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Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!

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If you like a light novel adaptation anime, this one is pretty good choice. Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!is a story about a college student, Yuuta and his three nieces. If you like an anime which show family bond and not really depressing, this one fits you. 

Sora, Yuuta, Hina, Miu
Episode Count: 12
Genre: Slice of life, comedy
Yuuta was left by his dead parents since he was child, the only one who saves him to be survived is his sister Yuri. Yuri takes care Yuuta as his only family member and she struggles by having part time job and pays her only brother school fee until he gets into a literature university now on. Unexpectedly, one day, Yuri informs Yuuta that she is going to marry a man and will have a wedding soon. Yuuta is so shocked that he can't believe the man Yuri is going to marry is a man, Takanashi with two daughters from his first wedding. Yuuta was really really angry that he ignores his sister in the middle of the talk, while the two daughters of Yuri's husband are freaking out of him and running to the rest room. Yuuta decides to leave the dining room and have a seat somewhere and rethink what his sister has done. Unexpectedly, one of the two daughters of Yuri's husband, Sora falls and gets injured on her hand. Yuuta who discovers it then helps her and gives her a bandage and reminds him how his sister takes care of him even until today he still bring bandages everywhere as the suggestion of his sister. At last, Yuuta can reveal her feeling that the family who will gather with Yuri is not that bad he thinks of.

Hina, Yuuta, Sora, Miu
One day, the first day Yuuta gets into his university, his sister asks for his help to take care her three daughters, Sora, Miu, Hina (so here there is additional daughter from Yuri and his husband) while they are having there late honey moon. Yuuta who agrees to help his sister becomes a great attention of his three nieces because of his kindness and handsome face, especially for Sora who adores him because of his good deed in the past. Unfortunately, the trip for Yuri and his husband turns into irony, it turns to be plane crush and at the same time Yuuta lost his only sister and his three nieces lost their parents. 

The day of the requiem, all the members of family from Yuri's husband part disagree to take care the three girls at once, so they decide to separate three of them. The girls beg for their relatives assistance for not to separate three of them and they promise not to mess and be a bad child. But none of them agree because of money and bigger responsibility at once. Yuuta, who is also their uncle, he gets mad and yells at their relative and tell them how cruel the world of his past life without parents, but still his beloved sister takes care of him just like everything is okay, even though money, house and a lot of problems come, no matter how harsh it is, they can face it and their siblings bond cannot be separated. Then Yuuta offers his help to those three girs, they will not be separated but again he only leaves a small dorm and poor in economy. 

The three girls follow him and face the new life where unexpectedly there is so much fun inside a small dorm, although they have to sleep together, being scolded by the dorm owners, go to school alone, take care of their toddler sister, Hina, not to burden their uncle's life and even with his love interest and managing their time and even leave their dream just to survive and support each other.            

Well, I like this anime, at least they have good moral values. Not to mention, I like Hina! She is so cute that I cannot bear it. At this anime, they always sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", so at least the child side is still performed. The opening song is also cheering, and Yuuta really really looks so perfect as a mainly boy who will be own all girls heart because of his personality. 
Good rating for this anime, the background for each place is tidy, and it takes place in one of the city of Japan, we can see the electric train, university, shopping district, common pedestrian areas and so on.


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