are freakishly hot,
 Burning throat, warming coat,
Your voice never gets shy
Sexy bad boy looking never die!

You are freezing my lung,
Chocolate trunk, money big chunk
Ladies had rung, but they just ran
Cause you are terribly lonely one!

Passing by, thinking nobody is right
Closing eyes, black glasses for the night
What are you chasing at this late?
Oh, kiddy doesn’t play with the bait!

Shining shoes, flat, cold and bold smile
Black eyes, natural cocky trembling red face
Tell me what’s wrong with that looking of you
And let’s get the drama play out of the blue

Beat, beat, beat, beat like a boxing
Fly, fly, fly, fly like a bungee jumping
Cross, cross, cross, cross like the passers by
And you will know what if I pay you a bye
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